Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

26 January 1973. Thought for the Week: "And having looked to Government for bread, on the very first scarcity they will turn and bite the hand that fed them."
Edmund Burke.


"Australia and New Zealand are to press for the inclusion of China in an Asian and Pacific mutual assistance organisation. The organisation could be the existing Asian and Pacific Council (Aspac), but only if Taiwan was replaced by China. The Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers disclosed this today in a communiqué and Press conference after two days of discussion between Mr. Whitlam and Mr. Kirk.
Australia. N.Z. and Japan - Aspac members who have recognised China - are embarrassed by Taiwan's membership in Aspac." - The Australian, January 23rd.

The hard-nosed men in Peking must be extremely pleased with the manner in which the Whitlam Government is developing a foreign policy which implies that Australia has nothing whatever to fear from Red China. While Canberra shows little enthusiasm for the problems of South Vietnam, Government spokesmen are active in a campaign designed to present North Vietnam as the innocent victim of unprovoked aggression by the U.S.A.
Labor Senator J. Wheeldon has been to North Vietnam at the invitation of the North Vietnam Peace Committee, an organisation sponsored by the Communist Government in Hanoi. The invitation to Senator Wheeldon and his colleagues was extended through the Sydney-based Association for International Co-operation and Disarmament, to "study" the extent of the damage of recent American bombing. There is no suggestion that a study is to be made of the results of Communist terror in South Vietnam.

Making use of the Australian passport, which Prime Minister Whitlam so thoughtfully rushed to him immediately following the Federal Elections, the Communist propagandist Mr. Wilfred Burchett is returning to Australia next week for a four-week lecture tour. Mr. Burchett is going to show a film on the effects of American bombing in North Vietnam. His tour is being sponsored by the Association for International Co-operation and Disarmament. The Communist press will, of course, be featuring Mr. Burchett, while the daily press will generally continue to refer to him only as "the Australian journalist", with no stress on his long service to the cause of International Communism.

Southern Africa is one of the Free World's major front lines, which is the reason it is being subject to increasing pressure from the north by terrorist guerrillas backed by Red China. Rhodesia is fighting for survival against the Red Chinese strategy, while Canberra sides with Peking by attempting to apply increasing pressure on Rhodesia. The Association for International Co-operation and Disarmament is permitted to flood Australia with pro-Communist propaganda while the Sydney based Rhodesian information Centre, representing a country, which is threatening no one, is marked down for destruction by Mr. Whitlam "if he is permitted to get away with it".

Suffering from the same disastrous drought conditions now affecting large areas of Australia, Rhodesia has even been cut off from Australian wheat. A number of the Government's Members, Mr. Kim Beazley, Mr. G, Duthie, Mr. Frank Crean, to name only three, term themselves Christians. We would be interested to learn how they can attempt to justify the Whitlam Government's whitewashing of Peking while at the same time lending support to the mounting international campaign against Rhodesia, the Portuguese Territories and South Africa.
Opening Zambia's Parliament on January 10th, President Kaunda, who provides a base for Communist backed terrorists, said he "warmly welcomed" the policies of the new Australian and New Zealand Governments on Southern Africa.


"Two Victorian doctors have resigned from the Australian Medical Association in protest against its political policies. They are Dr. Mervyn Jacobson, 30, secretary of the General Practitioners' Society, and Dr. John Meyer, 38, member of the A.M.A.'s committee on GP's. Both said the controversial nursing homes admissions issue was "the last straw." - The Herald, Melbourne, January 23rd.

Over many years of experience we have noticed that the officials of organisations, particularly those who have held their positions for a long rime, during which they have established personal relationships with Government officials, invariably adopt an attitude of compromise when the rights of their members are threatened by Government policies. But it appears that perhaps a refreshing change to the general rule is being provided by those responsible for the General Practitioners' Society.

An increasing number of members of the AMA have been resigning because of what one former member described as the AMA's "political incompetence." They are turning to the General Practitioners' Society. As in every section of society, there are good and bad doctors. But socialised medicine, which breaks the intimate private doctor-patient relationship, is a major step towards creating the complete totalitarian State. And doctors, particularly the general practitioners, who are closest to the people, should be encouraged to resist increasing control by a centralised bureaucracy. While inflation continues, doctors must continue to increase their fees. Blaming the doctors is a destructive policy.

Under new provisions of the federal health scheme introduced on January 1st, patients cannot be admitted to nursing homes without a NH5 application form. Part of the form is filled in by the patient or a responsible relative and the other part by the patient's doctor. The form then has to be approved by a Health Department medical officer. If approved and admitted to a home, the patient is then entitled to special Commonwealth benefits. Doctors generally are opposed to an officer of the Health Department, who cannot possibly know the patient personally, having the last say on whether or not a patient is admitted to a nursing home.

Like the GPs the AMA disagrees with the NH5 form, but the General Practitioners' Society refuses to adopt the AMA policy of compromising by signing the form. Dr. Jacobson says, "We believe this new nursing home admission threatens the patient's liberty and the professional rights of doctors. The GPs society stand is that doctors should not sign the form at all. The AMA advice is to sign the form but not to wait for government approval."

