Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

18 May 1973. Thought for the Week: "I have no respect for the passion of equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


Interviewing Mr. Eric Butler, National Director of the League of Rights, last Friday for Mr. Bill Peach's ABC TV programme "This Day Tonight" the interviewer suggested that people would be concerned about the current activities of The Australian Heritage Society because of its association with the Australian League of Rights. The interviewer referred to the publicity the League had received, the suggestion being that this must have been damaging to the League. Mr. Brian White, one of the panel who tried to smear Mr. Butler on the ABC TV programme "Monday Conference" last year, subsequently interviewed Mr. Butler on a radio programme and talked about the "unfavourable publicity" the League had received. The ABC smearers are taking themselves far too seriously. Because they have made every effort to smear the League, they make the mistake of thinking that the majority of people take this seriously. They have become the victims of their own propaganda, and fail to realise that increasing numbers of Australians are seeing it for what it is.

The Australian League of Rights is so well established that it does not matter whether the mass media attacks it or ignores it. Launched formally at the 1971 League of Rights National Seminar, which was opened by the Hon. Sir Reginald Sholl, former Victorian Supreme Court Judge and former Australian Consul-General to New York, The Australian Heritage Society is one of the four Divisions of the League. If the critics of the League took the trouble to examine the League structure, they would realise that it is like a family, each Division having its own special field in which to work, but combining with other members of the family on basic principles and to obtain the advantages of a family of this type. The progress of The Heritage Society is worrying League opponents because it has taken the initiative on issues which increasing numbers of people are concerned about.
The Christian Institute for Individual Freedom has issued an excellent brochure on the abortion issue and plans other publications.

All Members of the League family are growing vigorously. The campaign on the Australian heritage being conducted by the Heritage Society, providing electors with "voting forms" through the press and through other contacts, so that they can have a say on whether they want the flag changed, the Crown in Australia abolished, and the Federal Constitution destroyed, is an inspiring example of grass-roots democracy.

The guiding philosophy of the League of Rights is that the only safe place for power is in the hands of the many, and that the individual should have a say on issues. The Socialists, irrespective of their label, are totalitarians. They resent the activities of the League because it is encouraging individuals to make their own decisions on the issues they are most concerned about. The Socialist totalitarians only trust the individual to have a say when they hope that he has been sufficiently brainwashed by the Red ABC network and the press. They feel that he can then be manipulated to serve their purposes. Fortunately, however, increasing numbers of electors are starting to become de-hypnotised, and no longer do they believe all they hear or see. This is one of the more encouraging developments in these desperate days.


Regular readers will recall that Mr. David Harcourt, employed by Mr. Gordon Barton's Angus and Robertson, authored a book purporting to examine the small group of psychopathic characters who call themselves National Socialists. The book was the "flop" it deserved to be. Mr. Harcourt also contributes a page in Mr. Barton's sewer journal, Nation Review, which several of our supporters with strong stomachs read regularly in order to know what is happening in the political gutters. In Nation Review of May 11-17 Mr. Harcourt seeks to grapple with a problem increasingly worrying the Marxists and their dupes; the increasing circulation of Gary Allen's explosive book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

The central theme of Allen's book is that so far from Marxism being a working class movement, it has from the beginning been financed by powerful international financiers who see Marxism as the means of reaching the goal of all power-lusters down through the ages; the World State and all power in one set of hands at the top and graded down through a totalitarian structure.

The problem about the Allen book is its massive documentation and the fact that events are now openly confirming its central theme. If the Marxists launch a full-scale smear of the book, they will merely create a surge of increased sales by the publicity. But on the other hand they know that the book and the League's exposure brochure publicising the League are having an increasing impact particularly amongst students. Mr. David Harcourt has attempted to deal with the book by quoting a rather disparaging remark by Mr. William Buckley in his American National Review, which Mr. Harcourt describes as "one of the leading right wing publications in the US".

While thanking Mr. Harcourt for at least some publicity for None Dare Call It Conspiracy, (every little helps!) perhaps we could enlighten him about Mr. William Buckley. Mr. Buckley is a very able man and we have on occasions quoted from him. We also promoted his most valuable book, McCarthy and His Enemies. But Mr. Buckley has increasingly become what is now known as a "reputable anti-Communist". There are many of these in this country also. They are very strong on effects, but weak on causes.

The well-informed Washington Observer of May 15th provides the following item on Mr. Buckley's current activities:
"Henry Kissinger adroitly consummated the broad-sweeping Soviet-American trade agreement after all others had failed. American businessmen anxious to get in on the ground floor on the lucrative Soviet trade deal are beseeching Kissinger for help. Late last year pundit-hoaxer William F. Buckley and his brother invited Kissinger to lunch at New York's exclusive Metropolitan Club. The Buckley clan wants to get in on the $45 billion oil and gas deal with the Kremlin. The Buckleys control a worldwide combine of a dozen oil and gas exploration companies; the Buckley complex already includes invaluable options and concessions in the Alaskan North Slope and in Central Australia. The Buckley complex had plans under way to secure Federal funds for development when the U.S.-Soviet multibillion gas deal pushed them out of the picture. The Buckley combine would now like to utilize its technical know-how in exploiting the vast Siberian riches.
Recently Bill Buckley made an official 'cultural' tour of the Soviet Union as an adviser to the State Department. Buckley was lavish in his praise of Soviet 'culture'.

