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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

26 October 1973. Thought for the Week: "Power is never good unless he be good who has it".
King Alfred the Great (reigned 871-876 A.D.)


A recent article in one of Australia's porno-political papers has provided us with at least a good laugh. The author of the article who specialises in a sick type of humour commented that Mr. Eric Butler seemed to be losing some of his "fire". We recommend that this writer do a tour with the League's National Director some time!

Mr. Butler currently is on a national tour following his recent overseas tour. Apart from public lectures, Mr. Butler is reporting to supporters, looking at organisational matters, and laying the groundwork for an intensification of all League activities. We have reported the first part of his Queensland tour. On Friday, October 5th, he addressed a dinner meeting in Toowoomba, arranged by local League supporters. The dinner or luncheon meeting is proving a most successful new development of League work. Over 60 attended the Toowoomba Dinner meeting, with heavy book sales afterwards. On the Saturday evening, Mr. Butler addressed a public meeting in Toowoomba, this also being well attended. A resolution was carried unanimously, requesting the Darling Downs Federal Member, Mr. T. McVeigh, (Country Party) to ask the Whitlam Government why it was not considering the re-introduction of the successful anti-inflation consumer subsidy system used by the Curtin Government and supported at the time by the Opposition parties. The resolution was carried unanimously.
The local Toowoomba daily, The Chronicle, featured excellent reports of both Mr. Butler's Toowoomba addresses.

While in Toowoomba, Mr. Butler also addressed "hard-core" supporters on Saturday, October 6th. On Sunday, Mr. Butler lectured to an all-day Seminar of League supporters who met near Dalby. Supporters were present from all over Southern Queensland and reacted enthusiastically to the National Director's blunt talking. He made it clear that he was calling for an increased effort to meet the rapidly worsening situation. Mr. Jeremy Lee also addressed the Seminar. While Mr. Lee was addressing Dalby students on the Monday. Mr. Butler was speaking to a luncheon gathering of businessmen. This function was so successful that it was agreed that similar functions should, if possible, be conducted regularly. A feature of the Dalby public meeting in the evening was the number of younger people present, some of the best questions coming from a junior schoolboy. The meeting unanimously carried a resolution requesting the local Federal Member, Mr. J. Corbett, to ask the Labor Government to consider consumer subsidies to help combat inflation.

Taking advantage of the interest aroused in the Goondiwindi area by the recent debate between Mr. Jeremy Lee and local Country Party President R. Cameron, Mr. Lee and Mr. Butler travelled to Goondiwindi on Tuesday. The afternoon was devoted to a briefing of local supporters and a most valuable public meeting was held in the evening. Mr. Cameron attended the meeting and rather foolishly tested himself against Mr. Butler at question time, Mr. Cameron-was shot down in flames. The local editor arrived with his camera and covered what he described as a most "meaty meeting". At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Butler thanked Mr. Cameron for his invaluable contribution, even though not intended! Mr. Cameron has, by his rather hysterical attacks on the League of Rights, rejuvenated interest in an area where in recent years some poisonous smearing by the clergy did have its effect.

Battling through floods, Mr. Butler and Mr. Jeremy Lee managed to arrive in Walcha New England, just in time for the meeting on the Wednesday evening. They left early on Thursday morning to drive through to Sydney, where they did the final supervising of one of the League's biggest projects to date, the full-page welcome of loyalty by the Heritage Society to the Queen, in the Canberra Times on Wednesday morning, October 17th, and in the Sydney evening paper, The Sun, last Friday, October 19th. The response to this project has jammed Heritage Society letterboxes with a flood of mail. We will be reporting on this project later.

