Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

1 December 1972. Thought for the Week: ".... the Nixon Administration has proven to be an absolute disaster in the fight against socialism at home and Communism abroad. The Nixon Administration, for all its campaign promises and patriotic Conservative rhetoric, is not part of the solution; it is part of the problem. Grass-roots Republicans and G.O.P. (Republican) Congressmen must now swallow their pride and realize that they have been conned by a smooth talking automobile salesman, from Whittier, and must heed St. Paul's recommendation to the Ephesians: 'Follow not a multitude to do evil".
Gary Allen, in "Richard Nixon : The Man Behind the Mask"


"Mr. James Needham, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, and his aides, have arrived in Moscow to explain how they can help when commerce increases following recent American-Soviet trade agreements." - The Australian, November 14th.

Ten years ago this news would have been deemed absolutely unthinkable; the notion that a doyen of American capitalism would make a pilgrimage to press 'assistance' upon the leaders of a nation sworn to destroy capitalism, would rival the fancies of science fiction in its improbability. However, the League of Rights cannot pretend to be astonished; we are not. We have been expecting this.

This will come as no surprise to those who have perused such books as "The Naked Capitalist" by W. Cleon Skousen ($2, 24, post free, from all League offices) and "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen ($1.12 post free from all League offices). Both these books deal in detail with the nexus, so long hidden, between International Communism and International Finance; but now which nexus is commencing to become exposed as the ultimate objectives of the 'higher-ups' come nearer to fulfillment.

When we mention 'higher-ups' we don't have in mind ordinary politicians whose role in the fast eroding democracies of the West has become reduced to supervising social effects; effects not thrown up by any great mystical forces of history; as the Marxists would have it; but affects thrown off by inexorable workings of the modern finance-economic system. It has been well said that Finance produces the crises (inflation, high taxation, escalating debt, and the Social frictions which accrue there from) that the forces of Communism, Socialism and Materialism so easily exploit.

We can detect the portents, now not difficult to interpret, as events follow on quickly from President Nixon's tour of homage to the Masters in Peking and Moscow. It was Lenin who said that the capitalists would sell the Communists the rope with which they (the Communists) would be able to hang them. He also said that the shortest route to London and Paris was through Peking!

We have long been able to foresee that International Communism, by exploiting the effects of the finance economic system, would capture one region of the world after the other as the difficulties of the non-Communist countries mounted. Now the position has been reached at which Lenin's 'United States of Europe' is virtually a reality (Common Market), Britain for all to see who can and will see, has been dragged, struggling and against the will of the Britons and the Commonwealth, to the very point of the loss of her sovereignty. And politicians still prattle about 'Democracy'! What a hideous farce!

The fierce, high-pressure, campaign to drag Britain into Europe has been financed by the forces of International Finance, and the tools of International Finance; many international Companies (we published the names of many in our On Target issue of November 10th), powerful sections of the mass media; and last but not least, powerful political leaders. (Mr. Edward Heath was a senior partner in the prominent British Merchant Banker, Brown, Shipley & Co, the same organization that spawned Mr. Montague Norman, former Governor of the Bank of 'England').

The whole ostensible purpose of the Common Market is to create a strong economic trading community of nations, none of which could afford to stay outside the enlarged grouping, for economic reasons. We could expose this fallacy without any difficulty, and suffice it to say that the real purpose of the Common Market is not economic, but political, a 'United States of Europe'. Already plans are being hatched for a 'Euro-currency'. If anyone has wondered why the 'mysterious' (no mystery to us) drive in U.K., Australia, and New Zealand for decimal currency, and metrication, has been pursued, without any reference to the peoples of these countries, then the reasons should now be all too obvious; standardization - in the preparation for World Government!
Were you asked about this by anyone? Was your local politician asked about it? Who instructed the Governments of these countries in these matters?
We don't know who instructed these Governments, but we know where the instructions came from!

Now the German Chancellor, Willi Brandt, is a world hero because of his 'Ostpolitik'; his policy of the increased involvement of his country with the Communist bloc; he is a supreme pragmatist, the current aim of political leaders. Principle is dead because God is dead - this is the notion. We don't have to emphasise the eventual outcome of the West's increased trading involvement with the Communist bloc - political attrition of the non-Communist nations leading to their intended collapse.
We recall the words of Nikita Khruschev - "We value trade least for economic reasons, and most for political reasons."

Now that London and Paris are well along Lenin's United States of Europe road the United States of America is setting off on the Peking road. All the nations of the West are falling over themselves to sell Peking and Moscow the rope with which they themselves will be hanged unless the policies, which derive from the workings of the accepted finance-economic system, are challenged. We cannot see this challenge taking place, unless and until this same finance economic system lies in ruins; as we know it must, eventually; and this not too far in the future!

This situation would at least present the opportunity for a genuine alternative that does exist; the Masters of International Finance know this all too well themselves. The situation that could prevent this from happening would be the final physical control of the world 's peoples and resources via a world police force. They could do virtually as they pleased then.


