Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

6 October 1972. Thought for the Week: "The naive radicals think that under Socialism the "people" will run everything. Actually, it will be a clique of "Insiders" in total control, consolidating and controlling all wealth. This is why these schoolboy Lenins and teenage Trotskys are allowed to roam free and are practically never arrested or prosecuted."
Gary Allen, in "None Dare Call It Conspiracy"


"The Chairman of the British Labour Party, Mr. Anthony Wedgwood Benn, has called for united action to force a general election before Britain enters the Common Market." - The Australian, October 3rd.

We have stated many times before in these pages that the Common Market battle is far from over, and those who regard Britain's entry as a "fait accompli" may be shown by events to have been quite wrong. What information is being fed into the mass media, the credibility of which is steadily deteriorating, merely paints a superficial and distorted picture of the real forces that are heaving beneath the headlines at the grass-roots level.

The wily Harold Wilson is now practising the art of politics with all his powers of intensity. The next few months will make or break him; almost certainly. If he can hold his Labour Party together, and exploit and develop the deeply embedded hostility to the Common Market, which is present in the hearts of most Englishmen, then astonishing political events could take place in Britain. If he can't succeed, and British Labour falls apart, then Britain will enter the Market; but even then we don't accept that this would be an end of the matter.

As the realities of Britain's commitments under the Treaty of Rome started to assert themselves; a high cost of living; loss of control over her own affairs; swarms of continentals putting stresses and strains on British traditions; enormous frictions will be generated and we wouldn't attempt to predict the eventual outcome. What Harold Wilson will set as his target now, we feel, will be a national referendum on the principle of Common Market entry for Britain. All his initiatives, machinations, intrigues; and he's a master of all, will be directed to this end.

It is still too early to make any predictions one way or the other; we don't delude ourselves that Harold Wilson is fighting like a tiger right now for the salvation of England -Harold Wilson is fighting for Harold Wilson. Be this as it may, he is in the position to rally and give expression to those forces of opposition to Britain's entry into Europe and as such he has his role to play. We readily concede that Harold Wilson may be totally unaware that a power much higher than politics is moving politicians around the draughtboard of history like the little draught men that they are.


"Mr. George Schulz, Mr. Connally's successor (Secretary U.S. Treasury), has put a currency reform programme to the meeting (annual meeting International Monetary Fund), which proposes, among other things, that nations with high levels of reserves should be penalised, and that those nations with "permanent" surpluses should correct them by revaluing their currency, or cutting tariffs, or both." - The Australian, September 29th.

According to the traditional Trade Game, as played under the Money Rules, the thing is to accumulate as many "marbles" (surpluses) as possible by skilful playing (export production) in the Big Ring of international trade. All who have played marbles in their youth well remember that the whole idea is to gain more marbles from the ring than one puts in. This amounts to a favourable balance of trade; conventionally a most desirable state of affairs; those who took the unfair advantage of shooting the driving marble, or "tor ", at the central bunch of marbles from inside the perimeter of the ring were guilty of "fudging", and were penalised a marble.

Now the Trade Game of marbles is to be played according to the new International Monetary Fund rules. A player (nation) is now to be penalised, not for "fudging", but for winning! In other words, Australia, has been able to accumulate a lot of marbles for one reason or another; many of them, indeed, more because of swapping and deals with the Big Boys, than because of any spectacular ability at the Trade Game on our own part. We are now being asked to yield up "excess" marbles (the I.M.F. will assess the number) so that the Big Boys will not lose too many of their own marbles, and so be able to stay in the Game.

It is now all too obvious that the Masters of the international Monetary Fund, who are to set the new rules for us, are primarily concerned that the Trade Game will continue to be played; that the Game will not stop; and that none of the players really wins. Then who does win? The Masters of the International Monetary Fund win! Why? Because they are playing an entirely different Game to the one which we are playing! We are playing for marbles; but they are playing for Players!
Read "The Naked Capitalist", and "None Dare Call It Conspiracy".


"Subversive academics were last night blamed for spreading an interest in drugs among the youth of Australia." - The Age, Melbourne, September 30th.

Narcotics Anonymous is an organization, founded by Mr. John McNicol, with the purpose of rehabilitating drug addicts, Mr. McNicol added:- "I blame the growing interest in marijuana and L.S.D. on the subversive activities of a group of academics who would like to see a form of anarchy practised here in the Commonwealth." Mr. McNicol also berated parents, in general, for failing to give firm guidance to their children. The unhappy truth is that parents, in general, are unable to give proper guidance to their children, because of the steady erosion of Christian principles in our society as the Church has been forced to loosen its grip on Western man because of the onslaught of the forces of materialism. Mr.McNicol also added another blase of straight talking:- "By the time they (youth) get to university and become indoctrinated by Left-wing political views, their minds become confused." We can certainly put our stamp of certification on that remark.

At National Headquarters we are daily confronted by young people who are hopelessly confused by the society in which they find themselves, and it is really not surprising that so many of them do become revolutionaries and anarchists. The rub is that the Enemy is waiting to exploit their sense of rebellion and use them in a programme to further fragment what soundness remains in our social order; and it is still considerable. We are pleased to state that many of these young people are now coming to the League for advice and information, and growing numbers of them are commencing to participate in the League's action programmes.


