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Edmund Burke
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On Target

10 August 1973. Thought for the Week "The most absurd claim of all ... is that Christ was a Socialist ... Christ's denunciation of wealth is not Socialism. 'Sell that thou hast and give to the poor' was His advice to a rich man. This is not Socialism, but anarchism and social suicide, for the wholesale distribution of alms is a 'remedy more deadly than the disease' … Socialism on the contrary, is the appreciation of the things of this world and the endeavour to make a paradise here ... Christianity. is the wry antithesis of Socialism."
From a pamphlet "Socialism and Religion" printed by the Socialist Party of Great Britain in 1911. (The Socialist Network, by N.H. Webster)


Mr. Eric Butler provides the following first-hand report of a Western Europe fearful of the consequences of the Brezhnev-Nixon agreements and the current Helsinki "security" conference.

"VIENNA: This famous city has been described as one which thrives on the glittering memories of a time when it was the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the centre of one of the high-water marks of European culture. But it also preserves other more recent and unpleasant memories. One of the most dominating statues in Vienna is that of the Russian soldier. Before leaving Austria, primarily for long-term strategic purposes after ten years of occupation raping and looting, the Soviet insisted that the statue of the Russian soldier must remain. I asked a cultured young Austrian how it was that the statue was still standing.

"Because." he replied, "It is a constant reminder of what we suffered under 130,000 Soviet troops." Later he explained with deep intensity why the Austrians also preserved the plaque of Stalin on the building in Vienna, which Stalin had lived in before the First World War. "After Khrushchev had exposed Stalin's crimes, we received a telegram from Moscow authorising us to take the Stalin plaque down. But we have left it there to remind us of that b-- --y butcher. And so, perhaps, centuries from now, when there is no more Communist threat, and when even in Russia there is no record of Stalin, people will be able to come here from all over the world and see what the b---- d actually looked like."

"Because they suffered under Soviet domination for 10 years, during which time the Soviet systematically stripped the country of everything of value, and because they border the Communist Empire, the Austrians are extremely sensitive about the Communist threat. Shortly after the Soviet retreat from Austria came the 1956 Hungarian uprising, with Vienna becoming the major transit centre for the tens of thousands of Hungarian refugees who managed to escape across the Austro-Hungarian border.

Another stream of refugees, from Czechoslovakia, flooded into Austria in 1968 when the 'moderate' Brezhnev occupied Czechoslovakia in a massive display of military strength which dramatically demonstrated to the Western Europeans that NATO was a most doubtful shield against Soviet pressure. It is generally agreed that the Soviet bloc forces could, in the absence of the use of nuclear weapons; by Nato forces reach the English Channel in 3-4 days. But as the famous British military writer, General J.F. Fuller pointed out many years ago Soviet long-term strategy against Western Europe was not based upon a conventional military assault, but upon a consolidation of Soviet power in the countries invaded during and after the Second World War, and an increasing Soviet political and psychological pressure upon neighboring Western European nations until such time as their internal problems made closer co-operation with the Soviet 'inevitable'.
Those internal problems accelerating inflation and its destructive consequences now dominating all other problems in Western Europe are at flash point.

"Not only has inflation and the ever increasing international monetary crisis suddenly cut back the American tourist trade in Western Europe, but it is assisting to further the growing American policy of reducing United States military strength in Western Europe. One result of this is the increasing use of the term 'Finlandisation" by Western Europeans. Finland is an example of a non-Communist nation which has been effectively neutralised' by the Soviet. It is non-Communist, but it has, since the end of the Second World War, been virtually tied to the Soviet Union on all major international issues.
Many Western Europeans fear that as a result of the talks significantly being held in the Finnish capital Helsinki, they are being doomed to the same fate.

A major part of the French determination to possess their own nuclear weapons stems from a fear that Washington would never use their nuclear weapons to defend Western Europe. But no form of military defence can of itself save a Western Europe so obviously disintegrating internally. The insanity of the Common Market programme merely accelerates the disintegration, and forces closer economic links with the Soviet Union. The only answer to the threat to what remains of Western Civilisation is for one nation to reverse the finance economic policies fanning the flames of revolution. If the British can ensure that they do not become too enmeshed in the Common Market madness, and assert their traditional spirit of independence, they can once again save themselves by their own exertions, and Western Europe by their example.

