Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

23 November 1973. Thought for the Week: "The harvest of Soviet psychological warfare is designed to be reaped at the conference table."
Joseph Stalin, in Conquest Without War.


"Sir Robert Askin's coalition Government picked up eight seats in Saturday 's N.S.W. election. - The Australian, November 19th

We do not wish to dwell too heavily on this issue of the N.S.W. State election; the result was more or less a foregone conclusion; and the matter has received apt comment from the many political analysts of the mass media. As our comment ran in last week's ON TARGET, written before the election day, the electoral stocks of Mr. Whitlam's Federal Government haven't been improved. The real "benefit" of the non-Labor victory in N.S.W. will be likely to manifest itself during next year (1974) when the political tide commences to run heavily against the Canberra socialists. This will be forced along by a declining economy, already evident. Mr. Whitlam won't be able to rely on the support of the N.S.W. Government, when he will need every friend to help him.


"The family had to change its attitudes to survive; Liberal M.H.R. Mr. Chipp, said yesterday". - The Sun, (Melbourne), November 20th.

We had very much hoped that we had all said a final "Good-bye Mr. Chipp". His last opponent in his Melbourne federal electorate of Hotham was draft-resister Barry Johnson, who, without even appearing to make one solitary speech, won some 20,000 votes as against 26,000 for Mr. Don Chipp. A 'dinkum' A.L.P. candidate would have walked away with Hotham from Mr. Chipp, and we can only conclude that the powers in the background didn't want this to happen. Mr. Chipp was meant to stay!

The League of Rights makes no bones about its dislike for Mr. Chipp; he knows this, and has made no bones about his dislike for us. We are proud of our enemies. At a service club dinner in his electorate he told his poor listeners that the traditional family had gone forever; that mothers must stop telling their daughters to stop using gutter language when they wanted to discuss sexual matters. Fathers must be tolerant when their sons question the existence of God; and there was still more of this sick babbling. Parents must adapt to these "changes" (sex -drugs-atheism) and must not take on an intolerant attitude towards them.

We regard this view as perverted. Christian parents must, repeat must, be uncompromisingly intolerant and hostile to evil. Hostile to the promotion of sexual immorality, which degrades the human person; inasmuch as two human beings use each other's bodies for selfish lust, heedless and/or contemptuous of the consequences. Hostile to the promotion of drugs, which distort and erode the human personality, and separate the human being from reality, again with disastrous consequences. Hostile to atheism; a denial of the God whose creation we are and who will not be mocked. We do so at our peril. Yes. Mr. Chipp; God will not be mocked; as even you may discover.


"Direct Federal Government control over prices and incomes was a 'fundamentally misguided policy' which missed the central problem of inflation, a British economist said yesterday". - The Australian, November 20th

We wish that some of these professors who are supposed to be experts, would do something to halt inflation, and stop waffling on about matters about which they appear to know little. If they know what the central problem of inflation IS; then why don't they tackle it? In the meantime, inflation is growing worse, and we don't expect that this escalating rate of inflation will halt. Professor Michael Parkin says that he hoped that both proposals (Prices and Incomes) would be rejected at the December Referendum. One of his reasons is that too strict a control over wages and prices will lead to shortages; and we think that this is right.

He says:- "Perhaps the price of beef would have been contained, but if there's no beef in the shop, it's not much good to be told its price has been stabilised". True enough. Professor Parkin won't endear himself to Mr. Robert Hawke and the Trade Union Movement by his advocacy of a "certain amount" of unemployment. The Professor says:- "It is a fact that when the inflation rate is being brought down, the unemployment rate tends to move up, and the faster the inflation rate is being brought down, the higher the unemployment rate tends to move."

This is as complicated as 2 x 2 = 4. If the Government's monetary and fiscal policies are restrictive, of course the economy will be deflationary, AND UNEMPLOYMENT WILL RISE. And the more deflationary the economy, obviously the higher the unemployment. It depends upon the flow of bank credit through the tap. Perhaps the Professor would regard this view as simplistic; these academics in the field of phony "sciences (economic "science") love to make their jargon as complicated as possible. We accept that the Professor means well, and is sincere; but we don't think he has a clue concerning the real causes of inflation.


"A British group of medical and scientific experts has reported, after a 10-year study, that there is no case for adding fluoride to water supplies in the United Kingdom." -The Geelong Advertiser, November 10th.

This group is the Scientific Committee for the Study of Fluoridation Hazards, comprising doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and other scientists. It began its investigations in 1963, and these show that fluoridation does initially reduce the incidence of dental decay, and this would show up in statistics (which it does- there's no doubt about that) but that fluoride merely delays the onset of tooth decay in children for one to two years, and thereafter proceeds as rapidly as in children who have not had fluoridated water regularly.

We have long suspected this, as we know from areas in the U.S.A. that have had fluoridated water for longer than ten years that the number of dentists per unit of population has never decreased! On the contrary, there are areas in which the number of dentists per unit of population has increased; whatever reasons can be advanced for this, the case for fluoridation is not enhanced.

The Scientific Committee made many other assertions, of a scientific nature against fluoride, which, frankly, are beyond our competence. We have always advised supporters of the League, who are laymen, not to become involved in technicalities, as these are the proper preserve of technically trained specialists, and it is so easy to appear foolish if one is foolish enough to step outside one's limitations. Our opposition to fluoridation is on principle; freedom of choice for the individual.

