Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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22 July 2011 Thought for the Week:

Billions of reasons for Climate Alarm: Joanne Nova lists the billions of dollars flowing to the UN, thanks to Climate Change alarm advocated by… no other than the UN’s high authority on climate change, listened to by western governments and scientific society… the IPCC. Your Carbon Tax money flowing to the UN bureaucrats and 3rd World corrupt governments for the 50 million climate refugees… that don’t exist.

- You can download the climate change fraud documents from the link below: or
- Abbott refuses to confirm or deny that the Howard Government’s Cabinet did not specifically endorse John Howard’s own promise to implement an emissions trading scheme.
- Andrew Bolt’s MTR, July 12 2011

- When in power, John Howard’s government made a grab for control of Water – which is a State responsibility under the Commonwealth Constitution.  


The following release is from Senator Barnaby Joyce:
“I thought one-world government was a conspiracy theory, then I heard the de facto deputy PM on Radio National. Well, welcome to the world of a new broad based consumption tax to sit on top of the other green state based taxes and swindles, and of course the GST.
Welcome to the capacity of the government to jack the tax take via your power point, as they please, to pay back their gross debt of $194.4 billion.
Welcome to the fact that the Prime Minister said this is the deal before even a draft of the legislation has made it to the Parliament, another insult to your democratic rights.
Welcome to the Brown-Gillard-Windsor alliance saying this will save the Great Barrier Reef and stop droughts, a pitch that would put the dodgiest second hand car dealer to shame.
Welcome to the world where a member of the new government alliance, Bob Brown, has stated about the carbon price this morning on ABC radio that: … it’s not locked in for 15 years to no change, this has got upward flexibility. It means that through the processes, including a Climate Change Authority here, we will be able to keep pace with the rest of the world as inevitably more mature and reasoned action is taken against the enormous threat of climate change in the years ahead.

Collected via Power Point in Your Home:
Let's all just retire from the Parliament as your rights follow your $3 billion of carbon credits, collected via a power point in your home just above the skirting board, to some other corner of the globe. Instead, a new Canberra bureaucracy, or Authority, will decide what the carbon tax should be in the future. They didn't need to go to an election to introduce it and now they don't think they need to go to the Parliament to increase it”.

Editor’s comment: Bravo! Barnaby Joyce you are setting an example for those wimps in Parliament; why they might even grow backbones. But seriously, the fight doesn’t end with the Great Carbon Tax battle, you need to come to grips with Australia’s ever-escalating financial debts and understand there are answers to the black magic that passes for financial orthodoxy.

Download Jeremy Lee’s MP3 “New World Order and Global Debt

- As to how a One-World Government could operate a Carbon Currency Rationing Future go here:

Please note the DATE in the following snippett from Julian Huxley's "The Architectural Review":
International Power Monopoly Control: From the point of view of the industrial districts which arc to receive the current, quite apart from the waste involved in transportation, it means that their homes and industries can be controlled from a source outside the influence of local feeling and action. This method, control by an international power monopoly through a transmission grid supplied from outside the zones in question, was in fact suggested for the control of the German people shortly after he War, by Harold G. Moulton (President of the Brookings Institution) and Louis Marlio, in their book “The Control of Germany and Japan”, and was shown to have many advantages over the more blatant military and police methods.

The ultimate, and not at all remote, conclusion of the matter, if the intentions of 'the Planners are carried out, is quite openly stated by Julian Huxley (later the first Secretary-General of U.N.E.S.C.O.) in “The Architectural Review”, as long ago as June, 1943, and quoted, with evident approval, by [David E.] Lilienthal, (T.V.A. Chairman of the Authority) in his book: “T.V.A.-Democracy on the March” (Penguin Edition 1944; p. 174):

" . . . Studies,' writes Huxley, "are being made of how a set-up of general T.V.A. type could be adapted to serve as an international instead of a national agency (thus among other things undercutting and transcending nationalist sovereignties, as the T.V.A. undercuts and transcends State rights and boundaries)..." That seems sufficiently clear!"

What about Brown’s Global Parliament proposition?