But writing from here in Vienna, it is clear that Western Europe faces - as does the whole world - dark and perilous days ahead. Events are exposing the empty promises of the politicians and their shadowy masters, who have... for over a quarter of a century, been boasting of the Brave New World they were creating. Now the harsh reality emerges, illuminated by the fierce light of unfolding events.


"A newsletter co-edited by William McMahon's former Press Secretary, Jonathan Gaul, claims that the Government has been trying to pressure one of Australia's best-known foreign affairs commentators to get him no shut up. He is Dennis Warner, veteran columnist for a number of Australian and overseas publications. Mr. Warner, who lives at Mornington, Victoria, when he is not travelling overseas, is generally regarded as conservative " - The Australian, 7th August.

The article reveals a most unsavoury situation. Mr. Warner, whose observations on the objectives of the Provisional Revolutionary Government in Vietnam were quoted in a recent On Target, is alleged to have been told by one senior Labor Cabinet Minister on a social gathering "We will fix you." In a further threat the minister concerned extended his warning to an inclusion of Mr. Warner's daughter, who is a member of Australia's diplomatic service. The newsletter Objective, quoted by the Australian went on:
'Warner's telephone may be tapped, and there is talk of other harassment including income tax checks, mail interception and the placing of pressure on TV stations and newspapers in an attempt to stop Warner working for them."

The Objective article concluded:
"Mr. Warner is disliked by the Government because he has been a strong supporter of anti-communist governments in South East Asia and has expressed very effective criticism of left-wing foreign and defence policies. There is a deep personal dislike of Mr. Warner because he has been the principal adversary of Mr. Wilfred Burchett, the darling of many Federal Ministers.

"There's the rub. Many will remember the alacrity with which the Whitlam Government returned Burchett's passport in December. It is clear that as the chaotic and tragic betrayal of anti-communists in South East Asian countries sweeps beyond Vietnam to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Burchett's task is to "interpret" this as the Red Propaganda machine wants it for consumption by the public. Denis Warner's recent articles obviously present a danger to passive acceptance by the public of the "official" line, and also shows up A.L.P. foreign policy for what it is - a humiliating echo of the communist propaganda machine.
Thus another truthful individual must be intimidated into silence.

It will be interesting to see whether Australia's National Press, which often protests its avocations of "the freedom of the Press", will carry Warner's articles, or whether he will be obediently expunged from normal publicity channels. The same issue of The Australian (7/8/73) stated that Dr Cairns is to visit North Korea to seek long-term contracts for Australian exports. He hopes to arrange the sale of wool, wheat and minerals. Australia does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea, but officials believe that the issue may be raised during Dr. Cairn's trip. Thus, another of Wilfred Burchett's "predictions" is fulfilled.

The Age, 7th August reports: "President Kim of North Korea yesterday received Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett and later entertained him to dinner, the North Korean Central News Agency reports. " One can only assume that Burchett is doing the groundwork for Dr. Cairns's impending visit. Meanwhile Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, with more than a million refugees in the city awaits the inevitable defeat at the hands of the Communists.

Another milestone in the Communist annexation of South East Asia has virtually been reached. An article by Bruce Wilson in The Sun (7th August) concluded: "There are an estimated 20,000 attackers outside, and their numbers are increasing daily. If it comes to a street-by-street, house-by-house fight Phnom Penh will be reduced to ruins, and the casualties will be appalling."