Mr. William Buckley's philosophy now appears to be "If you can't beat them, join them", while his open support for "pot", which he reportedly uses himself, has further helped to downgrade him in the eyes of American conservatives. Incidentally, Mr. Harcourt is associated with a new book edited by Professor Henry Mayer of the Sydney University. There is an article on the League of Rights by our old friends Mike Richards, and Max Edwards. The title of Mr. Harcourt's contribution sounds most fascinating. We are reliably informed that the book will be available shortly. It should prove yet another milestone in the advance of The Australian League of Rights!


Sydney Annual Dinner Tuesday, May 22.
Queensland Annual State Seminar and Dinner, June 2. Range Motel, Toowoomba. Book through Mrs. Jean Luscombe, Box 17 Alderley. Queensland, 4051. Speakers. Rev. A. Fellows and Eric D. Butler.
Murray (Victoria) Regional Dinner, Wednesday, May 30 at Numurkah. Contact T. Fielder, Numurkah, Principal speaker, Brigadier R. Eason.


"Agreement in principle has been reached on a trade pact between China and Australia, and a draft text exchanged. The agreement will be included in the communiqué to be drawn up when Australia's Minister for Trade, Dr. Cairns, meets the Chinese Foreign Trade Minister, Mr. Tai Hsiang-Kuo, tomorrow morning. The Chinese are expected to endorse the principle of long-term commodity agreement, but so far have shown specific interest only in wheat." - Gregory Clark from Peking in The Australian, May 15th.

Dr. Jim Cairns is playing a major role in forging the links between Australia, Red China, North Vietnam and other Communist nations. Red China clearly looks to Australia to provide valuable resources for an expanding economy. BHP is already supplying quantities of pig iron. Sir Ian McLennon, Chairman of BHP is quoted as saying that BHP would be interested in looking at joint ventures for shipping and shipbuilding with the Chinese. It is not so many years back when BHP prided itself upon being a supporter of anti-Communist movements. But just as Lenin predicted while the non-Communists doggedly adhere to present finance-economic policies, internal problems result in an exaggerated drive for exports that the Communists can exploit.
Red China could sink beneath the sea tomorrow without affecting one iota Australia's capacity to maintain a high standard of living.

It is interesting that while Dr. Jim Cairns, one of the leading campaigners against the French nuclear tests is in China to help the Red Chinese overcome their economic problems, his colleague Senator Lionel Murphy is at The Hague arguing against the French before the World Court. Australian Trade Unions have been swung behind Communist-inspired campaigning against the French testing, but not against Red Chinese nuclear tests. It is approximately 4,500 miles from Australia where the French will conduct their tests. It is also the same distance from Australia to where the Red Chinese conduct their tests!

Mr. Gregory Clark in his Australian report on the Cairns mission says that "It is understood Dr. Cairns will question the Chinese Premier, Chou En-lai" on Chinese nuclear testing. But of course there will be no economic boycotts of Red China. With a typical display of cynical hypocrisy, the Marxists are delighted to wreck Australia's trade with France while at the same time working to strengthen trade with Red China. We suggest that this point should be publicised as widely as possible.


"Nothing would please me better in the short run than to be able to do what President Nixon was able to do in America - an income and price freeze for six months and then increase it. But the Federal Government does not have such powers." Prime Minister Whitlam at the Premiers' Conference in Canberra, as reported in The Australian, May 11th.

The most incredible aspect of the growing inflation problem all over the world is that disastrous policies of failure are hailed as successes. The Nixon policy, the Trudeau policy and the Heath policy, graphically demonstrate that political labels do not matter any more. Mr. Whitlam the Socialist says he would be delighted to impose the policies of Republican Nixon. If Mr. Whitlam believes that these were successful, he must either be an ignoramus or he sees the controls as major steps towards creating the Socialist State.
The policy of wage and price controls can only, at best, slow down the inflation rate slightly while in the process creating conditions for a major inflation explosion later, as the Americans are finding to their consternation. Wage and price controls also create havoc in the free enterprise system.

It is clear that Mr. Whitlam is moving towards attempting to exploit the growing inflation crisis to first trying to stampede the States to agree to hand him price fixing powers, or, failing this, to condition the electors to grant the power at a referendum. The Chifley Government's 1948 prices referendum was solidly defeated, with the League of Rights playing a major role in opposing the proposal. But inflation was not so serious in 1948 as it is in 1973. The Federal Government has all the power it needs to start removing the cause of inflation. Inflation is a result of a financial policy, which is inherently inflationary. The Federal Government controls interest rates, taxation and credit policy. Prices can easily be subsidised downwards without price controls other than natural competition. (See A Programme for Reversing Inflation, 32 cents posted.)


Prime Minister Whitlam is getting around to the next policy in his extravagant style of Government; he is considering a personal plane similar to that used by the American President. He took a record entourage with him on his recent overseas tour, hiring a special plane for the trip. Under the McMahon Government, the annual cost of the personal staff of Ministers was $1 million. The Whitlam Government has already doubled this - and the costs are increasing. Mr. McMahon had 15 on his personal staff. Mr. Whitlam has 21, who are now costing the taxpayers $166,000 a year. Such is Socialist equalitarianism!
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159