I wonder can the ALoR now expect apologies from some of the old political warhorses who once prattled on about the UN’s New International Economic Order as being ‘a figment of the imagination of the League of Rights’? See here.....(  


Our history is dotted with instances of politicians attempting to grab more powers unto themselves. But this time it is the one-world-government politicians’ attempts to grab some of Australia’s taxing powers and hand them over to the United Nations. One such historical instance was the 1942 attempted power-grab by Labor’s Fabian Attorney General, Dr H.V. Evatt. Under the pretext of ‘war time emergency’ he wanted the States to hand over a number of their powers to Canberra.

Every State agreed - except Tasmania’s Upper House, led by a former Test Cricket captain Joe Darling. He told Evatt to "go home and hold a constitutional referendum under Section 128", which had been included in the Commonwealth Constitution expressly for such a purpose.
Evatt did NOT want to do this but because of Tasmania's stand finally had to hold the 1944 “14 Powers Referendum”, where Australians said "No", with the biggest vote of all in Tasmania.

Read here.... “Constitutional Sabotage” 31/8/1973  


Barnaby Joyce has called on Joel Fitzgibbon Labor MP to do just that: “Joel, if you represent Hunter you'll vote against the carbon tax. I have been travelling around the Hunter Valley and I can't find one person who supports the carbon tax, not one, and believe you me I have been asking for their opinion.
It would seem that for local member Joel Fitzgibbon sticking by his mates in Canberra is more important than sticking by his mates in Hunter. Joel, I know it will be tough for a while but, take it from me, you will survive crossing the floor. Labor will be dirty on it for a while but they'll get over it.

Joel, I managed to do it only a year and half ago, and about 20 other times as well I think. I reckon Joel you can do it once. You'll survive Joel you really will and you would have done something incredible you would have represented your constituents.
Don't think that the people I spoke to today don't understand that if you cross the floor you can stop the carbon tax. Even your Labor mate Tony Windsor says that you should represent your constituents, though he seems to have forgotten about that lately.

So I tell the people of Hunter that Joel can stop the carbon tax. Your local member has immense power. Even if he just said he would cross the floor he could stop it. Let’s see how big the heart in his chest really is. Let’s see what he really thinks of you. So, Joel you tell your constituents that you are not going to vote for it, you are going to cross the floor, you are going to represent the people of Hunter first and foremost. When those little bells ring and those little green lights flash, just walk into the chamber, toughen up and vote for Hunter”. (emphasis added…ed)  


Windsor's actions responsible for increasing costs of local council - Senator Barnaby Joyce: 13th July 2011. Tony Windsor's support of the Green-Labor-Independent government and his support of the carbon tax has led to a $300,000 increase in the electricity costs of his local council, which no doubt will have to be retrieved via increased rates. The Tamworth's Regional Council annual electricity bill is $3 million a year. With the carbon tax set to increase electricity prices by another 10%, the carbon tax will increase Tamworth's electricity costs alone by $300,000.

Last night the Tamworth Regional Council unanimously supported a decision to investigate the full impact on the Council's costs caused by the carbon tax. No doubt road construction costs will go up, bridge construction costs will go up and the transport fuel costs, from 2014, are going to go up. The Council has also called on the Federal government to compensate the people of Tamworth for the costs of a carbon tax that they didn't ask for and haven't voted for. Of course if Mr Windsor didn't support a carbon tax then we wouldn't have a carbon tax and the rates wouldn't be going up because of the carbon tax. So no doubt the people of Tamworth will be thrilled to bits about the actions of their local federal member when they get their next rates notice. Similarly so will the people of Inverell, Gunnedah, Glen Innes, and Walcha.

All this cost for absolutely zero outcome in its affect on the climate:
All these costs so we can assist banks to make more commissions on the future trading of permits. No doubt the people of Tamworth will be thrilled to know that some of their rates will be sent overseas to buy carbon permits.

I read today that Mr Windsor is heading off to Spain to study renewable projects there. (

I hope he gets the time to investigate the Spanish 'night time' solar power fraud, where in 2009-10 diesel generators were producing 'solar' power at night and claiming the associated subsidised tariff price. (

Solar panel at night, now that really is global warming. This is the kind of show that we are getting ourselves into when we start sending $3.5 billion of taxpayers' money offshore to buy carbon credits.
P.S. I should have got Barnaby to write this week’s On Target!....ed.  


