Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

13 April 1973. Thought for the Week: "There can be no successful constitution for any people unless it has a deep and vital sense of constitutional morality, and its essence is a spirit of self-restraint which is willing to subordinate the fleeting interests and ardent passions of the living moment to certain fundamental truths which are believed to be immovable."
James M. Beck in The Constitution of The United States.

What About Some of That "OPEN GOVERNMENT"?

"Mr. Whitlam now has no logical option but to cut his losses of the past three weeks by appointing an independent commission of inquiry to establish - in public as far as possible - the truth of the welter of allegations and claims that have been made. In the interests of his Government and the nation, Mr. Whitlam should ask the inquiry to decide in the fullest detail whether the ASIC raid was justified; what the real extent of organised Croatian terrorism in this country may be; and whether there have, after all, been irregularities in the relations between public servants and their ministers." - Australian editorial, April 9th, 1973.

The whole nation is buzzing with uncertainties and doubts, misgivings and fears, particularly the migrant communities. The fear is that the Government has exceeded its authority; that it (the Government) is being driven along by forces serving interests other than those of Australia. There is a nasty taste in the mouths of Australians! People have been wakened in the small hours by the tap on the door by Commonwealth police. There have been dawn raids on private homes; real police state stuff! And it's happening in our Australia.

Senator Murphy is hell-bent on a Federal police force; the Canberra Socialist Government (why does it still cling to the misleading misnomer -Australian Labour Party?) is hell-bent on destroying the States, and all State powers, including those of State police. Mr. Clyde Holding, who stands an even chance of heading a Victorian "Labor" Government in a few weeks from now, has promised that the Victorian Special Branch of the State police will be abolished - to clear the way for Senator Murphy and his Federal police.
The writing is on the wall that the pressure will be on to have the Commonwealth police usurp the functions of the State Special Branches; and then the next step in the assembly of a secret, political police organization will have been taken.

Senator Ivor Greenwood, the former Commonwealth Attorney-General, said recently in Queensland that Senator Murphy had many questions to answer over acts which were a clear breach of the statutes which established A.S.I.C. Further, a properly constituted inquiry would reveal whether or not there is any substance in the allegations by Mr. Whitlam and Senator Murphy that there has been a conspiracy by certain public servants to withhold information about Croatian terrorism in Australia.

The League of Rights warns that the actions of Senator Murphy, and those who have backed him, have placed Australia in real peril from aggressive Communist subversion. The credibility of ASIO is now virtually destroyed. There is no confidence at all that this organization is free from political manipulation and that its role, if it survives (which is unlikely), will be that of a mere political tool of the Government of the day. "Banana republic" stuff; as some commentators have observed. One can well imagine what London, Paris and Washington now think of ASIO.

It is being asserted in Washington now that "Australia leaks like a sieve". This has happened at a time when the "Labor" Government at Canberra is welcoming "diplomats" from Peking, North Korea, North Vietnam and other Communist countries. Any student of International Communism knows that a good 80% of accredited "diplomats" from Communist countries are trained intelligence agents. So now it can be at least partly appreciated what has really happened. Communist intelligence agents are flooding into Australia, as the destruction of Australia's intelligence organization has been accomplished by Senator Murphy and his backers. Not a nice avenue of contemplation.

All League supporters should give every bit of weight they can to support proposals for a full judicial inquiry into the ASIO affair.


"Britain has emerged battered and bruised from its first 100 days in the European Economic Community." - The Australian, April 9th.

The warnings which those bodies opposed to the Common Market have given over the past decade are now commencing to prove correct. British housewives will very soon find that the prices of staple foods will rise dramatically; particularly meat and milk. The Leader of the British delegation to the E.E.C. has said that national parliaments are losing power to the European Community. We well recall that the pro-Marketeers were want to scoff at the notion that national sovereignty would be undermined at all. Knaves and /or fools! The giant lorries which haul tons of produce to and from Europe are now cutting Britain's roads to pieces. The drive for full economic and monetary union is on.
All this mad rush for complete centralization will be putting control of Britain's affairs into the hands of some forces; but they won't be British!

Britain, as so often in her long history, could yet win the last battle when all appears lost. The Common Market will not work; the whole concept is anathema to the desires and feelings of individual nations, and is imposed on peoples by their mis-representative governments. The British League of Rights is fully aware of this, and is determined to tap the real hostility of the ordinary Briton to this gigantic confidence trick to destroy his "Britishness".


The Canadian On Target, the weekly review of the Canadian League of Rights (issue of April 2nd) carries an article headed - "Red Chinese Using Canada in Deadly Drug Traffic". It quotes a report from a Feb. 1973 issue of the Washington weekly "Human Events", which reads: -
"New York police last week seized heroin carefully packaged in plastic bags, labelled -'People's Republic of China', in Washington.
State Department officials who have maintained there is no evidence that Peking is involved in the drug trade suggested that the bags were specifically prepared to 'embarrass' Red China. Said Brooklyn District Attorney Eugene Gold: "We believe this is a major breakthrough. It is the first clear evidence that narcotics are being imported from Mainland China" .

We strongly urge all League supporters who have not done so to read - "Narcotics - The Attack on the West" by Dr. Susan Huck, who revealed back in 1969 that there was in being a gigantic drive by Red China to subvert Western nations through narcotics 'attack'.
(This booklet is available from all League offices: price 27 cents, post-free.)


"Robert Clyde Boland will be re-tried next month on kidnapping charges. A Criminal Court jury failed to reach a verdict on him on Saturday night." - The Age (Melbourne), April 7th.

