Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

11 February 1972. Thought for the Week: "Terrorists have become 'freedom fighters' - though no instance has been adduced of their fight bringing freedom, or anything but misery, to anyone. If this is not a triumph for Communist design it is a staggering windfall for Communist strategy.... Our Lord Jesus Christ neither used nor advocated comparable methods. There may be argument about the interpretation of His words. There can be no argument about the means He actually used - nor about the fact that (apart from His primary spiritual mission) He achieved more for the social betterment of mankind than all the guerrillas in the history".
The Rev. A.R. Lewis in Housewives Today, U.K. January. 1972.


"Newry was a happy town until the trouble began. Although 87 percent are Catholic, the town's two religious groups got on well together. Protestants and Catholics drank together, played together, and danced together. Now little but hate is left. Protestants, who once lived, worked and played with their Catholic friends now mostly stay home at night - and admit they are afraid". - Report from John Hay in Newry. The Sun, Melbourne, Feb. 7.

The above picture of Newry as it was only a few short years ago was the general picture in Northern Ireland. But it has been dramatically changed by the agitator the gunmen and terrorists creating a situation in which reason is swamped by hate. The mass media generally presents the same distorted picture about Northern Ireland that it has presented about other parts of the world. It is inevitable that when individuals are aroused, and organised into unlawful protest marches, or other demonstrations, which bring them into conflict with troops whose unfortunate task it is to try to uphold the law, there must be violence. And if sniper fire is introduced into the situation, it is predictable that some deaths will probably occur.

As we have predicted from the beginning, the constant aim of the Marxist strategists has been to keep escalating the violence in Northern Ireland, not to benefit the Roman Catholics, but to further a program for collapsing into a revolutionary situation the whole of Ireland. The Irish Republic Army is the Marxists' principal instrument to advance a general revolutionary situation.

We have previously recorded the views of the Marxist Bernadette Devlin - the media invariably describes her as a "Civil Rights" leader - but even more striking evidence of the truth about the Irish situation has been provided by Mr. Sean Kenny, the North American representative of the IRA. During a fund-raising tour of Canada, Mr. Kenny was interviewed by The Leader-Post, Regina, Saskatchewan. The following are some extracts from the Leader-Post's report of November 12, 1971: - (13)

"In a short interview in Regina, Mr. Kenny, 27 year old North American representative of the militant I.R.A., said the organisation would continue the struggle to overthrow governments in both North and South Ireland (Eire). "The I.R.A., he said, is a working-class supported revolutionary movement dedicated to freedom, socialism, and ousting of 16,000 British troops in Ireland, along with all forms of British imperialism present in the divided country.... He said that when the governments in Ireland are overthrown by the I.R.A., they would be replaced by an all-Ireland government which gives proper representation to the working class".

Prime Minister Lynch of Eire is playing with dangerous fire when he suggests that he will seek assistance from the Communists if he cannot get it elsewhere. The suggestion that the United Nations be called in merely adds fuel to the flames of division and hatred. And the situation in Northern Ireland is further bedeviled by the British Government's finance economic policies, with Northern Ireland suffering one of the highest rates of unemployment in the United Kingdom and morale is necessary to save Ireland from the Marxists.


"The Federal Government is disappointed with safeguards for Australian exports which are written into Britain's Common Market Membership Treaty". - The Age, Melbourne, February 4th.

The League of Rights has been warning for well over ten years that the European Economic Community (Common Market) is primarily a political alliance of Nations, and that it will mean the end of the national sovereignties of these Nations. We, as British people, are vitally concerned with what Britain does. The truth has been kept from the British people to a very large extent - the mass media have played their normal deceptive role in smothering and distorting the real issues and implications of the Common Market Membership of Britain. The savage drive towards what Lenin described as the United States of Europe goes on apace, with such "patriotic conservatives" as Edward Heath and Alec Douglas-Home straining at the leash to pull Britain in.

The sinister forces which are behind this drive to European and World Centralism, and which are closely allied with International Finance, will have no qualms concerning the disintegration of the British Commonwealth: in point of fact, this is intended. The British people have little enough control over the House of Commons now; this is obvious enough to all, as one public opinion after another has shown that the British people do not want Britain to enter the Common Market. How much less control will the British people have after their country is absorbed into an amorphous conglomerate? The forces of Centralism will then have removed control over British affairs from the British people completely.

In view of this background, is it not tragically amusing that the naive politicians at Canberra are now bleating about "safeguard terms". Even the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. J.D. Anthony, now says that these terms were "less positive than Australia had expected". We could have told him that ten years ago. Mr. Anthony has no more chance of "putting firm meaning into the operation of the safeguard clause" than flapping his arms and flying. Mr. Anthony mentioned that the safeguards clause had a number of qualifications "so that the commitment became a broad statement of intention". Translated into everyday English, this means that the "safeguards clause" means nothing, and is a sop to keep Australia quiet whilst the ruthless politicians backed by the mass media get on with their business of destroying Britain and the Commonwealth.


"An Australian Labour Government would recognize China straight after the election, the Federal Opposition Leader (Mr. Gough Whitlam) told Australian correspondents here yesterday". - The Age. Melbourne, February 3rd.

