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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

16 March 1973. Thought for the Week: "Not to know what happened before one was born is always to be a child."
Cicero, the famous Roman statesman and philosopher.


"The Australian Medical Association has asked the Federal Government to waive United Nations sanctions to allow Rhodesian doctors into Australia for medical conferences. The AMA says international educational and medical meetings should be exempt from the sanctions, which prohibit visits by Rhodesians except on humanitarian grounds. The Secretary-General of the AMA (Dr. E.S. Stuckey) has written to the Minister for Immigration (Mr. Grassby) appealing for a more liberal policy on visiting doctors." - The Age, Melbourne, March 9th, 1973.

It should be recalled that last year the Liberal-Country Party Government refused to grant a visa to a representative of the Rhodesian Medical Association to attend the world conference on General Practice in Melbourne. Spokesmen claimed that they were bound by the decisions of the United Nations. Mr. Grassby now says that he is "powerless to vary the UN sanction." So much for the much-vaunted "independence" of the Whitlam Government. It does as it is told, just as the previous Government did as it was told.

What happened on December 2 of last year was that there was a change of administrators at Canberra, not a change in basic policies. We trust that an increasing number of Australians take note of the fact that their Minister for Immigration is "powerless" to permit Rhodesian doctors to attend a medical conference in Australia." Mr. Grassby and his colleagues may be quite happy to be pushed around by those responsible for the war against Rhodesia, but we trust that red-blooded Australians will reject this cringing attitude.

Should Government Members, or "Opposition" Members for that matter, claim that sanctions have been imposed upon an "illegal regime", they should be presented with a copy of Dr. Walter Henderson's brilliant booklet on Rhodesia and asked if they can fault what is said. While Rhodesian doctors are being kept out of Australia, Communists from Red China, North Vietnam and East Germany are welcomed in.


During the Federal Election campaign Mr. Al Grassby and other Labor spokesmen on Labor's rural policy, specifically stated that a Labor Government would make available $500 million of long-term rural credit at 3 per cent interest. Shortly after the elections a "Labor spokesman" was reported as having said that this promise was one, which would not be kept.

The National Director of The Australian League of Rights, Mr. Eric Butler, recently wrote to Mr. Grassby asking him about this report, and whether his promises were just a pre-election "gimmick" or whether he had been over-ruled by his colleagues. The result was a telegram from Mr. Grassby, dated March 8th. The text read:
"Letter received. Suggest spokesman referred to was Liberal not Labor. Election promise of long-term low interest credit will be honoured. This will take time to devise best system. I pointed out during campaign that 500 million dollars of rural credit at 3 per cent interest could be made available by bank guarantee. This is one of the forms of credit, which will be considered. Have never yet been party to election gimmicks. Continue to hold my opinion and policies as firmly as ever. - A.J. Grassby."

With the greatest respect to Mr. Grassby, we predict that he will be just as "powerless" on the question of long-term, low-interest credit as he says he is on Rhodesia. We have no doubt that Mr. Grassby has read the address on rural policy by his colleague, Senator Wriedt, delivered at an A.L.P, rural conference at Healesville, Victoria, last week end. Senator Wriedt read an address prepared for him by his "advisers". There was the usual talk about the necessity for "skilled marketing". But no mention of any of that long-term. low-interest credit promised before the Federal Elections. Perhaps Senator Wriedt, who is described as the Minister for Primary Industries, could shed some light on what length of time will be necessary to devise the "best system" mentioned by Mr. Grassby.


The essential Australian heritage, and the symbols of that heritage, are coming under mounting attacks from traitors and their dupes. Mr. Jeremy Lee, Queensland State Director of the League of Rights, and Mr. Eric Butler, will speak at a Melbourne public meeting on Friday, March 30, at 8 p.m. Place: 1Younger Ross Hall, Keppel Street, Carlton, Melbourne. The flag, National Anthem, the Crown, and the Federal Constitution will be dealt with. All patriots are invited to attend instead of remaining the "silent majority".


"I swore allegiance to the Queen when I was naturalised in 1958 and am still proud of it." This was said last week by Sandringham's Cr, John Merkus after Federal Cabinet had approved a new oath of allegiance that would exclude the name of the Queen. "We have one of the best democratic systems in the world, and I think we should keep the name of the Queen". He said, "I just don't see how dropping her name is going to help the majority -either emotionally, socially or materially."
Cr. Merkus said that as the Queen was not associated with politics, he could see no reason for dropping her name. "But the way the Labor Government is going, it would probably be inevitable", he said. - Sandringham & Brighton Advertiser. Victoria, Feb. 21st.

Cr. Merkus was supported in his comments by his Councillor colleagues. The truth is that a large number of non-British migrants are more appreciative of Australia's traditional institutions than many Australian born. The removal of the Queen's name - she is Queen of Australia - from the oath of allegiance is, of course, but one more subtle move to take Australia down the Republican path. And that path leads to complete totalitarianism.

It was the notorious Marxist theoretician Harold Laski who said that it was impossible to establish a Marxist society while the Crown remained. A recent headline in a Sunday paper reads, "WHAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PLANS FOR YOU." Hitler could not have put it more clearly.


"If ever there was a case for an F.B.I.-style police organization in Australia, the Whiskey Au Go Go firebombing provides just that. " - Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, March 11th.