The General Practitioners' Society spokesmen state that they are prepared to resist the Federal Government right through to the High Court. The Minister for Social Services, Mr. Hayden, has hit back with some harsh criticism of nursing home "rackets". These no doubt exist, but the Socialists must not be allowed to magnify these in order to obscure the fundamental issue upon which the General Practitioners' Society is making its stand. And if Mr. Hayden is really interested in "rackets', what about those which Governments operate at the expense of the whole community?


America will exert less influence on world affairs, President Nixon said yesterday. And he told the nation the Vietnam War was ending. The President was speaking after being sworn in for another four years… In what was an official declaration of the end of the Cold War, Mr. Nixon became the first American President to endorse as a matter of American policy the principle of co-existence with the Communist world." - Peter Costigan from Washington, in The Sun, Melbourne, January 22nd.

Those who have read Gary Allen's None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask will not be surprised that President Nixon is the man who has formally announced victory for the Communist principle of "peaceful co-existence". But the Marxists do not see the Cold War as coming to an end. Their co-ordinated activities are worldwide, with increased subversion high on their priority list.

Continuing inflation is the greatest asset the Marxists have in eroding social stability in the non-Communist nations. While smearing those who offer a constructive solution to the inflation problem, they also use the Trade Unions where possible to mislead trade unionists into further destructive strikes for increased wages, which are quickly absorbed by higher prices. The Nixon defeatist address highlights as never before the urgent necessity for Australia to have a defence programme which may provide a chance of national survival in the critical days ahead. A much greater spirit of national self-reliance must be created. And this can only be achieved by the regenerating of those principles and that faith upon which the Australian nation was erected.


"Sydney - 'There's no hope for the Common Market', British actor Robert Morley said at Sydney airport yesterday. 'It is strictly another groundnut scheme. I'll give it five years - most people give it four but I've always been an optimist." - The Advertiser, Adelaide, January 11th.

Mr. Morley's robust comments on the Common Market have not been as widely reported in Australia as they might have been. The groundnut scheme he refers to was the brainchild of John Strachey and his Fabian Socialist colleagues in the first British Labor Government after the Second World War. This grandiose scheme for solving the British food shortage was attempted in East Africa. Tens of millions of pounds were poured into the project, which ended in disaster. It was a major scandal.

The Common Market is the product of the same type of minds, which produced the groundnut fiasco. While British traitor Edward Heath has been painting a glowing picture of the Europe the British are supposed to be entering, the Common Market is generating increasingly explosive problems. Betraying his own pre-election pledges, Heath is increasing his Marxist wages and prices freeze in a futile attempt to halt continuing inflation. Mr. Enoch Powell has predicted that Mr. Heath's further controls were destined to end in the same "ridicule and failure" as earlier controls.

Further enormous damage will be suffered by all the Western European peoples as the insane power men attempt to make-work that which is unworkable. But providing a complete break down does not permit a Communist take-over, the British peoples can once again save themselves by their own efforts and the rest of Europe by their example.


In an interview with Robert Murray, published in The Australian Financial Review of January 12. Mr. R. J. Southey, Federal President of the Australian Liberal Party felt it necessary to criticise The League of Rights. On January 19, the National Director of the League Mr. Eric Butler sent the following letter to the Financial Review.

"Mr. Robert Murray's report, 'The Liberals Observed', in your issue of January 12, quotes the Federal President of the Liberal Party, Mr. R. J. Southey, as saying, 'The Liberal Party strongly disapproves of what the League of Rights stands for.' "Assuming that Mr. Southey knows what he is talking about, his statement is of vital significance and confirms what many anti-Socialists have feared about the Liberal Party for some time. The following are the League of Rights' basic objectives, of which the Liberal Party 'strongly disapproves':
"To promote loyalty to the Christian concept of God and freedom.
To promote loyalty to the Crown and the monarchial system of government.
To defend the Federal system of Government in Australia and to oppose all policies of centralisation threatening that system.
To defend the division of political power by the bicameral system of government.
To support the free enterprise economy and the institution of private property.
To oppose all forms of totalitarianism, particularly Marxism.

"Mr. Southey is also reported as saying, 'I am grateful we have not had the problems the Country Party had with them (the League of Rights)". The only 'problems' the Country Party had with the League was that the League supporters in the Country Party suggested that the politicians of that party might attempt to implement their own stated policies. I agree that it is most embarrassing for any political party to be constantly reminded of departure from its own stated principles!

"Early in its history the Liberal Party issued an excellent statement of principles entitled 'We Believe'. The League of Rights has encouraged the distribution of this statement, primarily because the principles outlined are fundamentally the same as those supported by the League of Rights. But now Mr. Southey informs the Australian people that the Liberal Party is against those principles. This frank admission should be widely noted. It would suggest that there does not seem to be much point in re-electing a Liberal Party Government when there is a Labor Government honestly and openly working to completely socialise Australia." It may be, of course, that Mr. Southey is one of those gullible people content to echo the carefully promoted "neo-fascist" smear against the League of Rights. One of the major sources of this smear is the Marxist movement in Australia, as witnessed by the recent Communist Party of Australia publication, Fascism - A Menace in Australia? which lists the League of Rights as "the most dangerous" "fascist menace in Australia".
Mr. Mike Richards of Age articles fame is quoted with approval.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159