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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

14 September 1973. Thought for the Week: "The great instrument of all these changes and what infuses a peculiar venom into all of them, is Party. It is of no consequence what the principles of any party, or what their pretensions are; the spirit, which actuates all parties is the same, the spirit of ambition, of self- interest, of oppression and treachery. This spirit entirely reverses all the principles which a benevolent nature has erected within us; all honesty; all equal justice, and even the ties of natural society, the natural affections. In a word we have all seen - we have some of us felt such oppression from the Party Government as no other tyranny can parallel."
Edmund Burke in Vindication of Natural Society.


"A thousand million dollars was wiped from the stock exchange value of Australian companies yesterday in the most severe shakeout for more that a decade…The stock market as a whole fell by more that 7 per cent - a huge amount by conventional standards, and the biggest one-day setback since the Liberal Government brought down the credit squeeze in 1960. " - Graeme McDougall, Finance Editor, The Age (Melbourne), September 11th.

Well, no one can charge that we did not warn of the ugly shape of things to come. Time and time again we have stressed the basic finance-economic truth that so long as Keynesian financial policies were imposed, irrespective of the label of the politicians imposing them, the inevitable result must be accelerating inflation, punctuated by credit restrictions, resulting in a progressive undermining of social stability. The end result must either be anarchy, or the exploitation of the growing crisis to impose the complete totalitarian State.

Inflation is the main road to Socialism, which means a highly centralised Government with complete power over the individual. Every instructed Socialist knows this, and for this reason has no intention whatever of implementing any financial policies which would reverse inflation, this giving the individual, more effective control over his own affairs. When the Socialists talk about "controlling " inflation, they really mean that they are controlling people.

The late John Strachey famous Socialist theoretician was one of the first to grasp the far-reaching implications of Keynesian inflationary financial policies, even if "controlled" as suggested by Keynes. In his Programme for Progress Strachey outlined why he had come to realise that inflationary credit expansion policies were an "indispensable step" towards establishing the Socialist State;

"... the fact that the loss of objectivity, and the intrinsic value of the currency which is involved (i.e. inflation) will sooner or later make necessary, on pain of ever-increasing dislocation a growing degree of social control... for the partial character of the policy will lead to further measures. The very fact that no stability, no permanently workable solution can be found within the limits of this policy will ensure that once a community has been driven by events to tackle its problems in this way, it cannot halt at the first stage, but must of necessity push on to more thorough going measures of re-organisation."

This frank outline of Fabian Socialist tactics recalls the significant statement by Karl Marx when, introducing his famous ten steps for Communising a State in the basic Communist text-book, The Communist Manifesto, he made it clear that these steps were only means to an end in themselves. Marx said that while the ten steps "appear economically insufficient and provisional" they will "in the course of the movement necessitate further inroads upon the old social order."

Marx would be delighted with the Whitlam Government's programme. The Whitlam credit squeeze has clearly been announced at this time primarily as an attempt to influence the Parramatta by-election. The announcement attempts to create the impression that at least the Federal Government is attempting to do something about inflation. But as has been proved time and time again in other countries in recent years, the momentum of centralist finance-economic policies is now so great that even a major credit squeeze does little more than slightly slow down the inflation rate. And it does enormous damage to the economic system, eliminating large numbers of smaller business organisations and fostering further economic centralism.

If the Whitlam Government imposes such a restrictive financial policy that unemployment develops on the scale produced by the Liberal-Country Party Coalition credit squeeze, then the Labor Government will be threatened with major internal dissensions. If one closely studies Mr. Frank Crean's budget, it is clear that it is based upon the acceptance of an inflation rate at least as high as that now prevailing. The Government's strategy obviously is to permit inflation to continue at the highest possible level considered politically acceptable and to exploit this to stampede the electors into accepting centralised price controls from Canberra.

But experience is proving that the more power of all types is centralised, the more difficult it becomes for those wielding the power to maintain control of events. The problems now affecting all the major nations of the Free World are so great that many well-informed observers are seriously suggesting that 1974 could be the year of a major worldwide recession. There are many ominous signs, and with all nations now so heavily geared to exporting surpluses in an attempt to make their internal economies work, a major collapse in one or more of the bigger nations could set off a devastating chain reaction and a revolutionary situation almost overnight.

But if a major recession is to be avoided by the further forcing of the finance-economic system and rising inflation, then the inevitable end result will be just the same. The truth is that the Free World is now fast approaching the end of the road, and unless there is a change of direction, the disasters of the past are nothing compared with what looms immediately ahead. Faced with the rapidly worsening situation, Australian electors do not even have a real Opposition at Canberra. The comments by Mr. Snedden and other Opposition spokesmen on the new crisis are sickening and hypocritical. Mr. Snedden and his colleagues, advised by the same type of Socialist "experts" advising the Whitlam Government, were responsible for progressive inflation. Their own attempt to curb it resulted in large-scale unemployment and nation-wide economic dislocation which was the major factor in having unprecedented expansion of the nation's money supply for the year ending in June, and the figures show that the major part of the expansion took place from July to December of last year, when Mr. Snedden was the Federal Treasurer.
Mr. Snedden and his colleagues tried to avoid the elector's wrath by violently reversing the very policy they had imposed.
Mr. Crean has carried on where Mr. Sneddon left off. And Mr. Sneddon if he were re-elected, he would carry on from where Mr. Crean left off.