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
So long as a nation continues to account its assets (physical and spiritual) as a liability, it will flounder and be headed for ruin. As British Social Crediter Eric de Mare concluded his book "A Matter of Life or Debt" (U.S. ed., 1991): "This monstrous confidence trick, this bogus numerology, this mad metaphysical rite of borrowing oneself out of debt, ( is still blindly accepted by political leaders of every persuasion all over the world. It is so destructive and so crazy that it may bring all life on this planet to a hideous end. Are we to vanish from this earth without even a whimper of protest against the cause of that possible tragedy? Nothing in the world will, or can, go right until we first get our money sums right.

Social Credit advocates the National (Consumer) Dividend and the Compensated Price (retail at point of sale) in the context of a properly constructed National Credit Account so that we can draw upon the national credit (i.e., production capacity) rather than incurring endless accumulating and un-repayable financial debts.

There are two forms of ‘credit
Actually there are two forms of "credit": (1) Real Credit being the ability to produce goods and services as, when and where required or desired, and (2) Financial Credit being the ability to create money as, when and where required. There should be an equation between the two forms of credit.

When debt-driven prosperity reaches a point where the accumulated debt is no longer sustainable, credit is restricted and economic recession or depression is induced. At this point the banking system and stronger economic entities foreclose on the weaker ones revealing the essentially confiscatory nature of the existing defective and predatory financial system that issues money only as debt.

The increasing "gap" between consumer prices and incomes should not be bridged by new money created by banks as debt-claims against the future, but by new consumer-credits created without being registered as debt and paid in direct support of consumption.
The National (Consumer) Dividend and Compensated Price (to lower consumer goods prices) as proposed by C. H. Douglas are the Social Credit mechanisms offered as an appropriate correction to the problems of distributing goods and accumulating un-repayable financial debt.
When consumer goods have been completed and are ready for purchase by consumers the physical costs (the human and non-human energy and materials) have already been provided or "paid." A realistic financial system would reflect this fact.

Don’t Forget “De-Coding Mammon: Money in Need of Redemption” is available online from the University of Exeter:  


by James Reed|
The International Monetary Fund is more than a little bit worried that Greece’s debt problems could go global. Well, why not, global is the buzz-word now. The IMF solution is for countries which it has bailed out – Greece, Portugal and Iceland – to become a “fully integrated” monetary union. In other words, solve the problem of poisoning by swallowing ever more of the international financial toxin.

If Greece defaults, US and British banks will face the tab and the bankers will put down their greasy KFC and give us another GFC. And a mighty fine thing that would be! The bigger the crash the better the social credit option of financial self-reliance looks. Bring it on Mr Banker!


The League Immigration Special by James Reed
For Big Business, Australia faces a “skills shortage” primarily for firms involved in energy and minerals projects (e.g., The Australian, May 6, 2011, p.12).
Those who write about this, project that millions of workers will be needed because of the mining boom. But it doesn’t add up. Are these workers going to be using picks and shovels, 18th century style? Mining is a high-tech low-labour industry. You simply don’t need hundreds of thousands of workers, let alone migrants, for an economy which leads to a nation being just a hole in the ground for China.

The migrants who are not on the dole stay in the cities in service jobs and create competition for housing which keeps the capitalist class happy. If there was a skills shortage, it is our own youth who should be trained and given a future. 


As reported in The Occidental Observer, 7 Jul 2011, Michael Danby, a Jewish MP in the Australian Parliament, has “enthusiastically agreed” to the idea of bringing to Australia thousands of Africans who have illegally immigrated to Israel (“Danny Danon: Send African Immigrants to Australia“; Jerusalem Post). The idea originated with Danny Danon, a Likud MP well known for his far right views.

Being a good rightist, Danon thinks that the immigrants are a threat to the Jewish identity of Israel:
“The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity… On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority.”

The implicit idea is that Australia, being a traditionally European society, has no identity at all except to abstract principles. So it’s not surprising that Danby wholeheartedly agrees with the plan. Being a good Jew in Australia means being an enthusiastic cheerleader for non-White immigration—long the policy of the organized Jewish community in Australia and throughout the Jewish Diaspora in the West.

