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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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3 August 1973. Thought for the Week: "The Christian is advised that affairs of State are separate and no place to interfere. What rubbish! William Barclay has made it cleat that there are no major issues facing society today which are not moral issues, and he includes such issues as industrial disputes and inflation along with others like abortion or pornography."
Stand Up and Be Counted, by Dr. J. H. Court and H. Caterer.


Mr. Eric Butler has been studying the European Common Market in action. The following report shows he is not impressed.

"Nuremberg - There is no longer any argument that the ultimate concept of the master-minds behind the European Economic Community is a United States of Europe. The concept is not very original. The famous Communist leader Leon Trotsky strongly advocated it. Napoleon also attempted to create a "united" Europe. Adolf Hitler was another enthusiast for the concept. I am writing this report from where Hitler's principal surviving associates were found guilty of "crimes against humanity!" Most of them were hanged. But perhaps it was symbolic of where real power resides when Hitler's top financial adviser, Dr. Schacht, an old friend of the notorious Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman, escaped with a comparatively minor prison sentence which was subsequently reduced.

"Arriving in a United Kingdom which had technically joined the E.E.C. since I visited it last year, I was immediately shaken by the drastic increase in food prices. British anti-marketeers had predicted exactly what would happen if Prime Minister Edward Heath succeeded in defying British public opinion and attempted to take the British into the E.E.C. I learned in Rhodesia that Edward Heath is so obsessed by the E.E.C. that he wants to rid himself of every other question. Like all men obsessed with a concept divorced from reality, Mr. Edward Heath stolidly refuses to admit that his policies have anything to do with astronomical price increases. These increases are merely "coincidental" and part of a worldwide "trend".

"If I was shaken by Mr. Heath's prices, those charged in Willi Brandt's West Germany have made me wonder just how much longer the West Germans can stand the "economic miracle" the world has been hearing so much about! Drinking a cup of coffee is like a form of minor financial bloodletting. The value of the Deutsch Mark keeps disappearing while one looks at it; and the same disastrous inflation is now producing a major financial crisis in every E.E.C. nation. One has to refer to the "separate nations" of the E.E.C. because that is the reality, - a reality brought home to me in a most vivid form at the very centre of the E.E.C., Brussels, when I watched the colourful display in the famous square as Belgium's national day was being celebrated. To highlight the occasion the gendarmes hustled off the Communist who insisted on singing The Internationale. I felt that this Communist demonstrator was merely trying to be logical about the E.E.C. concept!

"'Integration' and 'harmonisation' are the two major 'in' words used by the Eurocrats in Brussels. But the friction between the French-speaking and Flemish-speaking students at the famous University of Louvain near Brussels has become so bad that a separate University is being built for the French-speaking Belgians. The French have insisted in going ahead with their nuclear tests, determined to have some military independence, in spite of protests from their fellow members of the E.E.C. There is mounting controversy concerning a 'harmonised' farm policy for the E.E.C.; and on top of all this is the mounting inflation. As in the U.S.A. interest rates in West Germany are now at a record high level. But the 'experts' openly admit that they do not anticipate any improvement in the inflation rate. It is being pointed out that the Heath Government produced record unemployment while inflation continued - A major disaster looms in all E.E.C. countries.

Only a short distance away the armed forces of the Soviet wait. But the Soviet strategists are relying primarily upon economic developments to help them further the Big Idea. One of the main actors in advancing the Big Idea of the World State is Dr. Henry Kissinger. As I looked at the hall where the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi leaders took place. I pondered on the fact that only a few miles away is Henry Kissinger's birthplace. Further Kissinger and his spiritual associates are attempting to succeed with centralisation where Hitler failed. Just as Hitler's centralisation ended in disaster for all Europeans, so will the attempted centralisation through the E.E.C. end in disaster One can only hope that the disaster will not prove fatal for Civilisation." (End of report)


A group of the most senior civil servants in Britain's Common Market mission in Brussels say that, all the evidence of seven months membership suggests that the E.E.C. is a disaster for Britain. - The Australian, 30th July.

The substance of a report from the civil servants to the British Government is that they foresee a situation in which the British economy goes on subsidising Common Market partners who will disgorge little or nothing in return. It is significant that this report has been received with hostility by other civil servants in London, who accuse those who prepared the report of being "unable to see the wood for the trees." An inability to see the wood for the white ants seems nearer the truth.

