Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

10 November 1972. Thought for the Week: "Moynihan betrayed his Marxist convictions when he was quoted by the Indianapolis News as maintaining that the proper Federal role in domestic social action is 'redistributing income as between different levels of government, different regions, and different classes'. Marx said it differently; he said it in German."
Gary Allen, speaking of Daniel P. Moynihan, (Presidential adviser) in "Nixon's Palace Guard".


The British Government's attempt to negotiate a voluntary anti-inflation deal with unions and industry collapsed in bitter failure last night." - The Age (Melbourne) November 4th.

Mr. Heath's Government has been engaged in discussions and negotiations with the British Trades Union Congress, and the Confederation of British Industries for three months past. Now the British Government is almost certain to implement, or attempt to implement, a policy of wage and price controls for a period of several months, or longer. This is a desperate effort to contain inflation, which must ultimately fail.

President Nixon clamped restrictions on prices and wages several months ago, and in the short term his controls have appeared to at least have contained inflation. But Milton Friedman, the prominent American economist, has warned that price and wage controls have never worked in recorded history; and we endorse his view that they won't work now. These price and wage controls are the equivalent of screwing down the lid of a boiler with the heat under it; there will be an explosion. Inflation will just explode into the economy. The reason is that such controls do not remove the basic causes of inflation, but merely suppress the effects rising costs, prices, and wages.
We forecast that this 'inflation explosion' will hit the U.S.A. towards the end of 1973, if not before.

Prime Minister Heath will fare no better in Britain. He will crow about his successes in containing inflation in the immediate months ahead as he screws down the lid of his boiler; and his explosion will occur somewhere around the same time as the one in the U.S.A. We repeat, and repeat; inflation is built into the modern finance economic system. It will intensify as surely as night follows day so long as the orthodox tenets of economic are followed. This has even been acknowledged by no less an 'orthodox' economist than Professor Paul Samuelson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a former Nobel Prize winner in Economic Science. Paul Samuelson pours scorn on the notion that 'demand inflation' is a problem in the modern economies of the West. (Too much money chasing too few goods) He insists (and we agree with him) that cost inflation is the real symptom of the inflationary disease; it is this, which is built into the modern finance economic system.

Wage and price controls are people controls, as has been pointed out by Gary Allen; they give governments more and more powers over people, and as such will be enthusiastically supported by the forces of the Left; particularly the Communists. Wage and price controls are mere 'effects suppressors', and they don't suppress effects for very long either, as will be all too obvious in the days to come. One does not need to have a crystal ball to foresee industrial upheaval as the pressure in the 'boiler' builds up to explosion point.


We report from the On Target (Britain) the newsletter of the British League of Rights

"A study of a special brochure put out by the European Movement (British Council) reveals that 'Big Business' is also providing the driving force for trying to take Great Britain into the E.E.C. "These corporate members listed on the back of the brochure pay a minimum annual subscription of £100. Since it is a minimum subscription it is not hard to see from where the European Movement gets its money. It is particularly instructive to see a number of Banks in this category. The list of corporate members produced on this brochure is very revealing so we produce it hereunder:- (There is not sufficient space to re-print the list in full, so we print some of the more interesting Big Business names.)

Addressograph Multigraph Ltd.
Dunlop Rubber Company
Midland Bank Ltd.
Barclays Bank Ltd.

Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd.
National & Commercial Banks Ltd.
British American Tobacco Ltd.
H. J. Heinz Co. Ltd.
National Westminister Bank Ltd.
British European Airways Honeywell Controls Ltd.
N. M. Rothschild & Sons
British Petroleum Company Ltd. (B.P.)
I.B.M. (U.K.) Ltd.
Plessey Company Ltd.
Burroughs Machines Ltd.
Imperial Tobacco Group
Rowntree & Co. Ltd.
Caterpillar Tractor Company Ltd.
Kalamazoo Ltd.
Shell International Petroleum Ltd.
Coutraulds Ltd.
Kellogg Co. Great Britain
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd.
Daimler Ltd.
Kodak Ltd.
Reckitt & Coleman (Overseas) Ltd.
Distillers Company Ltd.
Lloyds Bank Ltd.
British Steel Corporation

There are many more very large companies, whose names will not be familiar, to most Australians. These corporations some of them international, are financing the drive to strip Britain of her sovereignty, against the will of the ordinary Briton; and to hasten the eclipse of the British Commonwealth.


"Muggers including gangs of teenage girls armed with switchblade knives are undermining London's reputation as a city with safe streets." - The Age (Melbourne) November 3rd.

As the civilization of the West further decays under he erosive attacks of inflation, materialism, subversion; we must expect to witness sickening cruelty and perversion gain a greater hold as Satan spreads his influence oven Man's world. What the report did reveal was that 80% of London muggings are carried out by non-white youths, usually the English-born sons of West Indian immigrants. The picture is the same in the U.S.A., where a greatly disproportionate number of crimes of violence are perpetrated by coloureds. But of course, such an awareness of these realities manifestly demonstrates 'racist' attitude, and our local sages, with their own brand of social conscience, are hell bent to import these charming aspects of the multi-racial society into Australia.


"The fact that A.B.C. television has lost 17% of its night-tine T.V. audience over the past year could conceivably be interpreted as a success in one way. It might be that the service has persuaded a proportion of the population to exercise the ultimate critical faculty of turning the set off. " - Editorial, The Australian, November 8th.