In the aftermath of the controversy over the British Immigration Bill, either the Prime Minister, Mr. Heath, or the Foreign Secretary, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, is expected to visit Australia just to assure us it is nothing personal, really. Perhaps it is too much to hope that which ever gentleman makes the trip might have trouble at the airport." Editorial, The Australian, November 27th.

The ruthless Mr. Heath, representing the will of International Finance in rushing a struggling, reluctant protesting Britain into the straight jacket of Europe, suffered a serious reverse when his 'aliens Bill' was rejected by the House of Commons. This Bill would have given nationals of the Common Market countries preferences, as regards residential rights, employment etc., over Commonwealth citizens, including Australians. We are sufficiently cynical to believe that the projected visit to Australia by one of these British leaders will be a public relations exercise, primarily for the benefit of the British electorate. But we are suspicious that the exercise may not stop there.

We are suspicious that the 'deal', which they will try to pull off, is that they (Britain) will relax the restrictions on the entry and residential rights of Australians, if Australia agrees to take a quota (the thin edge of the wedge) of Asians and Africans, West Indians etc. We hope that we are wrong, but we have an irritating feeling that we could be right!


"The Customs Department has intercepted and impounded copies of a message from the Rhodesian Prime Minister. Mr. Ian Smith to the Australia-Rhodesia Association." - The Australian, November 24th.

We provide the text of Mr. Smith's message which the Australian Customs Department was driven to impound (by whom?):-

"As we in Rhodesia celebrate the seventh anniversary of Rhodesia's Declaration of Independence, let me assure you that you, the friends of Rhodesia who have given us so much support over the years, are constantly in our thoughts. You have the deep gratitude of all Rhodesians, I think we can all say that Rhodesia's case is becoming more widely understood, and that this is due very largely to the work you have done in your own country. I am happy to be able to repeat what I told you last year that, despite all difficulties, Rhodesia is still forging ahead, and I can see no reason why it should not continue to do so. The past twelve months have brought both hope and disappointment, but we are not deterred in our efforts to secure our position as an independent nation, acknowledged as such by the free world. The forces ranged against us are as great as ever, but the knowledge that we have friends and supporters spread far and wide is a never-ending source of strength and value to us all. May I once again extend to you all, the sincere thanks and best wishes of all Rhodesians."

Mr. Chipp and his Customs Department have seen fit to ban the above message, but have also seen fit to approve the filthy and subversive 'Little Red School Book', the approval of which will have cost the Government many thousands of votes and contributed towards its probable defeat on the 2nd December. Mr. Chipp will remember 'The Little Red Schoolbook' for the rest of his life the parliamentary portion of which may well be spent on the back benches, in Opposition, where he has laboured to place himself!

A recent Daily Express (London) Harris Poll of Public Opinion in Britain conducted by that newspaper indicates a considerable change in public attitudes towards Rhodesia. According to the poll a mere 12% of people wish to maintain or intensify sanctions against Rhodesia, while 55% desire to reach a settlement with Mr. Smith. In its report the Daily Express (London) suggested, "One thing General Amin has achieved by his actions in Uganda is to awaken the British people to the realities of life in Africa. Here is a guide for the British Government. The long drawn-out sterile quarrel with Rhodesia can no longer be treated in isolation. It must be set against the decline of civilized government in Uganda and other parts of Africa. Where standards exist, as we know them - as in Rhodesia - they should be encouraged, not destroyed. Let the despotic actions of Amin spur the British Government to a swift ending of sanctions and a reforging of our old ties with Rhodesia."


"There has been a very marked change of attitude by the business sector over the year from very great concern to the present attitude of optimism and confidence. - The Hon. Billie Snedden, (Treasurer) in a letter to the Editor of The Australian, November 24th.

We could be wrong. We haven't been able to detect this 'optimism and confidence' of which Mr. Snedden so confidently speaks. The recession, which is temporarily lifting; and this for the purpose of election-year bribery, was brought about primarily by Mr. Snedden's 1971 Budget, which in turn was framed by a few 'experts' in the Department of the Treasury, most of who are products of the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics. If Mr. Snedden finds himself as Leader of the Opposition, or worse still for him (a man of fierce ambition) a backbencher, he can thank these 'experts' for helping to place him there!

Poor Mr. Snedden hasn't learned very much; he still blames the wage structure and, by inference, the Arbitration Commission, for the bulk of the troubles of the economy. In his letter he says:- "The common factor has been severe cost inflation largely resulting from labor cost escalation which has invalidated expectations based on past behaviour patterns of demand, consumption, expenditure, savings and investment."

The League of Rights insists that higher wages are most definitely not the basic cause of inflation, but that they merely maintain the momentum of cost inflation, which is built into the finance-economic system. Higher wage demands are a symptom of cost inflation, necessary in the workers' perpetual race to keep pace with the escalating cost of living. Despite Mr. Snedden's election-year optimism Mr. Tony Thomas, economist with The Age Melbourne, says in this newspaper on November 24th that the inflation rate in Australia is now 9% a year!
All election comment authorised by Eric D. Butler, 273 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159