But the report compliments a fierce and growing revulsion in the British electorate that threatens some explosive developments in future electoral clashes, and lies already resulted in overwhelming defeat for the Conservatives in two by-elections this week. It was significant that the electoral swing did not favour the opposition Labor Party but was captured by the minority Liberal party. Commentators are consequently lauding the "small 'l' philosophy" as the in trend politically, just as the Liberal Party in Australia - traditionally, a conservative party and a different kettle of fish from Jeremy Thorpe's amorphous party in Britain - is being suckered into the same trap. The truth is that the vote in the English by-elections is a vigorous rejection of parties that they cannot and dare not trust any longer, rather than an acceptance of the small l " liberal approach.


"The Federal Labor Governments support is almost back to what it was at the December election, according to the latest Gallup Poll. " - The Sun. 30th July.

It is significant that this poll, over 2076 people, was held before the tariff cuts on July 19th, and before the June quarter consumer price index rise, which showed an annual rate of inflation now running at over 13% was announced. Surely it does not take over a fortnight before the Opinions of 2000 people is made public?

Publicity efforts are projecting the small "l" philosophy of the Victorian Liberals as the new answer to the A.L.P. The newly elected president of the Victorian Liberal Party was quoted in The Australian, 30th July. as saying "It's right to say this is very much a small 'l' party.The Victorian Liberals aim to break completely from the Country Party against the advice of Sir Robert Menzies, who recently advocated the retention of the coalition. First steps have already been taken with the relegation of Senator Webster on the joint Lib-C.P. ticket for the next Senate election. It is also proposed to field Liberal candidates in all C.P. held seats in Victoria."

The same paper quoted Mr. Anthony as warning that this "carries the threat of provoking the Country Party into retaliation." But the Country Party has been doing a little devious intrigue on its own account, and in the by-election for the Legislative Council in the Southern Division in South Australia, to be held on August 11th the Country Party is directing its preferences away from the traditional coalition voice in that State, The Liberal -Country-League, to the Liberal Movement, along with the Australia Party. The Liberal Movement is the small "l" breakaway, which, after tense power maneuvers within the LCL was ousted to become a new party.
Before the leader of the Liberal Movement former Premier Steele-Hall, left the LCL. enough harm had been done to ensure a lengthy stay in office for the Labor Party under the left-wing Premier Dunstan.

Sir Robert Menzies, Mr. Anthony, Mr. Snedden and other Opposition spokesmen can't be assured than the contempt the Conservative Party in Britain is receiving from the electorate will be felt in Australia also, as far as the Opposition is concerned if it fails to stand firmly on principle. All the talk on amalgamations new groupings, and other combinations of political bodies will avail nothing unless a genuine alternative to socialistic-centralisation is propounded first.

If opinion polls indicate anything, it is usually a negative indication. The increased support for the A.L.P. is in reality an electoral rejection of the nauseating breast-beating and equivocation so apparent in the antics of the Opposition during recent weeks. A message needs to go out to all Opposition spokesmen and representatives loudly and clearly - Give Australians a genuine alternative; show, when you talk of decentralisation that you mean the decentralisation of power; defend Australia's Constitution and symbols - the Crown, the Flag, our rule of law and divided system of government; admit that the A.L.P.s savage attack on responsible government has been made so much easier by your own policies of centralism over 23 years; make up your minds that an all-powerful government in Canberra would be a disaster for all Australians; commit yourselves to ensuring that the odious and tragic situation, described by Senator Webster recently when he admitted that many Liberal and Country Party representatives had voted for issues they personally opposed, should never happen again. In short, give us what is really not so much to ask for, but which is sadly lacking in the world, some honest representation.

There will be little need for high-powered P.R. firms to improve your image. The average Australian can recognise and would welcome a little honesty, and in the long run it pays political dividends.


The Australian Country Parry in Queensland is planning to take direct action to rid itself of "subversive" members of the League of Rights and other organisations. Chairman of the Goondiwindi branch and a member of the party's Management Committee, Mr. Rod Cameron, said this on his return from the State conference held in Townsville." - The Goondiwindi Argus, 21st June.

