Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

27 October 1972. Thought for the Week: "The finest opportunity ever given to the world was thrown away because the passion for equality made vain the hope for freedom."
Lord Acton.


Asians entering Australia may be responsible for an outbreak of a mystery virus for which there appears to be no cure. The virus is similar in nature to gastric flu, but Sydney doctors have been unable to treat it successfully. One doctor said Asians brought the disease to Australia and that symptoms could not be detected during compulsory health checks of Asian visitors and migrants. He said Asians were apparently immune to the disease and acted as carriers." - Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, October 15th.

Reports from all over Australia reveal that large numbers of people have been suffering from the virus mentioned by the Sydney doctors. If the Sydney doctors are correct concerning the source of the new virus, this is further confirmation of the view of Dr. Sir Raphael Cilento, who in his Paper at the League of Rights Heritage Seminar in Melbourne last year, warned that many immigrants from Africa and Asia "can and do carry unsuspected blood and tissue diseases."
(Sir Raphael's Paper, Australia's Racial Heritage. is available from all State League addresses. 32 cents posted.)

As the Federal Election campaign warms up, Government spokesmen are resorting to the most nauseating hypocrisy as they attempt to score electoral points by warning that Labor's immigration policy could result in a flood of non-Europeans. It is the present Government which has opened the door, and which clearly proposes to allow more non-Europeans in unless stopped.

The Hon. Phil Lynch has developed a new line in criticising the Labor Party: Labor has had to try to sidestep the im plications of its new immigration policy by now stating that it will drastically curtail all immigration. But this will seriously interfere with Australia's "growth rate." It would be instructive to learn what contribution is being made to the Australian economy by the increasing numbers of Asians who can be seen serving in retail stores around Australia. And does the Government seriously suggest that the "qualified" Asians from Uganda being brought in are going to take positions, which could not be filled by qualified Australians?

It is a well-known fact that once Asians are permitted to immigrate to Australia; they lose no time in nominating all their numerous relatives. Labor's immigration policy would permit this practice to be expanded. Electors can take a stand at the Federal Elections by refusing to vote for any candidate who will not give a written undertaking to have non-European immigration curtailed severely. Government candidates should have their attention directed to the fact that while originally the Government was not going to take any Asians from Uganda, it eventually agreed to take 102. But since then the figure has been increasing.

A report from Canberra published in The Australian Financial Review of October 18th said that 302 Ugandan Asians had been approved for resettlement in Australia. But The Australian of October 24th reported that 351 Ugandan Asians were to be permitted to come to Australia. A spokesman for the Immigration Department says that the majority of those approved involved people qualified in medicine or teaching.

While the believers in "racial equality" preach the most dangerous nonsense - dangerous because it is combined with a lot of sentimental drivel masquerading as "brotherly love" - developments all over the world continue to demonstrate that the "multi-racial society" only works in the minds of its advocates.

The Sun, Melbourne, of October 24th, carries a feature article from Jeff Penberthy in Tokyo. It is a report on the "swelling numbers of Japanese-Americans" who are now coming "home" to Japan from the American West Coast, "seeking their spiritual identity." The article continues: "They are the fall-out of a growing Japan-U.S. economic war. They come embittered, confused, or just plain tired of not being accepted as "real Americans" in the land of their birth, the U.S.A. Some come with nostalgia for ancestral values they have only heard about - those of a country they have never seen before, articulated in a language they cannot speak. Many come seeking a solution to the "identity crisis" which is laying their young people low in the drug haunts of San Francisco and Los Angeles."
But these Japanese-Americans find that generally they are unaccepted in Japan.

The lessons of history (for those interested) teach that the individual can only reach fulfillment in a homogeneous society. These are the only societies with some chance of survival as the pressures of Marxist finance-economic policies become more intense. Australia is still fortunately placed to show the world a constructive lead. But only if it remains a homogeneous nation.


In last week's On Target we quoted how Mr. Ian Sinclair claimed he came to link the Nazi Party and The Australian League of Rights in his Wesley Church speech. Mr. Sinclair said that the conclusion he reached "comes from extensive reading of statements and pamphlets over the years". That statement sounded rather familiar, so we did a little checking. And we discovered that this is the same statement made by Mr. Doug. Anthony when he was asked for evidence to support his "pro-Nazi" speech on the League last year.

There is, of course, no mystery about how Mr. Anthony and Mr. Sinclair came to use the same wording in their letters. Mr. Anthony was Minister for Primary Industries when he made his attack on the League and subsequently answered in letters a barrage of criticism. Mr. Sinclair is now Minister for Primary Industries. So one does not need to be a Sherlock Holmes to deduct that the same official in the Department for Primary Industries notorious for having had for years far more than its share of Socialists, wrote both the Anthony and Sinclair letters. And we have no doubt that the same individual helped to prepare both the Anthony and Sinclair speeches. This incident provides further evidence of the influence of the permanent official over Ministers.


