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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

18 February 1972. Thought for the Week: "The love of money is the root of all evil".
St Paul


"Now that, under pressure, much of the Budget strategy has been changed, we can expect better going. But the Government may still have to reduce income tax and some sales tax to speed up recovery. Yesterday's good news and the Federal Government's good intentions in trying to contain public service pay rises still leave us with inflationary dangers. If the national recovery is to be soundly based and sustained, better ways of balancing wages, costs, and productivity must be found. Otherwise, the apparent gains of a reviving economy may soon be eroded". - Editorial in The Herald, Melbourne, February 15th.

As students for many years of the close nexus between subversion, revolution and finance-economic policies which are rooted in the Socialist philosophy, we predict with certainty that the McMahon Government's reversal of its 1971 Budget strategy will prove similar to an increased dose of heroin for a drug addict. There will be a temporary feeling of some relief throughout the nation, but the deadly inflation problem will be intensified.

In the face of a nation wide campaign of criticism on the unemployment issue, much of it promoted by journalists determined to defeat the McMahon Government and to bring Mr. Gough Whitlam to office, Mr. McMahon has cynically decided that irrespective of the inflation threat to stable society, unemployment was the biggest electoral handicap. If the unemployment problem is at least reduced, the Government may be able to scramble back to the Treasury Benches. Once that objective has been achieved, the Government can then turn its attention to inflation.

It is true that in his address to the State Premiers last Monday, the Prime Minister did warn of the continuing problem of inflation. But as the very programme of money expansion must increase still further production costs, while leaving untouched the basic cause of inflation, the Prime Minister's declared intention of strongly resisting all further wage increases, both in the public and private sectors of the economy, it is certain that Australia faces growing industrial and social friction.

While the pitifully small increase of $7 for the unemployed will be endorsed by all humanitarians, and the restoration of taxation concessions on plant and equipment was constructive, not one step has been taken to ease the basic cause of inflation. There is no suggestion that the tax burden, one of the major factors in inflation, should be lightened. Every businessman knows that taxes are one of the major costs he must pass on in increased prices. Interest charges are also a major cost factor, and could be substantially reduced.

Then there is the completely immoral policy of the Commonwealth applying the principle of double taxing, as witnessed by the financing of PMG capital works out of taxation loaned at 7% interest, thus increasing all postal charges, many of these also being passed on in increased prices. With a performance in the art of double talk, which even George Orwell of 1984 fame would admire, neither Mr. McMahon nor his Treasurer Mr. Snedden has conceded that their Budget strategy was proved completely ridiculous.

The Australian's economist, Kenneth Davidson, pointedly observed "Given the public utterances of the Treasurer in recent months as he tried to defend an economic policy for which he was only an incidental author, his humiliation yesterday would, in greater respect for Westminster traditions, precipitate his automatic resignation". There is little prospect of Mr. Snedden resigning his portfolio because he has been humiliated; he has demonstrated that he is prepared to speak to almost any brief, so long as he believes that he is thus moving towards the Prime Ministership. But if Mr. Snedden should resign, what about other Government Members who have, following the last two Budgets, also told electors that increased petrol and other taxes were essential to curb "excessive demand?"

The time is now opportune for some straight talk to all Government Members, asking them to admit that the "experts" they blindly followed have been proved wrong, and to now start pressing for an attack on the basic causes of inflation.


"Turkish migrants were brought to Australia and dumped, a voluntary social worker said last night". - Elizabeth Henshall in The Sun, Melbourne, February 15.

It is hypocritical of Government spokesmen to charge that a Labor Government at Canberra would bring into Australia large numbers of non-Europeans, while the Government itself has been responsible for permitting an increasing number of non-Europeans to enter Australia permanently. There have been a few reports from time to time about the difficulties of integrating Turkish migrants into the Australian community. This is not surprising, as the Turks are mainly Moslems with a completely different cultural background to Australians. The Sun report quotes a Mrs. Avdi, Turkish-born and mother of four, who assists Fitzroy Council's social worker, as saying that Turkish families are crowding in an effort to save rent, and that many are near starvation. Mrs. Avdi is very critical of the false promises of the Immigration Department. She makes the most disturbing statement that the Immigration Department "was bringing out many more Turkish migrants". The Government must be asked some searching questions about its immigration programme. Discontented minorities can become dangerous material for revolutionaries to work on as the nation's finance-economic problems grow.


"Voters were not convinced the Labor Party had the solutions to the economic slump, the Deputy Federal Opposition Leader, Mr. Barnard, said yesterday. He was speaking as President of the Tasmanian ALP at the State conference in Hobart". - The Sun, Melbourne, February 9.

It is a fact of political life that Governments are rarely voted in they are more often voted out. The ALP has offered no real alternatives to the finance-economic policies being pursued by the present Government. Mr. Barnard was quite correct when he said at the Tasmanian conference "The electorate is convinced the Government has bungled the economy - it is not altogether convinced the Labor Party has the solutions".

It can be predicted now that should the ALP be elected to office, it will attempt to solve the inflation problem through more controls, particularly price control, by the Commonwealth. We will also predict that attempts to solve the inflation problem by further centralised controls will produce the same disasters experienced in the United Kingdom and elsewhere when this has been attempted.

