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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

22 June 1973. Thought for the Week: "...history is full of real surrenders of nations too weak to assert themselves, too naive to understand political reality and international life, too spoiled by a good life and loose morals to muster the strength to discipline themselves, to face and defeat their enemies and set their house in order. In most cases, there was no formal surrender. There was simply no longer the will to live, the determination to fight, the pride to assert one's identity against foreign enemies, the noble ambition to be worthy of the ancestors and the responsibility to prepare a better future for the coming generation."
Dr. Slobodan M. Draskovich in Will America Surrender?


"So how does Brezhnev pay for the goods he wants from Nixon, the same goods Nixon enthusiastically wants to sell him to help balance American trade accounts? The answer simply is the good old never-never method of finance." - Peter Costigan from Washington in The Herald, Melbourne, June 16th.

In spite of the Watergate scandal, almost certainly planned to discredit what remains of American morale, the Soviet Communist leader can only exert his influence over President Nixon because of the treachery in high places inside the United States. Brezhnev desperately requires not only American grain and other foodstuffs, but also vast quantities of American industrial production. He also needs American know-how.

If the American policy makers were genuinely anti-Communist, determined to force the Soviet thugs to loosen their stranglehold on the Captive Nations, they would be telling Mr. Brezhnev that the price of the economic aid he seeks was increasing liberation for his victims. But those responsible for credit policy are already indicating that they will continue to ensure that adequate economic aid is financed to ensure that the Soviet Empire does not collapse.

Having sold his soul many years ago, President Nixon is in no position to offer any effective resistance to the Big Idea. The ultimate objective of the Big Idea is World Government, the ultimate aim of every power-luster since Alexander the Great. There is no realistic reason why the United Stated should provide the Soviet Union with one dollar of economic aid. It is only the black magic of Keynesian finance-economics, with never-ending inflation, which makes it appear inevitable that the only way to overcome internal financial problems is by financing increasing quantities of production to the Communists, even if only on credit.
The situation is exactly as predicted many years ago by Lenin, the Communist leader who learned so much from his blood brothers, the Fabian Socialists.

The open financing of the Soviet Empire - and now the Red Chinese - by those who dictate the credit policies of the United States and other Western nations, strikingly confirms the central thesis of Gary Allen's best-selling work, None Dare Call It Conspiracy. It is not only the international financial groups who resent the exposure of their role in the conspiracy against Civilisation; their arrogant Socialist dupes also show their venom when their hypocrisy is revealed. A case history is provided by one of Mr. Gough Whitlam's brightest academics, Mr. Chris Hurford, Federal M.P. for Adelaide. It was Mr. Hurford who attempted to debate Mr. Eric Butler before the ABC's television cameras in Adelaide in 1971, quoting Ken Gott's little hate book, Voices of Hate, which he insisted was "readily available". But he was never able to supply Mr. Butler with the order immediately placed with him!

Mr. Hurford has commented on the brochure advertising None Dare Call It Conspiracy: "I can assure you, from my personal knowledge and experience, the serious allegations made in the brochure you sent me... are not only false but totally absurd. I am afraid that there are people, sick in mind, who always sees issues in terms of conspiracies. I personally will be deemed to be part of their conspiracy because I studied for an Economic Degree at the London School of Economics.... We are all trying to achieve a better world. However, the sort of hatred and nonsense thrown up by the League of Rights and similarly sick organisations do nothing but hinder this. It is an imperfect world. Nothing is easy. Certainly International Monetary relations are terribly difficult, but I can tell you that the world would be in a bigger mess if it were not for the International Monetary Fund."

It is instructive to have Fabian Socialist Hurford eulogizing the International Monetary Fund, one of the brain-child's of the top secret Soviet agent in the U.S.A., Harry Dexter White of the American Treasury Department. White understood the power of credit creation and control. He looked forward to the use of credit power to finance the expansion of International Communism. If alive today he would be delighted with the spectacle of America's great economic strength being sapped to support the Communist Empire. But the Hurfords see no conspiracy in all this. Presumably the Communist agent Harry Dexter White and others just happened by chance to hold the vital positions they did in the United States! And all have been striving for a "better world". The result of this "striving" is mounting social disorder.


"The Federal Treasurer, Mr. Crean, said last night that Labor's major election promises would be honoured, and that he would not increase taxes to pay for them." - The Australian, June 19th.

Speaking to the N.S.W. division of the Australian Institute of Management. Mr. Crean admitted:- "In the next month or so therefore, the Australian Government is going to be faced with the crunch on Budget strategy." How right he is! We shall be intrigued to observe Mr. Crean's Budget strategy.

With inflation pulling ahead strongly some "brake" (under accepted economic procedures) must be applied. If Mr. Crean does stick to his guns… and does not increase taxation, then this will have no other meaning than an intention, on the part of the Government to allow inflation to pull away still further. If the Governments election promises are still to be fulfilled then in our opinion, another deficit Budget is imminent; and this can have only one sure end result; an exacerbation of the already mounting inflation rate.

If this does happen, this will mean that the Socialists at Canberra are deliberately set upon a course of record levels of inflation with the view to using the inevitable "crisis" situation as a justification for further "controls" of the Australian economy. This could mean a new "powers" referendum; the reasons being advanced from Canberra being those to the effect that the States are unable to deal with the "crisis" at their own limited level, and therefore the Commonwealth must deal with this same "crisis" on a national level. Pretty risky stuff, we feel. It could backfire against Messrs. Whitlam and Crean.

An effective Opposition, if there were one, under an effective Leader of the Opposition, if there were one, could score heavily from such a situation, and inflict many damaging political thrusts against the Government. We won't have long to wait to see the play begin.