We have little doubt that our "very anti-Communist" Prime Minister, Mr. W. McMahon, already is looking ahead to the eventual recognition of Peking by a Liberal Government: the present Australian diplomatic recognition of Taiwan is a "difficulty" which must be overcome somehow. Mr. McMahon would be prepared to wait and see; he doesn't believe in acting impulsively. Mr. Whitlam, however, is well oriented towards the Left; he would believe that a world Socialist order is inevitable (along with the Communists) and that the sooner we are "realistic" and give recognition to the effective Government of China, the better. This "realism", of course, does not apply to Rhodesia.

The overall implications of the West's calamitous policy of recognition of the Peking is dealt with in the League's special brochure - "Retreating Down the Kissinger-Nixon Betrayal Road". We urge all readers to obtain this special brochure in quantity, and then give it the widest distribution. Price: - one copy, 17 cents post free, one dozen. $1.00 post free - 50 for $3.00 post free -100 for $5.00 post free -200 for $9.00 post free.


"It's jobless men or rising prices - but prices don't vote." - The Age, (Business section) Melbourne, Feb. 4th.

In a hard-hitting, but factual article in The Age. Mr. Graeme McDougall says that Cabinet has abandoned its ill-conceived (Mr. Snedden please note) callous policies of the past 18 months. As we have said before the 1971 Budget is a flop. We said that it would be a flop at the time it was brought down. It has not slowed inflation - inflation has increased. It has not only "eased" the "tight" labor market, it has thrown in excess of 120,000 people out of work. The economic "experts" in the Treasury, parroted by the politicians, have been proved wrong again.

Over the past years we have been assured by these pillars of economic wisdom that there has been a serious demand situation in the Australian economy, this was up to a couple of weeks ago, and that the excess purchasing power must be "skimmed off" to reduce demand by such measures as higher interest rates, and increased taxation. There is no excess demand, and we doubt if there has been a genuine excess demand for very many years. We have even had to suffer the hideous nonsense from so-called experts, that "low interest rates are inflationary". We have seen Sir William Gunn put his name to this inanity. So what will happen?

If the Government wishes to survive (we don't give it much chance) is that the credit tap will be turned open a little more, and interest rates will be lowered a little. (Mr. Snedden has "slashed" bank overdraft interest by a whacking half one per cent:), and probably taxation, direct and indirect, will be eased. Politicians are past masters at turning somersaults, and eating their own words. Inflation will continue; but as Mr. McDougall has well said - prices don't vote, but jobless men do.


"A survey by visiting Japanese financiers this month could spark off a new development - Japanese investment in Australian companies". - The Australian, February 2nd.

The underlying motive for this visit by the impressive array of representatives of Japanese Finance and Industry is that Japan is eager to strengthen and guarantee its supply lines of raw materials from Australia through investment. Many economic, political, and even social problems will follow in the wake of large-scale Japanese investment in Australia. This may be in part due to the revaluation of the Yen, which means, in effect, that Japanese exports to Australia will cost Australians more. There is, therefore, this added inducement to the Japanese export industry to establish its own manufacturing facilities in Australia; and this will apply most especially to the Japanese automobile industry.
The series of Government regulations governing tariffs and taxes of local content of materials used in the manufacture of automobiles, in itself, invites heavy Japanese investment in this industry alone.

Political problems will force themselves to the surface as the Australian economy gradually becomes more dependent upon Japanese investment and operations in Australia. It is probable that there could develop social problems as hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Japanese businessmen and technicians are brought to this country to supervise the operations of their Companies. Once again we have a demonstration, in our own backyard, that trade, operated according to the rules of "established" finance-economics, is breaking up the traditional pattern of Australian life; the pattern of a British people, with a British culture, in a British country.


"A new world money crisis looms as the U.S. dollar sinks close to its support floor". - The Australian, February 3rd.

It can be safely forecast that the United States will continue to "suffer" a massive balance of payments deficit this and next year, in spite of devaluation. President Nixon has introduced another huge deficit Budget, and whilst this will maintain, and possible even improve the employment position within the United States, vital in a Presidential election year, all this enormous deficit finance must eventually be charged (under the "accepted" rules of finance-economics) to the American citizen, and will set the American inflation furnace roaring still more loudly. This will send up the costs, and prices, of United States goods and services, and could force another devaluation of the U.S. dollar, thus triggering off another "world money crisis".
We expect that this may well be a recurring pattern in the next year or so, and we fear that the climax could come in the form of a total collapse of the West's "monetary edifice".


Successful Associations Must Reflect Truth

All organization has to do with the association of individuals. Just as certain principles govern the associations necessary for bridge building, so do principles govern associations necessary to achieve political, economic, financial, and other objectives. The principles governing bridge building have been discovered and tested over a long period of time. Each new generation of engineers inherits knowledge from the past. They know that to build successful bridges they must adhere rigidly to principles, which cannot, in the nature of things, be altered.

Those who insist that there are unchanging absolutes, which can only be ignored at great danger, are often charged with being "extremists". The original dictionary meaning of extremism is the taking of painstaking care. All those who travel in aeroplanes feel much more at ease when they realize that "extremists" have built their planes; men who have carefully built the planes in accordance with the natural laws governing the flying of planes; including the use of materials in the correct association which will withstand stresses and strains. If planes were built by men in accordance with theories, which they thought, ought to be satisfactory, merely because they had thought them up, there would be plenty of disasters.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159