Following Mr. Ian Sinclair's porno-political attack on The Australian League of Rights, in which he charged that there were close links between The League of Rights and the Nazi Party, a Sydney Morning Herald report said that the Sinclair abuse has caused some feeling amongst Mr. Sinclair's Country Party colleagues. The report also said that Mr. Peter Nixon, Minister for Shipping, had dissociated himself from the Sinclair allegation. For the record we quote from a letter by Mr. Nixon, to well known Gippsland League supporter Mr. Harold Hotchkin, on September 15th. 1971, following the "pro-Nazi" abuse thrown by Country Party leader D. Anthony:
"Nor do I consider for one moment that you have any association with the National Socialist Party. I have always adopted the view that members of the League of Rights were entitled - as are members of any other organisations - to join and take part in Country Party activities if it is their desire."


There was quite an amount of excited twittering last week amongst the pseudo-intellectuals who work for Angus and Robertson. A new exciting political work was about to be launched, They All Want To Be The Fuehrer, by young New Zealander, Mr. David Harcourt. Coinciding conveniently with the pre-election period, this book purports to be an examination of the National Socialists of Australia and New Zealand. But its real purpose is rather different. The reliability of the work may be judged by the claim that members of the Nazi Party are also members of The Australian League of Rights. A Nazi Party member by the name of Mr. Ken Gibbett provides Mr. Harcourt with the hair-raising story of the League of Rights hiring a private investigator after the Anthony attack last year, to purge the League of any Nazi members!

Some time back the League's National Director, Mr. Eric Butler, granted Mr. Harcourt an interview. When told that Mr. Gibbett had claimed that he and other National Socialists had been members of the League of Rights, Mr. Butler informed Mr. Harcourt that this was complete nonsense. Not only have they not been members, they have not even been subscribers to League journals - not unless under some false names. It should be recorded that Mr. Ken Gibbett is in Melbourne these days and that on Saturday, 2nd. September, he took out a subscription to On Target. We see no point in denying Mr. Gibbett a subscription, as he could just as easily take one out in some other name.

A number of anti-League organisations and individuals subscribe to our journals. Australia is in no danger from the small group of social misfits and psychopaths who claim to make up the Nazi Party. The real danger comes from those who spend large sums of money in producing books, which seek to exploit these misfits for their own purposes. One of the real purposes of the Harcourt book is an attempt to expand the nation-wide campaign against The Australian League of Rights. The book has no intrinsic value of its own, unless it be as yet another exhibit of the scribbling of the new social journalists, who are generally strong on opinions but very weak on facts. The Harcourt book is really a trigger work, one designed to set the mass media in motion. But in time it will be forgotten like a bad smell.


In previous comments we have pointed to the Marxist content of the basic study book in the Action For World Development "educational" programme. The following comment from News Weekly August 30 provides background to the author of that booklet. Hitherto he has remained anonymous, although his politics were only too obvious.

"Waverley Progress reported a talk at the Monash Religious Centre by the Rev. Terry Lane, spokesman for AWD and original author of the Discussion booklet, "Development is for People." According to "Waverley Progress" Mr. Lane, in his summing-up address stated:
"Its very comfortable to say that charity begins at home, but this is often used as an excuse.
"It would be nice if charity DID begin at would be nice if elderly people could end their days in comfort, free from poverty or sickness,
"Development means that the rich third of the world accepts responsibility for the poor two-thirds of the world.
"Whether you like it or not, this is a socialist idea.
"The task of all participants in Action for World Development would be to face government policy.
"This is bound to cause friction and you are bound to lose members.
"I believe in the long term that our whole philosophy about the rich and the poor would change with a Labor Government. "
The only way is the socialist way."

The writer for News Weekly could have well recalled the eulogy by Mr. Lane at Wesley Pleasant Sunday Afternoon on July 7th. 1968 of Mao Tse-tung's thoughts and teachings in the Little Red Book. According to a report in The Age of that date Mr. Lane described such teachings as the 'most remarkable phenomenon of the 20th century.
Mr. Lane also remarked "The Red Book is used to affect the quality of Chinese life. The Bible no longer affects the quality of our life."

More interestingly in the light of Mr. Lane's contribution through Development is for People, were further remarks. Quoting from the news report. 'The church wanted to impart a satisfactory philosophy on life to the young Australians. "But I'm not sure that what we have at present is worth imparting."

It is only too obvious what Mr. Lane sees as important to impart. But that leaves unanswered the question as to how a key Marxist in the church can have at his disposal a propaganda outlet which reaches into thousands of Australian homes, with an organising complex, coercing through fear propaganda hundreds of thousands of innocent people to study basic socialist doctrine. Perhaps it is appropriate to ponder on two statements by Khrushchev who was noted for his penchantly illuminating remarks, which went to the heart of the matter.
"Socialism leads directly to Communism, just as A leads to B in the alphabet."...
"We Communists do not believe in God, but we send our agents to church."


Statements By Banking Authorities on the Creation of Money

Giving evidence before the New Zealand Royal Commission on monetary systems in 1955, Mr. H.W.Whyte, Chairman of the Associated Banks of New Zealand, stated in answer to questions that banks create new financial credit when making loans and advances.
Mr. Whyte added: "They have been doing it for a long time, but they didn't t quite realize it, and they did not admit it. Very few did. You will find it in all sorts of documents, financial textbooks etc. But in the intervening years, and we must all be perfectly frank about these things, there has been a development of thought, until today I doubt very much whether you would get many prominent bankers to attempt to deny that banks create credit, I have told you that they do; Mr.Ashwin (Secretary to the Treasury) has told you that they do; Mr. Fussell (Governor of the Reserve Bank) has told you that they do."
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