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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

25 February 1972. Thought for the Week: "The basic Communist strategy in 1952 renounced the inevitability of World War III. World conquest without war, which is called co-existence, became their basic strategy".
Dr. Fred C. Schwarz.


"South Africa's white population had been 'riding a tiger' - the Country's black population - for three centuries, and the time had come to dismount, the South African Ambassador (Mr. J.B. Mills) said yesterday in Sydney. - The Age, Melbourne, Feb. 22nd.

Mr. Mills has impressed Australians considerably with his hard-hitting, straight from the shoulder answers to questions, many provocative, which have been thrown at him during his T.V. appearances. He made the above quoted observation whilst addressing, in Sydney, the Constitutional Association of Australia. He informed his audience that his countrymen had been trying to steer the black population into a position where they could set up a number of autonomous black African nations. He didn't mince matters when he went on to say: - "We should like to part as friends, each turning to his own pasture, but we are told on all sides that this is wrong and that the only decent and democratic thing for us to do is to submit to being eaten. When we say that we should not care for this, we are told that we are stupid and brutal racialists".

He made other observations, which are described more fully in "A Message From Southern Africa" by Mr. Ivor Benson, prominent South African journalist, who will be paying another visit to Australia later this year. Of particular note is Mr. Mill's reference to so-called 'world opinion' against which South Africa is swimming, and which bore all the earmarks of a mass movement. Mr. Mills insisted that South Africans were more conscious of racial problems than any other people, but that these problems will be resolved within South Africa itself; external influences can only render harm.
Mr. Ivor Benson's book may be obtained from Box 1052J. G.P.O. Melbourne. Vic. 3001.


"In Washington today, Professor Edwin Reischauer, the former U.S. Ambassador to Japan said that President Nixon's trip to China was very dangerous and would not contribute to further relaxation of tensions with Peking". - The Age. Melbourne, Feb. 22nd.

Even Andre Malraux, former French Minister of Culture, and acknowledged by many to be an expert on China, said that President Nixon's undertaking was 'the riskiest adventure of his career' although M. Mairaux thought that the gesture was rather grand. But the League of Rights does not think the gesture is grand. The League thinks it is suicidal for the West, and that it reveals the utter ignorance, or worse, among the leaders of the West, of the nature of the Communist conspiracy.

The League's views on what we would prefer to call, a 'Mission of Suicide' are set out in the current brochure - "Retreating Down The Kissinger-Nixon Betrayal Road", price l7 cents post free from Box 1052J. G.P.O., Melbourne. Vic. 3001.


The Australian of Feb. 19th. carried l0" x 4" advertisement, inserted by the International Monetary Fund, inviting applications for economists from Australia. The candidates are required to have a very good scholastic record, to be well versed in modern macro-economics, and to be familiar with the financial problems of 'developing' countries ('under-developed' is no longer an acceptable term as it is redolent of 'racism' and discrimination). 'Macro-economics', we can only assume is semanted voodoo for the study of economics on a global basis; the age limit is 28. The salary is rather nice, ranging from $11,000 to $12,500. FREE OF TAX. But more is to come.

There are fringe benefits (insurances, family allowances) and paid transportation for a home visit, with family, every two years. Successful candidates will be based in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., and will be expected to travel periodically to member countries (of the I.M. F.) on short missions. It would be interesting to discover if these advertisements are appearing in other countries around the world: we feel that they would be very much so. There is little doubt in our mind that that the I.M.F. is gearing itself for a much bigger role in world affairs, that the power of International Finance is strengthening, and that it will be strengthened more as world monetary 'crises' erupt with more frequency. The highly paid priests of the Temple of Mammon are being assembled.' Let us beware.


"A handful of Liberal votes and Labor abstentions last night saved Edward Heath and his Conservative Government from defeat on their Common Market legislation". - The Age. Melbourne, Feb. 19th.

Mr. Heath had warned that a defeat on the second reading of the Common Market Bill would mean the defeat of the Government. The Government was saved by eight votes only. This does not mean that Britain is YET in the Common Market. Mr. Heath is now confronted with a fierce struggle to force the Common Market Bill through the committee stage of Parliament. Anything could happen from now on, especially as his Government has tremendous problems to try to overcome - not the least is the national coal strike, triggering Britain's worst power crisis for 25 years. Then there is the Rhodesian 'settlement', which appears to have run away from the Government, and may run out of control.

The pressure on the Conservatives, applied by the Party Whips, was as heavy as could be maintained. Mr. Enoch Powell accused the Whips of applying "utterly immoral" forms of pressure. There are at least 15 Conservatives who are prepared to bring the Conservative Government down rather than support Britain's entry into the Common Market.

