Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

5 October 1973. Thought for the Week: "Propaganda is simply the scientific technique of suggestion; and organized, centralised, education, is simply propaganda."
B.W. Monahan in The Aims of Education.


"Commonwealth power over prices and incomes was the only weapon which would give real force to the Government's measures to fight inflation, the Prime Minister (Mr. Whitlam) said last night." - The Age (Melbourne) October 1st.

In a singularly unimpressive plea for powers over prices and incomes made on national television on Sunday evening (September 30th), Mr. Whitlam swiped again at the States ("give us the same powers that the States have, but refuse to use"); and undertook to perform the impossible; viz, to maintain our 'buoyant economy' and "over-full employment" whilst simultaneously battering the economy with prices and incomes controls.

What Mr. Whitlam did not mention; nor has any spokesman of the so-called Opposition mentioned - is the failure of prices and incomes policies in nations overseas. Both Britain and the U.S.A. have been implementing these policies for very many months past; inflation still surges forward in spite of all the plotting and planning of "expert" economists; and in the accepted sense the "experts" in the U.S.A. and Britain are just as expert as the "experts" in Canberra; if not more so!

Mr. Whitlam acknowledged in his address that every other industrial nation has such powers over prices and incomes at its command; Australia does not. Why will Australia perform differently to any other industrial nation? The "expert" economists here follow identical principles of finance-economics to those of all other countries; and, as stated, no other nation has been able to halt inflation, let alone reverse it.

We have stated repeatedly in these pages that Finance creates the social crises for Socialism/Communism to exploit. Inflation is inherent in the operation of the modern financial system itself; as has been acknowledged by even some orthodox economists; notably Professor Paul Samuelson, recently in Australia. The escalating cost factor in prices is but a symptom, a spin-off of this inflationary factor. What the economists and politicians are doing, in effect, is merely to tinker, to toy, with the effects of inflation. It goes without saying that all the incomes and prices policies; all the credit restrictions; all the interest juggling; all the revaluations; will be to no avail whatsoever. The basic cause remains untouched.

Inflation will not only continue, but will intensify until the finance-economic systems of the West collapse. Prices and incomes controls are people-controls - once the Socialists grab these powers they won't let go. The reality of the current issue is this:- the powers sought will make no difference at all to inflation, as has been proved everywhere governments have and use these powers, but the "national" Government (as we are enjoined to refer to the Commonwealth Govt. now) will have greater power over individuals. On this score we urge all Australians to reject the proposals in the coming referendum on prices and incomes outright. "No" to both questions!


"The Prime Minister will face strong opposition to his proposed national incomes policy at the Federal A.L.P. executive meeting beginning on Friday." - The Australian (October 1st)

The realities of finance-economics break out here and there as quickly as the "economic doctors" labour desperately to breathe life into a dying organism; this is the case all over the Western world. We advisedly state "the Western world ", because although the system of finance-economics followed by the Communist world is basically the same as the West's, the world's Communist masters have infinitely greater physical control of their respective countries' peoples and resources via the tyranny of the Communist political machine, reinforced by all the sanctions of the police state; the military, the secret police, etc.

We are aware that International Communism will be able to work its finance-economic systems more or less indefinitely so long as this political tyranny can be imposed - that long, and no longer. The West cannot do this so long as political freedom remains; under the current finance-economic system political freedom is incompatible with economic freedom, and slowly at first, during early decades of this century, but now obviously rapidly, the Western nations are being driven towards Collectivism (Socialism/Communism) as the individuals in the various societies become less and less able to cope with everyday economic demands on them, because of the inroads of (now) rapidly escalating inflation into their purchasing-power.

Under such pressure, individuals can see no other alternative than the assumption of much of the individuals' (properly own) responsibilities by Big Government, at the expense, of course, of political freedom. Examples, which come to mind, are Housing (Housing Commissions), Health (National Health Plans), Education ('State' mental-conditioning institutions, and the slow but visible destruction of non-State colleges via the Canberra hand-out, with string.)

A Communist reading these lines would smile knowingly, and observe that they merely describe the death throes of Capitalism as the forces of economic determinism work their way through societies to bring nearer the triumph of Socialism, which he claims is "historically inevitable". But the Communists' "historic inevitability" obtains only so long as the economic crises occur. And they will occur just so long as the accepted finance-economic policies are followed; that long, and no longer. "No solution to our ills is possible which does not transgress the tenets of orthodox Finance."

Returning to Mr. Whitlam, and his proposed referendum - the "rough weather" will be encountered as a result of the proposed powers over incomes. The unions will naturally be hostile to this move. Mr. Hawke has acknowledged this frankly, and the political repercussions arising from such a situation could, and probably will, create fresh problems for the Canberra Moguls in a swiftly deteriorating economy.

Mr. Peter Samuel, in an article headed - "Why Price Control Won't Work", in The Bulletin (September 22nd) draws attention to the fact that South Australia has had price controls in operation more or less continuously for 30 years. He says: -
"Prices in that State have risen almost the same amount as everywhere else in Australia. To be a bit more precise, going back the 24 years of the consumer price index, prices have risen by 282% in Adelaide compared with 297% in all six State capitals.....Price control merely raises the very difficult question of what cost increases, especially wage cost increases, should firms be allowed to cover with price rises?" Exactly!

The inflationary process goes on; because it is intrinsic in the operation of the financial system itself; as stated. Prices and income controls merely screw down the lid on the "economic boiler". Sooner or later there must be an explosion. The Government, which happens to be in power in Canberra at the time, will receive most of the blast. Perhaps Mr. Snedden is smarter than he thinks in not pressing for an early election!