It is plain that public disaffection with the Australian Broadcasting Commission has been building up for years past. There would seem to be little doubt that the A.B.C. would attract generally the more thoughtful type of audience and viewer; in the nature of things, always in the minority. No doubt some of the criticisms of the professional critics of the media are correct, and we leave this type of criticism to those who are more expert in the field of programming, We have always been critical of the Left-wing bias in A.B.C. Current Affairs programmes; and the bias has not stopped there. We have seen a heavy Left-wing slant in A.B.C. religious programmes as well.

The most recent, and blatant exhibition of utter hostility to an individual was the harassment of the League's National Director on the session - "Monday Conference", which was screened not so long ago. Even the Chairman of this programme, who one would suppose would be anxious to preserve impartiality, actually joined in the harassment of Mr. Butler, along with the other members of the interviewing panel - not that all this did any harm to Mr. Butler or the League; overall the programme was a tremendous success from the League's point of view.

However, the credibility of the mass media is continuing to erode everywhere as the truth seeps through the community that much that is presented as "news" is little else but the disguised political propaganda of highly partisan bodies of influence "on high", and also the keen political commitments of the members of the 'political commentary industry", most of them turned sharply to the Left. This does not escape the notice of the thoughtful members of the public.

We were interested to read recently that some most highly placed executives in the newspaper world of Australia did admit that the future of the large metropolitan newspapers is bleak indeed. Costs would be their major problem, but here again public disaffection with the mass media is a growing "sleeper". This rubs off onto the Radio and T.V. sectors of the media; and the A.B.C. would scone worse here for the reason that, because of its very nature, in is much less sensitive to discipline and control than a commercial T.V. channel, with sharp-eyed sponsors counting the dollars and breathing down the management's neck. The A.B.C. does not have to worry about offending sponsors, and/or any potential customers of sponsors, and hence the opportunity for definite bias to exist and grow has been, and is, much greater. We believe that the A.B.C. is now suffering because of this, and that it will have to clean itself up in order to play its rightful, and most valuable role in Australian society.


The Place: Presbyterian Hall, URALIA, New England, N.S.W. The Date: Tuesday, November 14th, The Time: 8.00 p.m. Northern N.S.W. supporters are urged to attend. If the Hon. Ian Sinclair does not attend, he will be confronted at a street meeting in URALIA on the following morning.


"The four candidates for the Federal seat of New England had shown complete contempt for Electors, Mr. Eric Butler said in Tamworth last night. Mr. Butler, National Director of the Australian League of Rights, was addressing a meeting called by the New England Electors' Association. He was commenting on the failure of the candidates to attend the meeting, " - Northern Daily Leader (Tamworth, NSW) November 4th.

Although candidates for New England had no objections to attending an electors' meeting in Armidale, convened by the Women's Electoral Lobby - a movement with a strong Left-wing background - they all decided that they would not attend the electors' meeting convened by the New England Electors' Association. But even more interesting, two of the candidates admitted that a secret meeting had taken place at which it was agreed that not one of the four candidates - Country Party, Labor, DLP and Australia Party - would attend.

The Secretary of the New England Electors' Association explained at the Tamworth meeting how the date of the meeting had been fixed to suit the convenience of the sitting Member, the Hon. Ian Sinclair (Country Party), who had originally expressed his willingness to attend. Two of the other candidates had also originally indicated that they would be attending. New England electors are asking who was responsible for the secret meeting between the candidates. DLP candidate Taber said that the policy questions by the Electors' Association were a lot of 'garbish'. Australia Party candidate Edwards went into print concerning the activity of extreme-Right-wing groups.

We trust that the electors of New England vote against all those who have conspired against them. The responsible informal vote could be a powerful weapon in the coming Federal Elections.
(All Election comment authorised by Eric D. Butler, 273 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000)


Last week's Queensland Country Life, which circulates widely night throughout Queensland and N.S.W., carried a half-page League advertisement packed with information and a challenge to all Country Party candidates to state where they stood - in writing - on the issues of the Federal Elections. The comment and response have been most inspiring.

Further advertisements are appearing, all designed to further both the short and long-term strategy of the League. The League's programme (being yet another League pre-election activity) costs money. It has no other source of support except YOU. Since last week, 8 supporters have contributed a further $655.27 to our Annual Basic Fund of $25,000. But please include that little extra for the pre-election campaign. All Queensland, Northern N.S.W. contributions to Box 17, Alderley Qld. 4051. All others to Box 1052J G.P.O. Melbourne. 3001


The Creation and Control of Money

In this manner all nations are being pushed further along the Socialist road. One of Marx's ten steps for communising a State was to centralize control of financial credit; Marx never once attacked credit Policy.
The essence of the technique of money creation, most of it in the form of financial credit, is that those issuing it do so against a nation's real credit and assets. Control of financial credit policy means control of a nation's real credit. The more centralized that control becomes, the more centralized the control of all productive capacity. Those issuing at little cost to themselves, a nation's financial credit on the basis that it is their right to do this, on their terms, is a claim to dictate to the individual how he shall gain access to his own productive capacity - his real credit. It would be just as logical for the printers of railway tickets to loan these, at full face value, to railway organizations, to charge them interest on the tickets, and to dictate the terms under which the railways could obtain these tickets.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159