Those still clinging to the misguided belief that the wars in Asia are not part of an overall Communist offensive, will try and convince themselves that there will be no further wars in Asia. The Communists know better, and there will be an intensification of the guerilla campaign in Malaysia and further subversion in Indonesia.
The Age
(7th August) reports: "Savage anti-Chinese riots erupted in the West Java capital of Bandung last night. Thousands of Indonesian youths went on a destructive rampage through city streets, leaving one Chinese dead and scores injured. "
The article concluded: "The last large-scale racial rioting started in Bandung 10 years ago, and spread to other cities, resulting in the death of dozens of Chinese. There was also an upsurge in anti-Chinese feeling during the aftermath of the 1965 abortive communist coup."
We are about to reap a whirlwind in South East Asia.


Mr. Cliff Everett, a member of the Australian Wheat Board, was reported in The Wimmera Mail Times, 30th July as making some interesting comments on wheat politics. The wheat grower has been used by the giant politico-marketing groups, and also forced to suffer the proliferation of red-tape which has accompanied the introduction of wheat quotas, the sort of control which bureaucrats love and refuse to relinquish on any pretext. Quotas were introduced at a time of wheat over-production. There is no rhyme or reason in their retention at a time of world -wide wheat shortages. Mr. Everett said the price for wheat on the international market had risen to 250c a bushel, which "means growers would receive a net $2.00 a bushel.

"With 50c going in administration to the Wheat Board and the administration of the International Wheat Agreement, growers are paying a fat fee for a system which gives them back a first payment of $1.20, and then anything up to three or four years before obtaining the balance, as has been the case in the past. Bureaucrats and planners have an ill-concealed disposal towards scarcity. Shortages imply the need for controls and if necessary for rationing. It gives those in control an illusionary feeling of self-importance, and it is remarkable how controls have often turned surpluses into shortages.

Mr. Everett recalled his warning given in 1965 and many times since that the world demand for wheat would continue if world population continued to expand. He predicts a world famine by 1980 or 1985. Many would disagree with such a prediction if growers were released from the inhibiting controls of central planners, and allowed to give their enterprise full rein. But there is nothing surer than increasing producer dissatisfaction with the fact that a large proportion of their returns go to finance bureaucratic bungling. Mr. Everett cites one glaring example.

He said it seemed "very wrong" when the world was on a short-food disaster course, to persist in sending out quota forms to farmers. "It's not only the sending out of quotas, but what it's costing to send them out - $265,000 in Australia last year - to achieve absolutely nothing" he said. Mr. Everett advocated that the Australian Wheat-growers Federation should hold quotas until there is at least a 250 million bushel surplus, and said the annual cost of administering the quota system "is almost becoming a public scandal".

A glimpse of the Alice-in-Wonderland way of twisting reality came through when he said: "Admittedly, all wheat will be declared quota wheat so that farmers can get maximum value. " Perhaps they could colour all quota wheat pink, so that consumers can identify under-valued, non-quota wheat.


Arrangements for the forthcoming debate between Mr. Jeremy Lee and Mr. R. Cameron, President of the Goondiwindi branch of the Country Party have now been finalised and the debate will take place in the Church of England Hall, Goondiwindi on Friday August 17th, commencing at 7.30 p.m.

CONSERVATIVE SPEAKERS' CLUB MELBOURNE: The inaugural meeting of the Melbourne Conservative Speakers Club will be held at the premises of the Hawthorn Football Club, Linda Crescent, Hawthorn, Melbourne on Thursday August 30th. Drinks at 7.00 p.m. Dinner at 7.30 p.m. Tariff, $3.00 per head. Bookings must be made at the League office no later than August 23rd. Payment must accompany each booking. Guest speaker will be Brig. R.T. Eason, chairman Country Fire Authority, who will speak on "The Institution of the Monarchy. "All League supporters are urged to support this function, and to bring a newcomer as guest. Wives naturally are welcome.

CONSERVATIVE SPEAKERS' CLUB, PERTH: The next meeting will be held on August 20th, at the Riversdale Hotel, Great Eastern Highway, commencing at 6.30 p.m. Guest speaker will be Mr. C. Adams, Chairman of the Board. Chamberlain-John Deere Pty. Ltd., on "The Industrial Situation". Tariff $2.50 per head Bookings can be made at Box 105 East Victoria Parks or by phoning 864107 or 643920.

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