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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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29 September 1972. Thought for the Week: "Thinking which is not answerable for results is always sterile. It can make nothing and produce nothing - not even a revolution. But it is a kind of thinking, much concentrated these days in our universities and churches, which can be organised and exploited by the real promoters of revolution, the deadly realists, the hardcore Communists, the Jerry Rubins and Abbie Hoffmans and the bigger plotters who remain always in the shadows. These men do not believe the slogans; they use them. And they never lose sight of the real goal power for themselves, a world which they will control."
Ivor Benson in his new book, This Worldwide Conspiracy.


"Church leaders yesterday criticised both Federal Government and Opposition attitudes to expelled Ugandan Asians. They repeated their call for 3000 to be admitted to Australia as migrants. "If 200 is the limit of our concern, it is a pitiful gesture and to be deplored", the Rev. Alan Matheson said yesterday. Mr. Matheson is a member Victorian Council of Churches' Ecumenical Migration Centre." - The Sun, Melbourne, September 25th.

The tragic plight of the Ugandan Indians has been seized upon by the enemies of Australia's traditional restrictive immigration policy, in an endeavour to exploit the natural generosity of most people so that the wedge of non-Europeans already forced into the Australian community can be driven in a little further.

As a result of events during and after the Second World War there have been many forced migrations of people from their homelands. One of the biggest refugee problems is in the Middle East, where Political Zionist aggression, backed by the Communists, forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their native country. Comparatively ignored by the news media of the world, these Palestinian refugees have been forced to live in conditions ideal for the spawning of the type of terrorism that burst upon the world at the Munich Olympic Games.

While we have proper sympathy for the Palestinian refugees, we do not subscribe to the view of the Arab academic who recently suggested that Australia should seek to encourage the displaced Palestinians to come to Australia. Such a policy could only lead to increased social and other tensions inside Australia.

The first natural duty of any community is to protect itself. The traditional tolerance of the British people was exploited to the stage where they now have an internal race problem, which has dissipated tolerance to the point where all the tests of public opinion indicate that less than 10 percent of the British people are now prepared to accept even the unfortunate Ugandan Indians. It is not surprising that Mr. Enoch Powell, with his stand against both the Common Market and any more non-European migrants, has emerged as the universally accepted British leader who is putting British interests above all other interests.

Responsible parents are primarily concerned with protecting their own family. They may be sorry for the plight of other families, but they do not destroy their own family in an impossible endeavour to help others. It is significant that the World Council of Churches has refrained from launching any massive campaign against the Fascism of General Amin of Uganda. After a little harmless wrist slapping it got back to its great hate; South Africa. It is interesting that some years back the South African Government attempted to persuade Indians in South Africa to migrate back to Mother India. Considerable financial and other inducements were offered, but all to no avail. The Indians clearly preferred to remain under the jurisdiction of the oppressive South African police state rather than go to India.

When the Indians were being forced out of liberated Kenya, some expressed the hope that perhaps they could go to South Africa. That self righteous lady of India, Mrs. Ghandi, who like her late father is forever moralising on the wickedness of other peoples, particularly the Europeans, has made no effort at all to encourage the Indian victims of African racism to bring their skills and other qualifications to India. And yet this is the logical place for these people to go. Rather than bring them to Australia, or have the British burdened with an intensification of a problem already at explosion point, it would be preferable to subsidise their migration to India. The World Council of Churches could give a worthwhile lead by allocating for this purpose the funds now being donated to Communist-backed terrorist groups.

The National Times of September 11-16 provides an example of the intensified campaign against Australia's immigration policy, in a featured article Vincent Smith writes of Australian racism (which) produces radical groups of extremists like the Immigration Control Association. And it produces people like Helen Birrel, who is standing as a candidate for the Sydney Federal seat of Bradford on a platform of halting all immigration; this type of comment is typical of these who like to regard themselves as objective and "progressive". The "extremists" of the Immigration Control Association have exercised their democratic rights by producing evidence to show that the Federal Government has been less than honest with the Australian people concerning the number of non -Europeans being allowed into Australia. It has also warned that unless this policy is halted Australia will within a very short period of time be cursed with the same problem worrying the British. But Mr. Vincent Smith writes of a fruitful multi-racial society.

Dr. Colin Tatz, of the politics department of New England, who teaches the Armidale Teachers College Course in race relations, is quoted as saying that 'There is a great deal of latent racism in Australia. Dr.Tatz states that he knows South Africans who have travelled overseas and been exposed to the richness of multi-racial life." These advocates of the multiracial Society do not list those producing the "richness" mentioned by Colin Tatz. The truth is that the multiracial society rely only works in the imaginations of those supporting it. These theorists are undeterred by the fact that the multiracial society does not work satisfactorily, but generates friction, which can be exploited by subversives.

Speaking in Wesley Church, Melbourne, on Sunday September 24th, the Rev. Arthur Preston said he believed that "most Australians would silently commend" the Government if it relaxed immigration restrictions in the case of the Ugandan Indians. He said the Government "was then in the expression of the true Australian spirit (vide The Sun, Melbourne, September 25th.)

Mr. Preston charged that the Government was presenting to the world a false image of a selfishly isolated people discriminating against those whose skins were not white. It is the natural right of every individual to discriminate in favour of himself and his own kind. We are reliably informed that even now there is a "minor flood" of Indians coming into this country. They can provide nothing of real value to this nation. But they can become a major problem of the not-too-distant future, when they will suffer along with Australians the inevitable tensions of the multi-racial society.