Mr. Butler addressed Sydney supporters on October 11th, was on an early plane to Melbourne the following morning, spent a short time at headquarters and then drove to Casterton, Western Victoria, for the evening. On the Saturday, October 13th, he then drove through to Adelaide, presenting one of the Papers to the League's annual State Seminar in the afternoon. He was the main speaker at the South Australian State Dinner in the evening, participated in the all-day South Australian action conference on the Sunday, caught the plane for Perth on the Monday morning and in the evening addressed a highly successful Perth Conservative Club dinner, with 80 guests being present. The Conservative Club concept is proving to be a major step forward in advancing the League in the cities.

Mr. Butler's W.A. tour is taking him from as far north as Northampton to Albany in the South. This crash program is consolidating League activities, bringing all League supporters clearly into the picture of the League's forward strategy in depth, and introducing new people to the League. Mr. Butler finishes his W.A. program tomorrow morning. Saturday October 29th, with a Perth meeting of supporters before catching a plane to Adelaide for a Social Dynamics School on Sunday and a special meeting of business and professional men on the Monday. He will then drive back to Melbourne, with meetings in Coonalpyn (SA) on Tuesday. October 20th and in Horsham (Vic.) on Wednesday, October 31st. Will Sydney supporters please note that Mr. Butler will address the Sydney Conservative Club on Friday, November 30th.


Attending the Festival of Light rally in Melbourne where guest speaker was Mrs. Mary Whitehouse was a great confidence booster to this reporter. There is no doubt that the great majority of the overflow audience of some 1,800 felt the same way. Mrs. Whitehouse is master of her subject and none of her critics, whether at the meeting mentioned, or on talkback programs, or television interviews, were able to best her. She did it all with plenty in reserve as the athletic or racing commentators would remark, the mark of a true champion. Some of her material was quite devastating, and where a few homosexuals at the public meeting started interjecting, as fact piled on fact, followed by intelligent comment, the interjections withered into hardly audible mumbles and then complete silence.

On sex education Mrs. Whitehouse emphasised the highly personal nature of such education, if it is to be successful. When taught in a class or to a group the pitfalls, and the harm resulting are considerable. A group of thirteen year olds can have a disparity of five or more years in psychological development, and almost irreparable harm can be done to those not sufficiently mature. Development of visual aids in this field is taking increasing licence, instructing children at sub-teenage level in masturbation and copulation. As Mrs. Whitehouse pointed out, it is impossible to teach in pure theory. Children will always demand practical application of the theory they are taught. Therefore present developments, where senior form students are now demanding that their teachers of sex education enter into practical live demonstrations with the students, is only a natural extension of teaching a subject which should be taught, "in the right place, at the right time, by the right person".

On the growing use of four letter words Mrs. Whitehouse observed that adults who exhibited their advanced status with their use were really regressing. It had always been assumed that the role of adults was to raise children from the low level of a lavatory wall vocabulary to an advanced literary and speaking level. However, it was now assumed to be an advance to go back to the childhood level exhibited by lavatory wall culture. Mrs. Whitehouse pointed to the role of the revolutionaries in this question of word debasement. She said they had a rule, which stated, "if you can destroy the word and you can destroy the system" and have an order of priorities through from sex, drugs, violence, and depravity to obscenities.

Space unfortunately does not allow a full report. It was a treat to hear good old-fashioned commonsense, intelligently and forcefully presented by a woman of outstanding capacity. In a final word of greeting to the audience, Mrs. Whitehouse said that Britain had been "punch drunk and apathetic", but was now waking up. A new vigour was apparent, especially from younger people. She had every confidence in the future. This problem of morality was our biggest problem. "If we can grip it as a participatory democracy, we can lick it" she said. Of Australia she said we were more vigorous and vital, and "further behind" in the advance towards immorality and pornography, and felt we had a great opportunity to deal with it at an earlier stage than they had in England.

The Festival of Light organisation could make a marked impact. It was challenging people to take part in different fields. Prayer, support, financial support, Local Action Groups, Telephone Committees, Speakers' Panels. League supporters will undoubtedly give it every encouragement.