Flying in the face of all experience, the New Zealand Government - allegedly anti-Socialist, is now trying the complete the Socialist medicine. It will fail. Here in Australia former Prime Minister Gorton continues to run true to form by also advocating the Socialist policy of Commonwealth price fixing. He has now been joined by Minister for Social Services, Mr. W.C. Wentworth. The suggestion is being put forward by these "anti-Socialists" that the States should be asked to cede the necessary powers for a "limited" period. Just like Uniform Taxation." Until the Liberal-Country Party coalition comes to realistic grips with the basic cause of inflation, it is inevitable that they will continue to retreat down the Socialist road. Labor Government would, of course, be much more open about their intentions. We have been warned.


"Washington, February 15. - President Nixon yesterday further relaxed U.S. restrictions on trade with China.... The decision to relax the restrictions came only three days before Mr. Nixon was due to leave for Peking and only l0 months after he ended a ban on trade with China". - Roy Macartney in The Age, Melbourne, February 16.

Irrespective of what happens in Red China during the Nixon visit, Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai must be delighted with their tremendous psychological victory. "Face" is all-important in the East, and the Chinese victims of Communism, along with all other Asians, can only conclude that President Nixon is by his visit to Red China accepting that Mao Tse-tung is the winner in the struggle between the U.S.A. and Red China. President Nixon's open admission that he is keen to try to solve his domestic finance economic problems by American exports to Red China, will only confirm the Communists in their traditional view that Western "imperialism" is doomed because of the "inherent contradictions" in the "capitalist" system.

While carefully selected journalists are engaged in presenting a favourable picture of the "new, moderate" Red China, some of the real truth still continues to reach the outside world through the stories of the thousands managing to get out of the country. Reports from Hong Kong reveal that during the last ten months no less than 16,500 have managed to evade Communist guards and sharks in order to swim from the mainland to Hong Kong. These refugees from Communism all tell the same terrible story about the terror inside Red China.
It would be instructive to have their views on the spectacle of President Nixon being feted by men responsible for some of the biggest mass murders in history.

In spite of the new "open" policy by Peking, there is a careful selection of tourists coming in. Guides and interpreters ensure that useful innocents see and hear only what Peking decides. Of special interest to Australians is the announcement from the "Aboriginal Embassy" camped at Canberra, that its members have been invited to visit Red China as guests of Peking. Airfares and all other expenses have been offered. Peking's staunch friend in Australia, Mr. Ted Hill, continues to advise on which Australians should obtain visas. His daughter Janet was recommended to take a group of 21 students to China. These students are all members of the Communist front organisation, the Australia-China Society.

While trade will be a vital question for President Nixon, the number one issue for Peking is Taiwan. The Red Chinese are not going to compromise on this question. Having cynically betrayed Chiang Kai-shek and Taiwan at the United Nations, Dr. Henry Kissinger and President Nixon have been searching for a formula to enable them to complete the betrayal without being too blatant. A number of well informed authorities are of the opinion that President Nixon is prepared to go as far as admitting Peking's claim that Taiwan is a part of China, a province, in exchange for an assurance from Peking that there will be no military invasion. At a later date, a "spontaneous" "national liberation" movement can develop in Taiwan, and Peking could then argue that it must intervene in what would be described as a type of civil war.
Only an alerted and determined public opinion in all non-Communist countries can prevent the complete betrayal of Taiwan.

In Australia and New Zealand the League of Rights' special publication, "Retreating Down The Kissinger-Nixon Road", should be circulated as widely as possible at the present time. The present kow-towing to Peking must be challenged by those who wish to play a part in halting the global Marxist advance.


Tremendous reports come in from Southern Queensland and Northern N.S.W. where Mr. Jeremy Lee is driving hard with a massive programme of meetings and schools. Assistant National Director Edward Rock is intensifying a non-stop Victorian programme before leaving for W.A, and S.A. early next month. Mrs. Jean Luscombe, editor of Ladies Line, and assistant Queensland Director, is also "in the field". Last week National Director Eric Butler conducted an all-day leadership school in Murray, Victoria, then left for an intensive two days in Sydney, during which he spoke at the Mitchell Liberal Party Electoral Council on the major problems threatening the Government.


The Individual and the Mob

The principles governing human associations have been tested and observed over many thousands of years. Tradition is, in part, the accumulated wisdom of the past. The attack on tradition tends to cut man off from a knowledge of those fundamental truths essential for an understanding of principles of human association essential for satisfactory results.
The major constant in human history has been human nature, which contrary to the theories of the various schools of idealists, has changed very little, if at all. A study of the collapse of the Roman Civilization reveals many disturbing similarities to what is happening today, including heavy taxation, and monetary inflation.

The many theories of the "scientifically" planned State could only have a chance of working if human beings were less than human - perhaps like ants. The fundamental nature of humans being what it is, it can be predicted with certainty what will happen under given conditions. The individual reacts very much differently in a big crowd, stimulated by the spectacle of a thrilling game, or the oratory of a demagogue, than he does in a small group. The bigger and more concentrated a group becomes, the more it becomes a mob in which the individual loses control of himself. The more the individual is organized into big, centralised groups, the further down the scale of existence he is driven, losing his most divine attribute, creative initiative. The Communists and other totalitarians are experts in the art of creating and using mobs for revolutionary purposes.

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