"An explosive report on the growing problems of the immigrant school children in Britain was issued today by a committee of M.P.'s". - The Age (Melbourne) September 29th.

Racial realities will assert themselves, no matter how long and hard such realities are swept under official carpets. Of course, in these times of monstrous brainwashing by the suspect mass media one is a "racist", something terrible, if one draws attention to the fact that various races are quite different, with differing cultures, and that a horrible friction, which can build up into a violent explosion, can and does develop if such races are forced against each other.

The world just rocks with the indisputable evidence of this patent truth; still the mass media, slavishly echoed by cringing politicians, persist in the ugly fallacy that this is not so; that acknowledgement of this truth is an evil in itself; that black is white! The report mentioned above is full of evidence of suppressions and evasions in official circles. Meanwhile. Mr. Enoch Powell has predicted that one quarter to one third of the population of London and major British cities will be coloured by 1990. Mr. Enoch Powell is a rare type of politician who has the courage to say what he thinks; and who has the gift, in addition, of being able to say what the man in the street is thinking.

We would not dare to predict with any sense of accuracy the major events of the world by 1980; let alone 1990! Racial violence will flare in Britain; probably well before 1980; and whilst the murders and mutilations are being performed on the victims, the subversives, the do-gooders, the pink clergy, and all the sorry band of fools and knaves will be calling for more and more coloured immigration, "integration", etc., to make the problem worse; and the Enoch Powells who put their fingers squarely on the problem with a view to its rectification will still be being denounced as "racists". Will man ever learn?!


"Australia's lengthy national anthem contest fizzed out yesterday in a trail of ancient lands, starry crosses, happy homes, and even a Prince of Peace. A resounding failure." - Melbourne Sunday Press, September 30th.

Perhaps the idiocy of the whole project of finding a "new" National Anthem may now be brought home to some of its promoters. A true national anthem must spring, organically, from the deep traditions of a race, and be part of its soul; its 'ethos'. It isn't a jingle that can be churned out like a string of sausages for some T.V. Commercial. The traditions of a race are the equivalent of the emotions of an individual; they mould character. The traditions of a race are part of its soul; it takes time, a long time, for these to find expression musically. Not surprisingly, Australia's "national anthem" is to be Waltzing Matilda, Advance Australia Fair, or Song of Australia. So says the Australian Council of the Arts. None of the myriads of "songs", it is claimed, reached an acceptable standard.

Professor Alec Hope, former Professor of English at the A.N.U., said that five of the six final entries for lyrics appeared to have been penned by illiterates. At least one of the panel of judges talked some common sense. Peter Sculthorpe, Australian composer observed months ago that the contest would be a fizzer. He said:- "I suspect that they want a national anthem that is stirring and heroic. The thought of that kind of anthem being written now is laughable. Society's changed too much." This can be debated.

Our view is that we have already the correct anthem; GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. We are a monarchy; Queen Elizabeth the Second is our Queen; we are a British people; our origins and traditions are British. A national song is acceptable for sporting occasions etc. The Australian Heritage Society, a Division of the League of Rights, has found that the support for the retention of our present anthem is overwhelming. We can predict that the anti-British faction at Canberra will have a few burned fingers before they are likely to have their way; and succeed in changing our Flag, and our Anthem; and the Constitution.


"The Minister for Social Security (Mr. Hayden) yesterday said militant conservatives in the medical profession could not be allowed to stop universal health insurance." - The Age (Melbourne) September 29th.

Mr. Hayden the doctrinaire Fabian Socialist observes that there is no force so great as an idea when its time has come. This is probably true; however, Mr. Hayden may receive a shock when he realizes that the idea "whose time has come" may not be the idea that he had in mind. There are many ideas passed upon truth which have been smouldering under a blanket of falsity and deceit for half a century, and which will burst into flames when events tear away that blanket. As usual he used his public address, this time to the annual conference of the N.S.W. Hospitals Association, to vilify doctors, alleging that they believe that they have a sacred right to make profits from health care, and that some sociologist should look into the behaviour of some medical groups (in other words, they are a little psychopathic). This is really most puerile stuff; silly name-calling!

We believe that Mr. Hayden is a bitter man; what has caused his bitterness we do not know. Our experience is that the majority of doctors are sincere, hard-working professional men, who are eager to do their best for their patients at all times. A doctor must spend at least 8-10 years before he is even ready to practice medicine alone; more, up to 15 years, if he chooses to specialise. If a man spends this period of time in training for his profession, surely he is entitled to a high material reward. The busy general practitioner works his 60-80 hours a week, and provides a real essential service to the community. Can the same be said of certain politicians who draw ridiculous salaries from the public purse to sustain them as they erode the bonds of our heritage; throw our defence into jeopardy, cultivate relations with Communist nations who have sworn to destroy us?

The doctors wish to be left alone to carry on their essential service; and do not wish to become the servants of Big Brother, as this will mean that their first responsibility will then be to Big Brother, and not their patients. Inevitable decline in the standards of medical practice will follow.


Finance and Communism

"Since practically everything a modern community does depends on the provision of finance, it is obvious that the power to provide finance by the creation of credit (on terms) is an absolutely central power, and that whatever the appearances, those in ultimate control of the banking system are the real government of the country, and, on the international scale, of the world. Of course, not all those in such control are "bankers" in the sense in which one knows one's bank manager. It is in the realms of high international and national policy that the real control lies. But that power of control, exercised quietly behind the facade of "inexorable economic laws", was threatened by ever-increasing production and the certain eventual breakdown of the existing financial system. A change, of such a nature to retain power where it existed, was necessary; and although this change occurred in a crisis, it had been planned very many years before…In 1929…."
The above extract is from "Finance and Communism".
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159