Speaking on the motion of the Government that presented a reduced timetable of hours for sitting in the Senate, speaker after speaker reiterated the point that demands on Senators had reached and passed saturation point. Two ministers were in hospital, and others were on the sick list. This writer listened last week when Senator McManus asked a question on this matter of the Government leader in the Senate, Senator Murphy. Senator Murphy had to agree to the obvious and remarked they should seek expert advice, "possibly medical opinion on what should be done". There are none so blind as those who cannot see. If the honourable senators would revert to their true role of that of a States Rights House, and refused all legislation, which encroached on the rights of the States, they would immediately reduce the workload on the Senate, and on the House of Representatives members similarly. Electors should have little sympathy for those who are suffering from self inflicted wounds.


(Sept. 29th) --"ALLENDE"-- Good news is rare these days, so let us acclaim it when it comes. As prophesied, the Allende regime has fallen, involving the death of Allende (of Chile) himself. However, benevolent Allende's intentions may have been, he reduced Chile, which three years ago was amongst the most stable countries in South America and reasonably prosperous, to chaos. Within a short time of the regime assuming power, there were chronic shortages of all types of consumer goods including - in an agricultural country - food. Even hospitals are running out of medicaments, bandages, gauze, saline solutions, and so on, and have to turn away patients. Inflation is running at the rate of 500% per annum.

History is full of false prophets who have led their people to ruin and Allende was one of them. It was Marx himself who said, of somebody he did not like, of course - that it was not a man's motives which counted, but his historical effect; so with Allende.

What implications have Chile for the West? One can be sure that it is being studied in Marxist circles, and that the hard-liners will be thumbing their copies of Lenin's "The State and Revolution". Trotsky's "In Defence of Terrorism", and Stalin's "On the Problem's of Leninism", and culling suitable texts stating the need for the dictatorship of the proletariat and merciless repression of the class enemy. Allende did not, of course, uphold the law; he allowed farms and factories to be seized by revolutionary groups and discriminated against his opponents; but he did allow opponents of the regime to speak, publish, and organize. The lesson will not be lost on Marxists elsewhere.

The Army has saved Chile, and has defended the Constitution, which Allende flouted. It is to be hoped that they can now rescue their country from the chaos, which is the legacy of three years of Marxist rule. We considered that there would have been stronger opposition to Australia's recognition from the Canberra "Labor" Government. As we remarked in last week's "On Target" a large number of Labor parliamentarians made their views known, in strong terms that they were opposed to diplomatic recognition of the new military regime in Chile.


Before leaving on his special current tour, National Director Mr. Eric Butler sent a personal letter to a selected number of League supporters, urging them to set the highest possible example for the League's 1973-74 Basic Fund appeal. There has been a magnificent response, but Mr. Butler is waiting for more responses before he issues, on behalf of the League, at the end of his national tour, the annual report and general appeal. However, in the meantime, donations or pledges will be welcomed from those who care to make them before the general appeal is issued. All northern N.S.W. and Queensland contributions to Box 17 Alderley, Old. 4051. The balance to Box 1052J G.P.O., Melbourne, Victoria, 3001.


Monopoly Capitalism

The structure of civilization is undergoing major revolutionary changes under the pressure of the present finance-economic policy. Rising financial costs, of which heavy taxation is a major feature, are the basic cause of a disastrous centralization of power in all spheres. Even though in most cases, smaller and medium-sized businesses are more genuinely efficient than bigger businesses, they have been steadily driven out of existence, or into amalgamations. The "takeover" business has become a way of life. Ethics have become a thing of the past in many spheres of business.
The struggle for power brings out the worst in the individual.

Monopoly is developing across national boundaries. Now the rural communities of the non-Communist world are under heavy attack. These nurseries of the best virtues of civilisation are being ruthlessly pressurised to submit to the gospel of "getting bigger or getting out". Farming as a way of life is being derided. As the rural communities are driven into the swollen big cities, this in turn helps to produce increasing social, as well as economic problems, which are the inevitable result of an over-concentration of human beings.

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