As we predicted several weeks ago, Mr. Harold Wilson is bringing the pro-Market Labor members into line; and it is likely now that this forceful rebuff to the Heath Government will further rally British Labor behind. Mr. Wilson. The battle is far from over yet. The League has made its position crystal clear in regards to the Common Market issue over the past ten years or more. The League is totally opposed to Britain's entry into the E.E.C. which it considers is a political trap, disguised as an 'economic betterment' measure, the true purpose of which is to strip Britain (and other countries) of national sovereignty; control over their own affairs, and to vest this sovereignty in an amorphous conglomerate of Eurocrats in Brussels.

It is true that 1000 years of British history will be thrown down the drain by her entry. It is not even dimly realized as yet in Britain that the social problems which will be thrown up will be cataclysmic as swarms of professional people and trades people and others, migrate from one country to another, creating all manner of tensions and friction. Already the man in the street in Britain realizes that food prices will just leap after entry - but there will be myriads of other problems.

However, the whole Common Market concept is in line with Lenin's United States of Europe. There are those people some say cynics, others say realists, who maintain that the melting pot of the United States of America has definitely not been a success, and that there is no such thing as an American 'culture', and that one will not and cannot emerge. In point of fact, the American 'experiment' is fragmenting. If this is true, how much less hope is there for the success of this United States of Europe, without even a common language as a cohesive force to cement it together.

But we feel that this 'enlarged European Community' is intended by the real power manipulators of the world to be a mere transitional phase, a step in world affairs as the drive for World Government goes on apace. Realities have the most unpleasant (for intriguers) habit of asserting themselves, and we have little doubt that political and economic realities will arise and haunt the Heaths, the Pompidous, the Brandts, and their masters behind them as the drama of the planned subversion of Western Civilization unfolds.


"The latest Australian China travellers are a group of 20 Aborigines who will leave late in April for a months visit to the People's Republic". - The Age. Melbourne, Feb. 19th.

There is no doubt that Peking has 'pulled a fast one' here, and has taken a trick. The Aboriginal question is being agitated and 'thrashed' for all its worth by the Communists. Not that there are not genuine areas for improvement in the lot of our Aborigines; there certainly are - but this is the dreary old story of the Communists seizing on an issue where there are genuine grievances and then blowing it up and exploiting its propaganda value to the utmost.

The Aboriginal question is a first-rate propaganda weapon to be used against Australia, which is geographically, if nothing else, in a delicate position on racial issues because of the many coloured races about her. It appears to us that the establishment of the Aboriginal 'Embassy', which Mr. Gough Whitlam was pleased to visit, has been masterminded by the Communists, and that the invitation from Peking was the next step. Peking will receive the representatives of the Aboriginal 'Embassy' as the victims of white, imperialist oppression etc. etc. which will give a stimulus to the other fire brands who claim to represent the Aboriginal race. It will be noted that, almost without exception, these firebrands are not full blood aborigines at all, some being no more than one fourth part aborigine. The New Guinea and New Britain radicals are a different kettle of fish. The status accorded to the 'Embassy' representatives by Peking will be sure to strengthen their hand in any claims that they have to put forward to the McMahon Government.


"The Australia Party yesterday launched a "win Australia back" campaign to draw attention to the effect of foreign investment". - The Australian, Feb. 2lst.

We concur with the Australia Party 100% that Australia should enjoy the benefits of foreign investment without surrendering economic or political control of the country. We go further - with a modification of finance-economic tenets even the foreign investment would be unnecessary: Australia could itself finance all its needs without any foreign investment whatsoever. There is no doubt that the Deputy State convener of the Australia Party Mr. J.R. Siddons, is quite right when he asserts that the Federal Government has allowed Australia's resources to be sold out to foreign interests. The 'line', which the Australia Party is pushing, is that continued support for the Liberal-Country Parties - D.L.P. axis would mean continued support for an "open door to overseas economic control". We predict that this message will he heard by many people, especially young people, who seem to be more vitally concerned at the sell-out of Australia than the more blasé 'oldies'. This is a good, healthy thing. It is satisfying that so many of Australia's young people are sufficiently patriotically concerned because of the sell-out of their country. There could be interesting electoral results as a result of the Australia Party's campaigning, and a handful of smug Government members 'in' on D.L.P. preferences may get the shock of their lives at the end of this year.


The Increment of Association

Why do individuals associate? Because they desire to gain benefits which would be impossible or very difficult for them to attain if they worked for them separately. The conviction, the faith, that by association they can gain the results they desire, brings individuals together as a group.

Co-operating to a pre-determined end. The starting point for association is the belief that the individual can obtain benefits from association, that there is an increment of association: profit. To the degree that the individuals forming an association are convinced that they are attaining the benefits for which they are associating, the association will function vigorously. It will be successful. But if individuals find that their associations are not producing desired results, they lose their faith, and the association starts to disintegrate. Successful organization cannot be a haphazard affair. A study of the principles of organization is therefore absolutely essential for the social engineer.

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