"Legal advisers to the British and Commonwealth Secretary, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, have told him that the Australian States have 'every legal right' to take their case against the Federal Government to the Privy Council." - The Australian, June 13th.

The first round goes to the States, in the States' rights contest. This does not mean the end of the contest; just the end of the first round. But, as The Australian remarked, "it is a blow to the Whitlam Government, which has contended that the offshore rights, and States' rights issues are no concern of Britain."

The Socialist planners at Canberra will now have to re-draw their strategy to overcome this rebuff, and at the moment it looks as though "it's back to the drawing board" for Senator Murphy and Mr. Whitlam, and their colleagues. This is rather difficult for them, as they were obviously pinning their hopes and strategy upon this slick plan to by-pass a referendum on the issue. Now it would appear that a referendum must be met head-on, with considerable risk. Australians are more than chary of handing power away; and rightly so. But one thing is certain; the devious mind of Senator Murphy will be ranging over all the legal possibilities to discover a method of by-passing the Australian Constitution in order that political power be centralised at Canberra.


"Attacks on the Federal Opposition Leader, Mr. Snedden, from within the Liberal Party are starting to mount, according to the former Prime Minister, Mr. Gorton." - The Australian. June 14th.

This does not surprise us, of course; Mr. Snedden's "image" as a Leader of the Opposition is about as lamentable as any Leader could have. His appearances on T.V. are so bad that they border on the hilarious. Truly, Mr. Snedden must be one of Mr. Gough Whitlam's greatest political assets! What a deplorable situation this is. There seems no doubt that hope springs eternal in the human breast. Having tested the ultimate power of Australian politics, Mr. Gorton would not be a human being if he did not dream of its return to him.

But Mr. Gorton has had his chance; he was tried in the balance, and found wanting. With his soul mate, Mr. D. J. Killen, he has become very "mod". He is using the "with it" terminology - ("there were still some troglodyte (cave-dweller) members of the Liberal Party) very smart, very clever; sure to win a few votes from the smart set in the Young Libs and in the electorate as a whole. Mr. Snedden anyway, is showing that he is no "troglodyte", because he is off to Peking to brief himself on the "new situation". This is Realpolitik stuff; Willy Brandt would be proud of him.

The "trendy" Liberals are being as pragmatic as they can be, as they consider that this is the door through which they will return to power. But the "door of pragmatism" opens onto a corridor that runs only to the Left and leads to the cul-de-sacs of Socialism. Mr. Gorton is still the old "leopard" - he hasn't changed his spots. The centralism still comes through. He said: - . . . "we have got to stop talking about States' rights and States' sovereignty and say - 'we're all for them if they don't interfere'."

So there we have it; the really fancy double-talk! Mr. Gorton and his followers are great friends of the States if only those same States did not object to having their throats cut. Indeed, how dare they interfere to save their own lives! None of this nonsense about decentralisation of government for Mr. Gorton; more tragic evidence that political parties offer no hope at all in the protection of our societies against the totalitarianism.


As we go to press supporters are still forwarding their last-minute donations to the League's Basic Fund of $25,000. During his recent tour of New South Wales and Southern Queensland, which was highly successful, time and time again Mr. Butler had contributions pressed into his hand with the remark, "I hope this is not too late. I have been meaning to send it for months." Early this week Mr. Butler was in Gippsland and had the same experience, when a supporter wrote a cheque for $25. The total Fund now stands at $26,576. The League's total expenditure for the 1972-73 financial year was easily the biggest on record, much of it connected with the Federal Elections.

Literature sales continue to mount. A record number of new League publications were produced. We thank those who responded so magnificently to the Basic Fund, but urge that all pledges outstanding be met as soon as possible. As only a minority of supporters contributed, there is no reason why there should be any problems financing the League's ambitious programme of the coming critical years. Although the 1972-73 Basic Fund is now closed, any further contributions will be welcomed.


"Villagers in Papua-New Guinea's highlands are stockpiling weapons in preparation for independence, a Government committee reported yesterday." - The Age (Melbourne), June 19th.

Many of our readers will recall the terrifying episodes, which took place in the Belgian Congo, in 1960, after it was granted 'independence'. Massacres, rapes, mutinies, cannibalism - a cauldron of evil. The pressure that was brought to bear upon Belgium from various sources to grant premature independence to the Congo is a story in itself. This was followed by the appalling Katanga 'United nations' action during which United Nations soldiers perpetrated unspeakable atrocities against the native population.

The same Government committee now reports that fighting and lawlessness are increasing in those areas in the highland where the Western system of law and order was losing influence. This is the African story all over again. In those areas where the European system of law and order is removed, a reversion to tribalism takes place. There is ample evidence that many groups of natives are buying weapons in order to "make a killing" (literally and metaphorically) when independence comes. Our opinion is that New Guinea could develop into our Congo if the independence situation is mishandled. And the Communists are waiting expectantly to exploit the situation, just as they have exploited the African situation.


Major Factors Causing Deficiency of Purchasing Power

At one time all Socialists insisted that industry does distribute adequate purchasing power to buy its own production, and that the problem was that the "greedy rich" had too much purchasing power, leaving insufficient for others. The solution was therefore to use the power of government to take from the rich and give to those with insufficient purchasing power.
Whilst this argument is still often used, generally for crude propaganda purposes, Keynesian (Fabian Socialist) financial and economic teachings stress the importance of financial "pump-priming" by governments to make the economy work. This means increasing governmental activities, with a progressive undermining of the private enterprise system as it becomes directly and indirectly dependent upon government-financed activities to survive.
Keynesian financial and economic teachings dominate in most Western universities today, and in practice is a major contribution to the worldwide Marxist advance.
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