Like Rip Van Winkle, Mr. Cameron appears to have finally woken up to events, which passed him by almost two years ago. At that time the then Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Country Party Mr. Doug Anthony, fell into a political booby-trap originally triggered by the left-wing Clyde Cameron, and accused the League of Rights of being anti-semitic and pro Nazi. This sparked off a national confrontation between the Country Party and the League of Rights which hit the headlines in all States.

Much controversy surrounded a "secret document" prepared by the Federal Executive of the Country Party, which it was claimed "documented" the charges against the League. The secret document proved to be a re-hash of dated and inaccurate material originally peddled by the Communist Party and a few left-wingers.

Great embarrassment and confusion reigned within the Country Party ranks when it became apparent that it was merely giving impetus to left-wing muck. Statements were issued that the document had never been circulated, which generated further embarrassment when a number of Country Party branch members claimed that they had seen it. In southern Queensland very large public meetings in Toowoomba, Dalby and Kingaroy passed resolutions demanding that the Country Party disassociate itself from the smears on the League of Rights.

But the quixotic Mr. Cameron, lagging well behind the chase, has only just seen the quarry. He has unearthed all the tired old clichés - the League is anti-semitc, pro-fascist, subversive and dangerous. He has made some other incredible assertions; one being that he has "replaced a known member of the League on the State Management Committee". There has never been a member of the League of Rights on the State Management Committee of the Country Party, and if this is a sample of Mr. Cameron's "disclosures" he hasn't the right to be taken seriously.

Even more incredible is Mr. Cameron's assertion that the League of Rights was responsible for the visit of Mr. Whitlam to Dirranbandi, in southern Queensland last year. This is political romancing at its most acrimonious level. After claiming that League members were reluctant to come out into the open and debate, Mr. Cameron accepted a challenge from Mr. Jeremy Lee, State Director of the League in Queensland, to debate the charges Mr. Cameron had made. The Argus of July 19th reported keen interest, and an anticipated crowd of 500. However, Mr. Cameron's apparent keenness to debate must be questioned in the light of the conditions he has stipulated. Firstly, he requires a written guarantee, signed by both Mr. Lee and the League's National Director, Mr. Eric Butler that there will be no legal action arising our of political facts adduced by the debate secondly, that the debate be limited to the title, "That the Australian League of Rights, with its various fronts, is neither capable of nor suitable to govern Australia"; and thirdly, that the League of Rights, as an acknowledgement of Mr. Cameron's willingness to debate, "desist from its present excursions into and against the Country Party and put its professed anti-communism to work by moving instead against the A.L.P.".

As Mr. Cameron's conditions require an admission by the League to a situation which has nothing to do with the real truth, Mr. Lee has rejected Mr. Cameron's conditions, and insisted that the debate be held to Mr. Cameron's charges against the League, with no escape clauses, and an independent chairman. The debate, at this stage tentatively set for August 17th in Goondiwindi, now depends on Mr. Cameron's answer. Whatever it is, the League will be ensuring that the people of Goondiwindi have the opportunity to hear both sides of the question in the near future.

We suspect that Mr. Cameron's last condition contains the real motive for his attack on the League; the League of Rights has consistently set forth the large discrepancy between the Country Party's platform, which is excellent, and its performance, which is dismal, and in many cases a betrayal of its stated beliefs. The League will continue its criticism of all parties until there is an honest change, whether Mr. Cameron likes it or not.


A basic feature of the Marxist war against the free society and the free enterprise system is the claim that class warfare is "inevitable", that conflict is inherent in the free enterprise system. The quite unnecessary conflict between the employer and the employee is a major contribution to Marxist strategy. The Marxists foster this in many ways. They encourage wage earners to scorn, not only their "capitalist bosses", but also the "wealthy land-owners", who are charged with charging excessive prices for food. They point to examples of farmers dying and how their assets have been valued for death duties at perhaps hundreds of thousands-of dollars. No mention is made of the fact that the farmers' assets, built up over a lifetime of work, have been inflated in value by progressive inflation, that against these assets he probably has substantial debts, and that the imposition of death duties, a most immoral and Marxist type of tax, may force the farmer's descendents either to sell the property to meet the death duties, or to go further into debt.
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