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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

9 February 1973. Thought for the Week: "What Habit is to an individual during the brief term of his existence here, Traditions are to a nation whose life extends over hundreds or thousands of years. In them dwells the moral continuity of its existence. They link each generation to those who have gone before and sum up its collective memories."
Lord Bryce in Modern Democracies.


"Today capitalism is in crisis. A Labor Government will not be able to solve that crisis. In trying to handle the crisis the Government's class position will become thoroughly exposed. This is inevitable. The people must be fully prepared to meet this situation. Constant vigilance is necessary. Struggle, at all times, must continue." - Vanguard, journal of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist - Lenin), January 25th.

The Marxist movement in Australia provides a striking example of "unity in diversity". The three major Marxist groups may use the most vitriolic language in describing one another, but they are agreed on the necessity of pushing the Whitlam Labor Government down the Socialist road at a much faster rate than Mr. Whitlam and most of his colleagues would otherwise take. The classical Marxist position is that Labor-Socialist Governments should be regarded as necessary to demonstrate that mere "reformism" will not solve the basic "crisis of capitalism ", and that more direct revolutionary methods are then necessary.

From the moment Mr. Whitlam decided that the Labor Party provided the best opportunity for a political career, he has adopted a cool pragmatic approach to politics. He has regarded the Labor Party primarily as a means of advancing himself. For this reason he, like Mr. Robert Hawke, has found it necessary to "go along" with the Communists, particularly those in the Trade Unions. But now that he is Prime Minister Mr. Whitlam is not likely to regard with enthusiasm any Marxist activities, which threaten his position. And he has a number of Ministers who genuinely dislike Communism as far as they understand it.

Education Minister Mr. Kim Beazley has already come under attack from Marxist teachers and their bigoted anti-Christian colleagues who are strongly opposed to any financial relief for Christian Schools. As the National Director of the League of Rights, Mr. Eric Butler, has been pointing out in a series of strategy lectures for League supporters, inherent tensions inside the Labor Party are one of the major strategic factors in the current Australian political situation. The Marxists visualise successfully exploiting these tensions, which will intensify with what they term the "crisis of capitalism ".

There is no argument that non-Communist nations everywhere are experiencing increasing social disintegration, with mounting problems. But what is the basic cause of the crisis? The central cause is undoubtedly progressive inflation. But it is not true that the free enterprise system of production and distribution, generally described as "capitalism", is the cause of inflation. Neither did the free enterprise economic system cause the Great Depression, forerunner to the Second World War, as the Marxists claim.

The basic cause of inflation and associated problems, including the rapid centralisation of power, is a financial policy, which generates debt, both public and private, at a faster rate than it can be liquidated. An increasing portion of rates and taxation is used merely to meet interest charges on the mounting debt. The manufacturer and business man suffers as much from this destructive policy as does the wage-earner.

The Marxists never challenge financial policy, but seek to exploit the disastrous results of this policy in an endeavour to destroy completely the institution of private property and the free enterprise economic system. The Whitlam Government is caught in the same inflationary pressures, which were the underlying cause of the defeat of the Liberal-Country Party Government. The Liberal-Country Party Government found it "inevitable" to keep moving down the Socialist road in a desperate effort to deal with the inflation problem and its results. We can predict now, that Mr. Whitlam's Government must move into a state of deepening crisis if he continues with an extension of the inflationary policies he inherited from his predecessors.

Will the Marxists be able to further exploit this crisis, as they anticipate, or will sufficient Australians realise that the political, economic, financial and constitutional principles advanced by the Australian League of Rights offer the only barrier to the Marxist advance? This question will be answered over the coming few years.


"Saigon, Monday - After a week of so called peace, marked by heavy fighting and bloodshed, one question still loomed above all others in the Vietnam ceasefire: Is it a sellout? Many South Vietnamese when they read the terms of the ceasefire were openly bitter. One officer who has fought in one war or another against communism for 22 years said, "It is an American peace. They have cared only about themselves." - Bruce Wilson in The Herald, Melbourne, February 6th.

The Nixon withdrawal from Vietnam is but a part, admittedly a vital part, of the Henry Kissinger global strategy to produce a "world stability" based upon a balance of power. Out of this will, he believes, evolve the World State. As shown by Gary Allen in his None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Kissinger is the front man for the big international financial groups who are amongst the keenest advocates of the World State concept.

Small nations like South Vietnam, Taiwan, Rhodesia, South Africa and Portugal must not be permitted to impede the Big Idea. Hanoi did not move to the conference table because it feared military defeat. Why shouldn't the Communists agree to "peace" when they are permitted to leave their large armed forces inside South Vietnam, controlling large areas of the nation? They can now translate the military conflict into a political offensive. And the real policy makers in the U.S.A. have publicly declared that billions of American credits will be made available for the "rehabilitation" of the whole of Vietnam.

If the real history of the Vietnam tragedy is ever written, the real charge against America and her allies will not be that they committed troops to the defence of South Vietnam, but that a deliberate no-win policy was pursued, while all the time American production was being used by the Soviet Union to sustain the North Vietnamese. Traitors in high places were responsible for a prolonged conflict, which was used to undermine all non-Communist societies with anti-Vietnam protests. The Vietnam type of agony will continue until such time as the real authors of the world crisis are exposed and their deadly policies defeated.