We urge all readers to make immigration a major issue at the coming Federal Elections. There is little doubt that the great majority of Australians strongly support a restrictive immigration policy. But they have got to make their views clear. If they don't, they will suffer from the policies of the noisy minority. Electors should refuse to vote for any candidate who will not give a written undertaking to halt non-European immigration.


"The Leader of Britain's Opposition, Mr. Wilson, and the Labour Party have a week to work out a compromise on Common Market entry before the party's annual conference at Blackpool next Monday splits the Labour movement wide open again. The big trade unions plan to spearhead a drive by the anti-Common Market militants to commit the party to total opposition to EEC membership," - The Australian, September 25th.

The promoters of the highly financed campaign to drive United Kingdom into the monopoly structure known as the European Economic Community keep using their political and other minions to try to persuade the British people that they should accept British entry into the EEC as final. The British people do not accept this view. They are increasingly aware that the Common Market "miracle" has not materialised. Even the pro-Market press can no longer hide the truth that the Common Market countries are in a state of growing crisis.
In what has been described by one correspondent at Brussels as an "alarming report" by the European Economic Commission, "Drastic measures will have to be taken to control the erratic economic tendencies of all member states if the finance ministers' plan for a 'European monetary co-operation fund" - leading eventually to a de facto single currency for the whole European community - are to materialize." (Howard Williams from Brussels, in The Herald, Melbourne, September 25th.

Keynesian economics are producing growing convulsions in the United Kingdom, with the Treasury predicting that unemployment could rise to 1.4 million over the next twelve months unless unions cut back drastically on pay claims this winter. But the pay claims stem in the main from continuing high inflation. National Opinion polls show that Edward Heath and his Government have now reached a new all-time low in public support. The Labour Party has increased its support and now has a mammoth 17.8 per cent lead over the Conservatives. And now at a time when all the indications are that he is certain to be re-elected as Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Wilson finds himself faced with the threat that he will be leading a party firmly pledged to complete opposition to British entry into the EEC.
The pro-Marketeers headed by Mr. Jenkins would find it impossible to stay in the party.

As Mr. Don Martin National Director of the British League of Rights, said in his message to the Annual New Times Dinner, held last Friday, September 22nd "There are.. .sufficient who would normally support a Conservative Government who can see the deeper implications, and are prepared - so the Conservatives will not save themselves from disaster - to pay the price of a further dose of Socialism, on the basis that it is possible to reverse this, whilst not possible to reverse the Common Market."

The campaign to drive the nations of the world into the One World State is increasingly coming into conflict with realities. The resistance by the British people to the EEC plot is inspiring evidence that a determined people can defeat all plans for robbing them of the power to make their own decisions about their own affairs.


The League is infinitely more dangerous because it's more sophisticated, it is more subtle, and despite the fact that it has Nazis writing for its publications, few people are aware of it. They are clever enough to keep these tactics from the public." -Mr. Richards speaking at the Unitarian Church, Melbourne, on September 11th, as reported in Struggle, l8th-30th September. Struggle is the "Newspaper of The Worker-Student Alliance".

Now we readily agree that Mr. Richards cannot be held directly responsible for the extremist revolutionaries who publish Struggle devoting considerable space to reporting his speeches. But Mr. Richards is not so naive that he is not aware of the background of the "Committee for Democracy" which organised the Unitarian Church meeting at which he spoke. Perhaps we should be flattered by the comment that we are "sophisticated" and "clever": But we cannot return the compliment. Mr. Richards is being quite silly when he says that the League of Rights has Nazis secretly writing for its journals.

The truth is, of course, that Mr. Richards and his colleagues are working to help foster an image of The Australian League of Rights being linked with the Nazi Party. This campaign has a long-term objective.
Part of the campaign was the Ian Sinclair statement on the "close-links" between the League of Rights and the Nazi Party. Not one member of the Country Party is prepared to support Mr. Sinclair. Many are extremely annoyed. Country Party Man for the Wimmera, Victoria Mr. R.S.King, wrote on September 4th to an elector, "I can assure you that this (statement) is not recognised as part of the Country Party's official policy..." Mr. King continued to say that while "conscious of the support the League of Rights have" and while prepared to listen to the reviews of League supporters, there were times when he disagreed with some of the views. However, the League has "some sound thinking personnel, and indeed includes some very close friends of mine."


"Japan's new Prime Minister, Mr.Tanaka goes to Peking today to ratify the process by which Japan and China will not only establish diplomatic relations but begin a joint reign of the Asia-Pacific basin. And Australia, it seems, is left to gape." - The Australian, September 25th.

There is no need for Australians to "gape" about what is happening in any part of the world. The Japanese shift on Red China, away from Taiwan, was predictable once the lead was given by Dr. Henry Kissinger and President Nixon. Prime Minister Tanaka represents the alliance in Japan between Big Business and the Socialists, both groups finding a common interest in recognising Red China. This same type of alliance is emerging in every country. Those who wish to understand what is happening should read The Naked Capitalist.


Statements By Banking Authorities on the Creation of Money

Mr. Towers continued:
"A government can find money in three ways: by taxation or they might find it by borrowing the savings of the people; or they might find it by action which is allied with an expansive monetary policy, that is, borrowing which creates additional money in the process.
(page 29) Questioned on the subject of government bonds, and whether the purchase by a bank of $1 Million worth of bonds resulted in a million dollars of new money or the equivalent being created, Governor Towers said - "Yes",
The questioner then asked: "It IS a fact that a million dollars of new money is created?"
Mr. Towers replied: "That is right",
(page 238) Because many bank managers deny the mechanics of the system they operate, this does not mean that they are dishonest. They simply follow convention without understanding clearly what they are doing.
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