We also oppose mass medication, which some of the fluoridationists say it is not; we say it is. We are also puzzled and perturbed at the personal attacks, and even the viciousness which opponents of fluoridation meet. There have been underhand innuendos against dental scientists, and others of high academic repute, whom we know, and who have expressed opposition to fluoridation. It's enough to make one suspicious that, somewhere in the background, there is big money involved. So often politicians, and yes newspapers, have reversed their stand against fluoridation more or less overnight. It's all most curious.


Two former liberal Prime Ministers, (Messrs. Gorton & McMahon - Ed) yesterday opposed their present leader and supported the Prime Minister (Mr. Whitlam) on a coming referendum." - The Age, {Melbourne) November 15th.

We are having referenda, with a vengeance, now that the Canberra Constitution snippers are out to grab all the powers they can for their "Australian" Government, at the expense of the individual. Mr. Gorton has always been a centralist; he'll never change his spots. The Liberal and Country Parties have decided to oppose all three proposals of a Referendum to be held co-jointly with the Senate elections next year (1974). We shall not make lengthy comment here and now on the issues -we shall have plenty to say about the proposals of the Referendum in due course. Suffice it to say the League opposes all parts of this Referendum. As the Bill for the Referendum may not pass the Senate, this is too premature a time for details. Our purpose in even mentioning the matter is to draw attention to the indecent haste with which the Canberra Socialists are attacking the Australian Constitution, which stands between the individual and tyranny.


In a drab world in which there seldom occurs any public event to gladden the hearts of the faithful, who understand evil forces concerned with fashioning events, - Watergate for instance - the Royal wedding of Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips was like a blinding meteor bursting through the all pervading gloom. As an event in the personal lives of the young couple concerned it may never loom large in history, but as a reminder to the world and those evil men who delude themselves with the greatest of all delusion, world power, this wedding served as a reminder that there are eternal values which are indestructible.

The 500 million watchers were forcibly reminded that heritage is a tangible thing, binding together millions of people in many different countries; not only those in the British Commonwealth, but all those no matter what their nationality who recognised those eternal truths which were enunciated during the service; the promises and vows given and made. There is no doubt they would identify with the cheering crowds that lined the route from the great Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

The event was not the strutting of political leaders, but of on-going tradition. Political leaders come and go; their contribution to stability and security often of doubtful value. It was interesting to note the arrival of three of Britain's political leaders; Messrs. Heath, Prime Minister, Barber, Treasurer, and Carr, Home Secretary. To say the least all looked worried, if not furtive; and not in the least as though they were glad to be present. Mercifully, the cameras did not show their reaction when the Bible reading from Ephesians - Chapter six was being read. "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world; against spiritual wickedness in high places." No doubt the cameras would have revealed three shaken politicians trying to slide under their seats.

It is interesting to speculate as to who chose such a reading, knowing it was going out to 500 million people of the world; victims of an increasing intensity of "wickedness in high places." For all the bad news and assaults on basic values television brings, this one broadcast did much to compensate. It brought something of real value.


On Thursday November 15, Senator Murphy introduced a Bill into the Senate described as a Bill of Rights, which amongst other things bans racial discrimination. As a Bill it appears to be one that uses sugar coating to conceal its deadly intent. The sugar coating is the high-flown rhetoric about freedom of the press, the right to privacy, freedom from arbitrary arrest, and the right to own property. This exercise in political showmanship would invoke a great deal of cynical laughter amongst those migrant groups who have already had a taste of Senator Murphy's desire to protect their freedom.

When politicians, whose driving ambition is to filch power from lesser bodies, such as the States and Local Government, and then concentrate them at Canberra, in order to complete the destruction of the rights of those bodies; it does not take very much discernment to see the Senator's little game. That is to destroy the individual Australian's appeal to his own Constitution. For this tricky piece of legislation was brought down as a result of Australia signing the United Nations Covenant on civil and political rights.

The subterfuge engaged in by the Senator, and the international socialist political party he represents, is to say that Section 51 clause 29 of our Constitution, gives Federal Parliament power to make laws with respect to external affairs. Like a lot of other liberties that have been taken with our Constitution, it was never envisaged that it would be used to pass to an international body the right to make laws, which would then be binding upon the Australian people, and as such is a lawyer's trick designed to acquire powers never intended by the Constitution.


Centralization & World Government

Not only is centralization making its destructive progress inside nations; the amalgamation of nations is being advocated. The "Common Market" in Western Europe is the prototype. Once again, the drive for centralization stems from the insistence that the present finance-economic policies demand progressively bigger units. The fact that the "Common Market" - the European Economic Community - has solved no real problems, but has produced many new ones does not deter those who claim that problems can be solved by making them bigger.

All of this stems from a false philosophy. Rather than repent those projecting this philosophy seek to use each new problem their policies produce to further policies rooted in the same philosophy. The end result of the policy of progressive centralization is, of course, the World State. Irrespective of what label is used to describe such a World State, in reality it must be a World Dictatorship, with power in the hands of the permanent international bureaucracy.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159