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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

3 March 1972. Thought for the Week: "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
The Apostle Paul, Galatians 4:16


"…the Australian League of Rights, much denounced, much investigated, harried by criticism and scorn. But the most resilient and durable of the extreme Right-wing political organizations on the tender edges of Australian politics". - The Age, Melbourne, February 26th.

May we say that we are most gratified by the stepping up of the smear campaign against the Australian League of Rights, as this means that we are hurting our Enemy so much that no longer can he be satisfied with the "silent treatment" towards us which has been his policy over the past twenty years at least. Our Enemy incorporates the forces of Communism, Socialism, small "I" liberalism, political opportunism, and much more; all actively bringing about the defeat of the individual by the onslaught of bigger and bigger organizations - Big Government.

In the greater scheme of things the hotchpotch of truths, half-truths, and first-class bilge, which is currently appearing in four special articles in the Melbourne Age (also in the Sydney Morning Herald) doesn't mean very much at all. Of even less importance is the author of it. The poor fellow possibly thinks that he is some type of St. George about to slay the League of Rights Dragon; but we have news for him; he is a necessary catalyst to accelerate the activity of the League in the Australian body politic. We must see it in this true light: we have known for months that this was about to happen, and we have to inform supporters that, from now on, the League of Rights will seldom be out of the news.

The political Party men, and all the political "science" sages, and the members of the political commentary "industry" are able only to understand the "numbers game"; the hunt for the fastest vote. They are unable to comprehend the League's grass-roots political campaigning; the phenomenon of Christian men and women giving their time and energies, for nothing, and with a fierce dedication that is the envy of Party politicians in order to attempt to swing our nation back onto fundamental political and economic principles, which themselves are in accordance with the Christian ethic.

Jesus told us many times that those who do not have the Faith will never understand the principles and measures of those who do; so we are not to waste any time in explanations to our critics. They have their part to play in the unfolding of God's Will, and they must play it; although they will never understand their true role. As anticipated, the flood of enquiries has already commenced, book sales are booming, subscriptions rising, donations/pledges rolling in. We have every reason to be pleased and gratified.


After a week of lecturing and fact-finding activities in New Zealand, Mr. Eric Butler reported before leaving for the U.S.A..

New Zealand's Labor Opposition leader, Mr. Kirk, arrived back from an overseas trip including the United Kingdom, just before my arrival, and told New Zealanders that they were living in "a fool's paradise" if they imagined that arrangements under which the United Kingdom was entering the Common Market would provide adequately for New Zealand's future.
Even after allowing for the fact that Mr. Kirk is seeking to score as many party political points as possible during this election year, he drew attention to the unpalatable truth that New Zealand finds that after placing implicit faith in the British Government, there is no real guarantee that the British Government is going to protect New Zealand's interests.

Mr. Kirk drew attention to the fact that in a press interview last July, Mr. Heath had warned that the British Government could not be expected to provide a veto on any Common Market policy which New Zealand felt was against its best interests. Unlike the Australian High Commissioner in London, Sir Alexander Downer who persistently warned against the Common Market, the New Zealand High Commissioner bent over backwards in an attempt to show Edward Heath that New Zealand was not attempting in any way to influence British public opinion, and was relying upon the British Government to look after it. The weak attitude of the New Zealand Government made it extremely difficult for New Zealand's real friends in the United Kingdom to warn of what was going to happen.

I have been provided with the full text of a long cable sent to the United Kingdom by the Auckland branch of the New Zealand Returned Services Association, which could have played a decisive part in the battle last year. Sent on July 23 of last year by Mr. R.B. Reed, President of the Auckland RSA, to Dr. Hamish Bremner, London RSA liaison officer with the Royal British Legion, the cable observed that at a recent Dominion Council of the RSA, representing 120,000 returned New Zealand servicemen, it was unanimously resolved that the Executive Committee take whatever action was necessary to defend and maintain the links which bind the Commonwealth together "under the sovereignty of Her Majesty the Queen". It was pointed out that an eminent Queen's Counsel in New Zealand had warned of the far-reaching implications of acceptance of the Treaty of Rome, with grave consequences for the whole of the British Commonwealth. It was recommended that copies of the cable be made available to the Queen, the High Commissioner for New Zealand, the news media and leaders of the political parties.

The news of the cable caused major consternation amongst the Marketeers, with immediate action by the British Government to have the New Zealand Government disown the move by the RSA. I am reliably informed that the New Zealand Prime Minister, Sir Keith Holyoke, applied pressure to the National President of the RSA, to have the cable withdrawn. Mr. Reed of the Auckland branch refused to do this. But in London the New Zealand Government's representatives virtually disowned the cable and left anti-Marketeers like Mr. Enoch Powell in an impossible position to make use of the new RSA protest. This incident is but further evidence of the ruthlessness of Edward Heath and his backers to destroy all patriotic opposition to their programme of betrayal.

As events unfold, New Zealanders are going to see the extent of that betrayal. Like the Liberal-Country Party Coalition at Canberra, the Nationalist Government at Wellington has taken New Zealanders down the Socialist road in a manner which the Labor-Socialists would have found much more difficult. Beset by the inflation problem undermining what is left of the Free World, the Nationalist Government is resorting to the Socialist policy of freezing wages and prices. The new Prime Minister, Mr. Marshall, is, like a cracked record, saying all the futile things about inflation, which have been said over the past twenty-five years. He says that the Government has "been studying the efforts which are being made in other countries to beat inflation". The only thing to be learned is, of course, that none of them has beaten inflation, for the simple reason that all are pursuing the same finance-economic policies of increasing debt and taxation, which make inflation inevitable.