The jury was deadlocked for almost 24 hours, a near record period. The presiding judge, Mr. Justice Gowans, remanded Boland for a new trial, and then assured the jury that he was sure that it had done its best to reach a unanimous verdict, and thanked the jury on behalf of the community for its serious and earnest endeavours. The British judicial system, as anyone who has served, as a juror knows, bends over backwards to allow the accused every opportunity to establish his innocence. This judicial system is part of the British heritage, which Australia has inherited, along with our Flag, the Crown in Australia as a vital principle in our Government, and our Constitution. Subversive forces are now frantically at work to tear down our rightful heritage and to replace it with a system under which the individual is rendered powerless in the hands of an omnipotent State.


"The U.S. Government has replied to Yugoslav complaints against Croatian terrorist activity inside America, but taken no 'dramatic' action, the State Department has confirmed." - The Age (Melbourne), April 9th.

It has been left to Australia's own Senator Lionel Murphy to put on the 'dramatic' action. The Communist Tito Government, some months ago, made a series of complaints against exile Croats living in the U.S.A. Now it transpires that the American F.B.I. spent four months investigating the charges of the Yugoslav Communist Government (concerning terrorism). The F.B.I, has found no evidence of any Croatian terrorism; no bombings, no harassment of Yugoslav officials. It is interesting to know that the Yugoslav Communists have been on the job in the U.S.A. as well as in Australia.

There are many motives behind the Croatian Ustasha 'balloon' which the subversives are desperately attempting to inflate, apparently on a world-wide scale. One of the motives is almost certainly connected with the future of Yugoslavia itself after the passing of Tito, when a power struggle will take place for the leadership of the country. It is most likely that the visit to Australia by Mr. Bijedic (former secret police chief), the present Yugoslav Prime Minister, is directly concerned with this coming power-struggle. Local Yugoslavs inform us that there would not be one Yugoslav family who has not suffered from the attentions of this man, whom they describe as a murderous thug. This is the man who was given the V.I.P. treatment by our new "Labor" Government; the man who dared not move out of a Canberra swarming with Senator Murphy's Commonwealth police; the man surrounded by a herd of Yugoslav secret police. All this, whilst our own Prince Philip walked and talked in peace and freedom with his loyal Australian subjects.

There are other motives; and we shall deal with these as associated events transpire. Suffice it to assert that there is much more involved behind the Croatian 'brainwashing' to which the Australian community is being subjected than the actions of the few Croatian patriots who, misguided or not, may have been undergoing some training within Australia in preparation for the liberation of their own homeland overseas. The Australian courts will decide the facts and fictions, rights and wrongs of these issues.


"The Federal Government's handling of the terrorist and divorce issues had made it a laughing stock, the deputy Leader of the D. L.P., Senator McManus, said yesterday." - The Sun (Melbourne) April 9th.

Senator McManus claimed that Mr. Whitlam and Senator Murphy are badly rattled. We can only observe that they well deserve to be badly rattled; and we expect that all their chickens will come home to roost. Senator McManus warned of the increasingly authoritarian and centralist policies of the Australian "Labor" Party viz, the by-passing of Parliament and rule by regulation; threats to State finances (witness the Housing wrangle between Canberra and Melbourne); attacks on civil rights of migrants (raids by Commonwealth police without any warrant).

Along with the D.L.P., the Australian League of Rights solidly supports the principles of decentralization and States' Rights. We note that the D.L.P. will almost certainly not oppose the Government's Electoral Bill in the Senate. Our opinion is that Mr. Whitlam would welcome a Double Dissolution of both Houses of Parliament at this stage, as the economy is fairly buoyant; the inevitable burst of inflation is on the way, but won't hit the Australian economy until the end of this year; the pensioners and public servants have had increases in allowances.

The ASIO affair is disturbing, but hasn't yet affected the ordinary Australian; the attack on Australia's heritage is again disturbing, but public outrage to this takes more than a few months to build up. So Mr. Whitlam would probably increase his majority right now. His stocks will steadily deteriorate as the months tick by, and after Australians are presented with part of the bill for all this Government spending; and this will occur with the August Budget, electoral reaction will set in against the Whitlam Government.

The D.L.P. in the event of a Double Dissolution, would be in real danger of losing three of its five seats in the Senate, and from its own point of view it would be wise to conserve all its strength for the next Senate elections when due; particularly as an anti-Government reaction will have set in by that time. Whilst on the subject of elections, we read in The Age (Melbourne) of April 3rd, that Mr. Clyde Holding, the Victorian Opposition Leader intends to "restore democracy" to Victoria if his Party is successful at the coming Victorian elections next month. He is rather vague in his description of ways and means, which will be employed to give democracy back to Victorians, but they will be along the lines of "creating new parliamentary structures - institutions which are based on caring about people". The only message that comes through from this jumble is that of increased socialization. More and more government; more and more bureaucrats; a bigger government pay roll; a bigger bill for Mr. and Mrs. Victoria!


Since we last announced the total of the Basic Fund appeal, it has moved forward until it now stands at just over $23,500. But still only a minority have contributed. League expenses are mounting heavily and it is therefore absolutely imperative that the balance of $1,500 comes in as quickly as possible. One good pull altogether is all that is required now. Northern N.S.W. and Queensland contributions to Box 17 Alderley. Queensland 4051. All others to Box 1052J G.P.O. Melbourne, 3001.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159