Last week we commented on Mr. David Harcourt's book, Everyone Wants To Be Fuehrer, predicting, "it is now extremely unlikely" that it would "ever be published." We are now informed by what appears to be a reliable source that in spite of opposition the book should appear on November 16th. We will be most interested in the alterations and possible omissions, but do not anticipate that the lying references to the League of Rights and the Nazi Party will be deleted. The League of Rights has already decided on the line of action it will take when, or if, this hatchet work appears.


"Saigon, Mon., AAP. - South Vietnam's President Thieu is believed to have agreed in principle to an Indo-China ceasefire plan, by President Nixon's adviser Dr. Kissinger, could be announced before the U.S. election on November 7th, South Vietnamese Government sources said. President Thieu is also believed to have agreed to discuss a coalition government in South Vietnam demanded by the Communists." - The Sun, Melbourne, October 24th.

Although it may be true, as some pro-Nixon commentators claim, that the American President will not make any pre-election claim that he has actually ended the war in Vietnam, it is also true that the general view that settlement terms have been worked out, has left Senator George McGovern in an impossible position. But in the coming sell-out in Vietnam, it is important to realise that it is Dr. Henry Kissinger and the groups he serves, who are the real policy makers. Richard Nixon is little more than the most suitable front man for the massive betrayal to the Communist Empire that started with the betrayal of Taiwan and the seating of Red China in the United Nations.

As Gary Allen wages in his revealing study of Nixon, The Man Behind The Mask ($2-45 from Box 10521. G.P.O. Melbourne) "The President is obviously an un-free agent. Mr. Nixon gets the glory, gets to live in the White House, flies across the nation and the world in a giant jet, and makes numerous decisions and appointments, but the real power lies with a clique based in New York." This clique consists of those international financiers like the Rockefellers who have worked for years for the recognition of Red China, and for massive credits to assist both Red China and the Soviet Union. Vietnam was one of the major obstacles to the grand global strategy of Dr. Henry Kissinger and his friends of the New York clique. So President Thieu had to have sufficient pressure applied to make him agree to what he had previously opposed.

Mr. Eric Butler reported from the U.S.A. early this year, that Dr. Kissinger had been briefing groups on his Asian strategy, and was reported to have said that while the U.S.A. could not afford to leave the impression that it had abruptly deserted South Vietnam, it would be acceptable if, after a few years of a coalition Government, the Communists took over. Hours before Dr. Kissinger returned to Washington from his arm-twisting mission to Saigon, President Nixon announced that more steps had been taken towards world peace during 1972 than during any other year since the end of the Second World War. The truth is that, starting with the Nixon visit to the criminals of Peking, 1972 has seen the biggest surrenders yet made by the West to the Marxist-Leninists.

The realistic Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, has reported on one of the results of President Nixon's steps towards "peace". The Australian press of October 24th quotes Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, as saying that a chain of events has been touched off that "will probably bring Taiwan under Peking's control within five years." He went on to comment that after President Nixon's re-election, "The American corporations will say what about having an embassy in Peking to facilitate our own entry in business."

Step by step mankind is being moved towards the One World State. The betrayal of tens of millions of people, whether they are Vietnamese or Taiwanese, does not concern the master plotters. We know, of course, that the sophisticated Marxist political "scientists" of the Western Universities keep on assuring us that there are no plotters, no conspiracy, that everything forcing mankind towards a One World State is "inevitable". Dr. Kissinger for one would not agree with this. He is confident that he is one of the architects of a Brave New World; and that the Thieu's are expendable.


The answer to the above question is simple. Because the League has every faith in its members and supporters. The League is at present investing heavily in the biggest supply of first call American anti-Communist literature ever brought into Australia. The nationwide distribution of Gary Allen's explosive None Dare Call It Conspiracy and Skousen's Naked Capitalist is rapidly gaining momentum. A target of at least 50,000 has been set for None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

A series of new Australian League publications is under way, the first being Dr. Walter Henderson's brilliant Paper on Rhodesia at the League's National Seminar. Special press advertising is already under way in selected electorates. This is being progressively expanded. Thousands of "Contract" posters are going up all over Australia. Adequate supplies of these and car posters are available for those who can use them. The League is investing heavily in a large supply of the "Contract" brochures included with this week's On Target. It confidently anticipates the distribution of hundreds of thousands of these brochures, with some selected electorates being completely saturated. We urge all readers to obtain a supply and start to work

. Nation- wide distribution of this brochure and other publicity is designed to give every possible support to the work of Electors' Associations and other groups. No limit on supplies required. Nation-wide campaigning by the League is being intensified, thus increasing considerably the League's travelling expenses. All this, and more, is being undertaken because the League has faith that supporters will rush in immediately the basic fund of at least $25,000. The League does not believe it is gambling with a massive and costly expansion programme. It is confident that supporters will not fail at this historic moment, that adequate finance is a certainty.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159