The views in the Opinion column, from which the above, extract is taken, put forward the line that the nation is now unfortunately confronted with an enhanced wave of violence with which State police are too inefficient to cope. Also there is the danger of graft and corruption, which, we are asked to believe would never penetrate the pure and airy levels of a Commonwealth Police Force.
The writer asserts: - "There is little doubt that well-known criminals currently walking city streets are involved. One reason suggested by the Attorney-General, Senator Lionel Murphy, for an F.B.I.-type force was that it would enable Federal authorities to step in where State officers might be hampered by corruption and intimidation."

In our view, no organization of any type is "graft-proofed" by just making it bigger, and our assertion is that an organization becomes less efficient as it becomes bigger, for the principal reason that the chain of command becomes longer; more and more bureaucracy separating the order-giver from the order-doer; to say nothing of the stifling of individual initiative. To assert that any Big-Brother-oriented police force would be any more free from "corruption and intimidation" than the present State police forces, is to be most naïve. We see dangers in bigness - problems aren't solved by making them bigger.


"Australians do not understand the differences between Aboriginals and whites, and many regard them as 'black white men', a biologist said yesterday, " - The Australian, March 12th.

Professor Barry Boettcher's views will not please the woolly-minded do-gooders, and the subversives in particular, whose base rests primarily on the postulate that all races are the same, irrespective of colour, culture, ethnic grouping etc. (the Equalitarian Dogma). This is rejected by many of the foremost anthropologists (not social anthropologists, who are trained in social anthropology, a pseudo, and suspect, 'science'.)

Scientific anthropologists assert that the differences in thought patterns between white and black races, for instance, are just as varied as the differences in their respective skin pigmentations. This does not please the subversives, as to admit this is to admit that a primitive people perhaps would be better off without the white man's voting system, which most white men don't understand fully, anyway. The key point is that if all races, and primitive ones in particular, are regarded as 'equal' in all ways, whatever that means, then these primitive people are ready victims for the white man's political systems, rotten as they have become.

What has the white man's 'majority rule' done for the poor devils in the Congo, Nigeria, Biafra, Zanzibar etc. etc.? Only brought bloodshed and tyranny, and a level of life far lower than the one they had under the 'evil colonialists'. The South Africans are aware of the fallacies of this Equalitarian Dogma because they have lived with the problem for over three hundred years. But of course, the South Africans don't know as much about the problem as any twisted little Marxist misfit spewed out by any of our higher 'seats of learning', with a political science degree taped onto him.

Professor Boettcher is Foundation Professor of biological sciences at Newcastle University, N.S.W. He stated on the A.B.C. science programme, "Insight", that Aboriginals inherited behavioural characteristics very different from those of Europeans, and that Australians were trying to impose foreign behaviour patterns on Aboriginals. We have no doubt at all that this is so; the tragedy is that the Aboriginals are in the main not benefiting at all from this culture imposition, and even worse, are being used callously and cynically by subversives as raw material in the planned disruption of the Australian Society.


"Henry Hewson will hear no suggestion of removing the Union Jack from the Australian Flag. " - The Australian, March 12th.

Mr. Henry Hewson is the new Country Party member for the Federal seat of McMillan (Vic.) We are unable to quote Mr. Hewson's speech in full because of limitations of space, but we can say that it is like a breath of fresh air to hear a politician speak out so forcefully and fearlessly in defence of our British, Christian traditions. We thoroughly endorse the following extract from Mr. Hewson's address: -
"It is clear that there are elements within our midst desirous of deleting any reference to our ancestral mother country ... Let us not allow anyone to downgrade the flag that symbolises so much of our Christian and British way of life… Red, white, and blue are precious colours to us...

All League supporters should congratulate Mr. Hewson on his speech; he would probably be pleased to provide a copy of it - it is well worth the reading in full.


"The Federal Opposition Leader, Mr. Snedden, yesterday accused the A.C.T.U. of seeking to become the biggest landlord in Australia under the pretence of providing cheap housing." - The Australian, March 12th.

There are wheels within wheels here. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the origin of the financial backing for this great socialistic A.C.T.U. scheme. The capital is to be brought in from Israel; Mr. Hawke has been the fixer for that. But does this capital originate in Israel? If not, where does it come from? Let us recall that Israel itself is not an economically viable nation, but is kept afloat by massive injections of financial aid from abroad; principally from the Jewish population of the U.S.A. We are not hearing any 'Labor' politicians at Canberra fulminating against this new evidence of foreign investment. Why the silence? Mr. Snedden stated that the new Treasurer, Mr. Frank Crean, has it that Australia can generate all the capital it requires. Then who is Mr. Hawke serving here? Apparently not Australia, we don't need foreign capital. Mr. Snedden charges that the "trade union movement exerts-enormous pressure on the Government. Obviously this is so; in this case the owners of the capital would have to get around the Reserve Bank requirement that one quarter of imported capital must be deposited, interest free, with the Reserve Bank, thus forcing up the interest rate: e.g. a borrowing at 7.5% must be raised now to 10% to recover 7.5% interest payable on the total foreign capital sum. Mr. Snedden asks a very pertinent question; - "Is this the way to obtain cheap housing?"


OPERATION EXPOSURE is 'biting'; so much so that new contacts brought in to the League of Rights Movement only very recently are now themselves ordering and distributing the brochure and participating in OPERATION EXPOSURE. Supporters will be gladdened to learn that ONE-QUARTER OF A MILLION brochures have now been printed, and we are only just warming up! It looks now that we shall easily exceed the HALF MILLION distribution we anticipated - it should go to the MILLION.
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