The enclosed brochure with this issue is a major feature of the League of Rights' first major national offensive for 1973. The massive distribution of this brochure is not only designed to intensify the rate of sale of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, but to make contact as quickly as possible with all those people in the community who will react when faced with the truth about the world crisis. The saturation technique is the one, which produces the biggest response even when it does not immediately get beyond discussions between neighbours concerning the brochure. Melbourne actionists are making a start with a distribution of 5,000 in one suburb. Other suburbs will then be progressively covered.
Contacts from the brochures will be visited and invited to small meetings. Other organisational steps have been planned.

This is the biggest in-depth programme yet attempted by the League, and its success will depend upon the co-operation of every supporter. We estimate that the distribution of half a million brochures is not beyond the capacity of existing supporters. We naturally expect VPA groups to make distribution a major immediate project. Supplies are available at below-cost prices, general funds being used to subsidise. Prices are: 25 cents per dozen. 75 cents per 50, $1.25 per 100, $10 per 1000, $30 per 5000, START TODAY.


"The Federal Government has overruled an ASIO recommendation to keep Polish shipping official out of Australia. The former Liberal Government effectively prohibited the entry to Australia of Mr. Edward Lysakowski by pigeonholing his visa application. It did this on the basis of a recommendation by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation." - The Age, Melbourne, February 6th.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is not infallible. But surely it would be wise to heed the recommendations of those charged with protecting Australian security. All matured students of Communism know that officials from Communist Governments are also quite often Communist espionage agents of various types. If it is true, as press reports state, that Prime Minister Whitlam and Minister for Immigration Mr. Grassby were involved in changing the decision about Mr. Lysakowski, it would be instructive to know who influenced them to ignore Security.

Why is it so important for the Polish Government to have Mr. Lysakowski in Australia for four years? He is a senior official of Polfrachr Gdynia, a shipping line run by the Polish Government. The Lysakowski affair is but one more end result of the shortsighted policies set in motion by the Liberal-Country Party Coalition. Early last year the Coalition Government gave its approval to the establishment of an Australian-Polish joint ship chartering venture, Polfracht (Australasia) Sydney Pty. Ltd. Mr. Lysakowski applied for a visa to come to Australia as a director of this organisation.

If Security recommendations are to be ignored by the Whitlam Government, then we have little doubt that Peking, Hanoi and other Communist Governments will feel that they can safely send to Australia as many espionage and other agents as they feel necessary for their purposes. The superior intellectuals advising Mr. Whitlam will no doubt reply that in these days of "peaceful coexistence" and Detente those who raise doubts about the intentions of Communists from Poland or elsewhere are "reactionaries" trying to "revive the cold war".
The truth is that all dedicated Communists regard themselves as being at war with the non-Communist societies until they are destroyed.


"Murray Byrne is the hot gospeller and the harbinger of good news for the (Victorian) State Liberal Party. Byrne is most of those things that his fellow ministers are not - young, good looking, with a pleasing personality and a glib tongue... Byrne reckons the China trip is a case of one of his chickens coming home to roost. He first visited Asia as a backbencher in 1961 and then said that China would play a vital role in Australia's future. He also condemned the White Australia policy, suggested increased aid for Chinese refugees and generally ruffled a few old-fashioned feathers." - - John Sorrel in an interview with Victorian Liberal MLC, Mr. Murray Byrne, Minister for State Development, Decentralisation and Tourism in Melbourne Observer, February 4th.

Mr. Byrne was in the news last week when it was announced that he had been granted a visa to visit Red China. Mr. Sorrel quotes Mr. Byrne as saying that "the wheel has turned, China is our friend." Australians might well ask, "With friends like the Red Chinese, do we need any enemies?"

But Victorian electors in particular should ask some searching questions about Mr. Byrne before being influenced by his "glamour". Ever since his 1961 Asian trip Mr. Byrne has been trying to visit Red China. Last year he made friends with a group of visiting East Germans who arranged the trip for him. That was very considerate of those East Germans who presumably were also so influenced by Mr. Byrne's "glamour" that they felt it necessary to ensure that Peking permitted Mr. Byrne to visit Red China. We wonder if it has occurred to Mr. Byrne that both his East German Communist friends and Peking feel that he might be used?
Mr. Byrne says that he sees Red China as a "vast tourist market". The only Chinese tourists visiting Australia from Red China would be those permitted to come by the Communist Government.

John Sorrel writes that Mr. Byrne "is certainly the apple of Cardinal Knox's eye." With the greatest respect to the Cardinal, his critical attitude towards Australia's traditional immigration policy, which has been made public on a number of occasions in recent times, is offensive to the great majority of Australians who insist that it is a natural right to be able to discriminate in favour of a homogeneous European nation. We can understand why he is an admirer of a Liberal political leader who holds the same views on immigration.

We trust that before the coming Victorian State Elections, large numbers of electors will ask all Liberal Party candidates do they agree with the views of Mr. Byrne on immigration. Sufficient pre-election publicity concerning the views of Mr. Murray Byrne could remove some of the "glamour". The Federal Liberals lost the last Federal elections because they turned their backs on traditional Liberal principles. Premier Hamer should ponder on this fact.

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