Until sufficient Australian electors see through this phony political sparring match, realise that the great Edmund Burke was right about the evil influence of party politics, and unite to demand a reversal of disastrous finance-economic policies, they are doomed to suffer increasing convulsions.

The League's publication, A Programme for Reversing Inflation, (price 32 cents posted) shows how new financial credits, now being issued in such a way that they increase prices, could easily be used to reduce prices. Hiding behind the brainwashed political yes-men of all parties, the dedicated Socialists bitterly oppose this programme because they know if implemented it would deprive them of the revolutionary developments they need for their programme. Unless genuine conservatives fight to deprive their enemies of the inflation weapon, they and their children have no future as free men and women. It is as simple as that.


"Perth. - The Minister for Social Security (Mr. Hayden) has waged a campaign to denigrate and vilify an honorable profession," the treasurer of the Australian Medical Association (Dr. L. Wilson) said yesterday. "'Dr. Wilson accused Mr. Hayden of talking "blatant nonsense" in his criticism of the present health system and of "extraordinary sloppiness" in using figures". - The Age, (Melbourne) September 11th.

Dr. Wilson made his stinging attack on Mr. Hayden at the same Perth press club which Mr. Hayden had used three weeks previously to criticise the doctors, describing the AMA as being "Tough and bloody-minded." It is something that one group of Australian professional men have become "bloody-minded" in opposing the would-be Socialist dictators at Canberra. But most of the credit for the strong stand by the AMA must go to the Australian General Practitioners Society, led by men who appear to have some real steel in their back-bones.

We must confess that their monthly journal, The Australian GP, has become one of our favorites. We particularly like the robust language used in dealing with Mr. Hayden "'The SS Minister," and his colleagues.

Control of the doctors is part of the overall programme for controlling everyone in the community. The GP Society is conducting an excellent action campaign and we strongly urge all supporters to back it. They should ensure their own doctors are supporting the GP Society. But the long-term problem threatening the doctors along with their patients is continuing inflation. So long as inflation continues the doctors must continue to increase their fees, thus providing the Socialists with ammunition with which to attack them. When they have routed Mr. Hayden perhaps the doctors will turn their attention to attacking the basic causes of inflation.


"The Federal Government and the Postmaster-General acted illegally when they cut off postal and telephone services to the Rhodesian Information Centre in Sydney. The High Court ruled in Sydney yesterday that there was no evidence that Mr. Denzil Bradley, the acting director of the centre, or any other persons connected with it had acted illegally", - The Australian, September 11th.

The campaign of violence and vilification, which has been directed against the Rhodesian Information Centre since the Whitlam Government came to office, has provided frightening evidence of the type of thuggery now so rampant in Australia. Senator Lionel Murphy says that Australians need a Bill of Rights. Ministers of the Whitlam Government talk glibly about freedom. But they are against the Rhodesian Information Centre having the freedom to provide Australians with information about Rhodesia. And now that the High Court has ruled that the Government must not support the PMG'S attempt to deprive the Information Centre of the postal and telephone services. The Government reacts by claiming it will bring down legislation to enable it to act legally against the Centre.

If the Government can pass legislation enabling it to outlaw the Rhodesian information Centre, it can also prevent any other group, or an individual from using the mail to distribute information about Rhodesia. Hail Hitler! We wait with interest to see what the "Opposition" does about this example of Socialist political thuggery.


"Brisbane - The Federal Government was creating a massive propaganda machine to brainwash Australians, Queensland's Industrial Affairs Minister, Mr.. Campbell said last night. Five departments budgeted to spend $6 ,946 this year for advertising, postage, telegrams and phones or in one completely truthful case, publicity", he said" - The Sun (Melbourne) September 11th.

Biggest spender to date has been Mr. Hayden's Social Security Department, which has been allocated $2, 035,000 to try to sell Australians the concept of socialised medicine.
$1,250,000 has been spent with the media to publicise the Government.
Mr. Grassby's Department of immigration has done very nicely with $1.75 million.
And Mr. Gordon Bryant's Aboriginal Affairs calmly lists $225,000 for postage, phones and telegrams. The charter of the Australian Information Service is being changed so that it can be used as an internal Government propaganda service. And the taxpayer has to meet the rising bills.


This year's National League of Rights Seminar vitally concerns everyone. Never before has the subject of education been so hotly debated. But much of the debate obscures the real questions: Why can't Johnny read and write properly? Why the students revolt movement? Are children being cut off from an understanding of their true heritage? Can true education be divorced from religious and moral principles? Are radicals and subversives teaching out children?

A panel of brilliant speakers will answer these and other questions: The Rev. H. J. Neil, M.A., B.Ed. Th.L., M.A.C.E. Lecturer in Philosophy of Education at Burwood Teachers' College. Miss Lucille Quinlan, M.A. Teacher, poet and author. Currently working, under a Commonwealth Literary Grant . . . on her second historical work. Mr. Eric Butler. Lecturer, journalist and author. Place: I.Younger Ross Hall, 110 Keppel Street, Carlton, Victoria. Starting time: 2p.m. Entrance fee $2.00. $3.00 for man and wife.

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