Symptomatic of the rot in New Zealand is the report that increasing numbers of New Zealanders mainly young New Zealanders, no longer bother to stand when the National Anthem is played. One theatre manager observes that with Britain attempting to join the Common Market, the old sentiments are dying. The fragmentation of the British world has, of course, long been a major part of The Big Idea for world domination by those who strive to create the World State. New Zealand's moment of truth is clearly fast arriving, a testing period which will decide whether or not the old Anzac spirit can result in regeneration.


"The U.S. gave some ground on the Taiwan issue, and although it failed to satisfy Peking, the effect of the American statements may well lead to undermining the international position of the Nationalist Government of General Chiang Kai -shek". - The Age, Melbourne, February 28th.

Any political realist can see that the United States is wriggling to get off the Taiwan hook, and that Taiwan is being prepared for the Peking wolves. The hypocrisy and double-talk of Chou Enlai and Richard Nixon would stand a bear on its head. Mr. Nixon agreed that both countries should conduct their relations according to the "Five Principles" of the 1955 Bandung Conference. One of those principles is non-aggression against other States. We wander what Mr. Nixon and Chou En-lai were thinking about Tibet as they concealed their real thoughts in a morass of slick politicians' gobbledygook. (Tibet was over -run by China in 1952; there have been reports of genocide by China against Tibet ever since).

We can predict that United States support will gradually at first, then more quickly, be withdrawn from Taiwan. Perhaps a "Taiwan Liberation Army", something like the Viet Cong, will appear to be assisted by the Army of the People's Republic of China. The American 7th Fleet will no longer be patrolling the Formosa Straits. The end will be something like that.


"A friend of the Australian people has now been admitted to the United Nations. The People's Republic of China was voted into its rightful place with an overwhelming majority". - from a pamphlet of the Communist-front Australia-China Society.

These pamphlets were being distributed on Melbourne (and probably in other Australian city) streets during the Peking talks between President Nixon and the Peking leaders. The message of the pamphlet is superficially appealing: we have foolishly followed the past policies of the U.S.A. towards Red China - now is the time to break away from the unrealistic past and enjoy the fruits and delights which recognition of our great friend to the North will bring to Australia. The pamphlet tells us why we should recognize the People's Republic of China - What recognition of China would achieve, (trade, trade, trade) - that Australia has nothing to fear from Red China (no Chinese soldiers on foreign soil (Tibet?), her armed forces designed for defensive action only (remember the attack on India a few years ago?) - that the farmer will no longer be driven from his land because of Australia's foolish foreign policy towards the People's Republic of China. Now comes the call for action - the Communists understand the necessity for action at the grass roots level also, as we do, but their actions are oriented towards an opposite policy (advancement of World Communism) stemming from an opposite philosophy (enslavement of the individual; anti-Christ).

The action enjoined by the local Comrades is: -
* DEMAND that the Australian Government recognize the People's Republic of China and establish diplomatic relations.
* WRITE to your local newspaper and Member of Parliament.
* RAISE the issue of recognition in your trade union or other organization to which you belong.

The Communists desperately want recognition of Red China. This will mean that hundreds of Red Chinese espionage agents will flood into our country to propagandize and subvert. It will also mean an attenuation of our relations with Taiwan; and it will discourage other nations in our part of the world, such as Indonesia, from resisting the siren song of Peking.

Readers will well remember the local Communists were most active in their denunciation of the visit to Australia recently of President Soeharto, of Indonesia. Peking does not want any strengthening of alliances between Australia and Indonesia - it's strategy is to keep them apart, then through political pressure greatly enhanced because of diplomatic recognition, and through the blandishments, (or blackmail) of trade, to melt the Australian will to resist the advance of Communism (Peking style) on our own shores.


With the series of highly critical articles on the League now being run in the Melbourne "AGE" and the "SYDNEY MORNING HERALD" we are, at this early stage, beginning to reap the benefits. All attacks on the League harden and fortify our supporters something our Enemy will never understand, and produce that "resilience" which the writer in the AGE correctly attributes to us. We can assure our critics that the more we are attacked the more of this "resilience" they will see.
As expected, the hardening of our supporters is reflected this week in a jump in the donations to our Basic Fund - nineteen supporters have donated this week no less than $2,464-00, taking the total to $20,059-54. With less than $5,000-00 to go, we are confident that the remainder of our supporters, who have not yet donated, will sweep us well past the target of $25,000-00!


The Individual and Organization

The major feature of a successful organization is the correct relationship between the individual members and their committee representatives. Imagine what would happen if upon arriving to play golf one day, members were informed by the committee that they, by virtue of their superior wisdom, had come to the conclusion that all members would obtain much more benefit from playing baseball, and that they were going to insist upon this! The members could do one of two things: they could either make use of the club's constitutional provisions to call a special meeting of members to vote the committee out, or, presuming that this was too difficult, they could contract out of the club, automatically bringing it to an end. The right of the individual to contract out of an association that no longer serves his requirements is the most effective means available to the individual to protect himself against power lusters seeking to use his associations against him.
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