This is particularly obvious in the case of Prof. Andrew Fraser’s adventures with the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission: [Fraser] had written a letter published in a newspaper suggesting that “once black African colonies in Australia grow in size and in confidence, one can reasonably expect a number of social problems and rising levels of crime and violence.”

In his comments before the Commission, Fraser noted that the charges against him by an African had actually been instigated by “several organized Jewish groups that boast openly of the campaign they have organized against me,” citing articles in Jewish newspapers. Fraser wrote that Jewish individuals and organizations had acted “to further their shared ethnic interest in the growth of a multi-racial society in Australia.”

Like Danny Danon, Fraser is worried about the effect of immigration on national identity, stating that:

[The organized Jewish community] must understand that, as Australia becomes a multi-racial society, it is inevitable that Anglo-Australians, having observed the self-interested activities of other racial, ethnic and religious groups, are bound to become more conscious of their own distinctive racial identity. Many white Australians already feel that they are losing their ancestral homeland to a massive influx of Third World migrants hostile or indifferent to the ethnic interests of the host society… The simple fact is that a multi-racial immigration policy is not obviously and necessarily in the best interests of white Australians.

So Danby is promoting policies that are destructive of racial/ethnic and national identity in Australia while he also supports a plan to make sure that Israel remains ethnically and culturally Jewish. A win-win situation if ever there was one…
And I will wager lots of money that when Danby presents Danon’s plan to Parliament, it will be couched in the most high-flown language of moral universalism and human rights. One would have to be positively demonic to oppose admitting thousands of impoverished, illiterate Eritreans. And I suppose that there will be AIPAC-like monitoring of the votes of Australian MPs so insensitive as to oppose such an obviously humanitarian plan aimed at benefiting Israel. After all, it’s important to know who your friends are.

The article to which The Occidental Observer refers
“Danny Danon: Send African migrants to Australia” By Lahav Harkov 30/06/2011. Friday 6 Tammuz 5771 13:52 IST

“Likud MK and Australian MP discuss "humane solution" for thousands of 'Muslim infiltrators in Israel: Send them to live down under. MK Danny Danon (Likud) asked Australian MP Michael Danby on Wednesday to propose, in parliament in Canberra, sending African migrants from Israel to Australia. Danon and Danby discussed the issue during the Australian politician’s visit to Israel for the World Jewish Congress’s International Conference of Jewish Parliamentarians.

‘Infiltrators’ a clear threat to state’s Jewish identity - Danon
“The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity,” Danon told The Jerusalem Post. “The refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution. On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority,” he explained. Danon said Danby enthusiastically agreed to present the idea to the Australian Parliament. Danby was not available for comment, however, as he was in-flight on his way back to Australia.

According to the Knesset’s Research and Information Center, there were 35,638 migrants in Israel as of May. Fewer than 1 percent are recognized by the UN as refugees. Some 61% of the migrants – 21,748 people – are Eritrean, however, and categorized as members of a “temporary humanitarian protection group” by the UN, because they cannot be returned safely to their home country due to internal strife.

“Since Australia has a policy of accepting refugees and groups under protection, I would appreciate it if you could promote a solution in which Australia would accept those who seeking refuge,” Danon wrote in a letter to the MP from Melbourne following their meeting”.  


It is close to eleven years since this OT Vol.35 No.39, 2000 report:
Mr. Isi Liebler, a long-time opponent and critic of the League of Rights, seems to have double standards on the issue of multiculturalism. Melbourne’s Herald Sun (27/9/2000) reported:
"Melbourne Jewish leader Isi Liebler, a staunch defender of Australian multiculturalism, says the policy has no place in Israel. "'This is a country which was set up and created as a Jewish country for the Jews,' he told a Jerusalem newspaper."

Mr. Liebler has previously said that multiculturalism in Australia was something that 'we are all proud being part and parcel of..."' … Funny how views change depending on the hat you are wearing. It doesn't look as though there is much future for Palestinians in Isi's view of things. " Not then nor today.  


by Chris Knight
By the time you read this the space rock 2011 MD would have missed the Earth by about 12,000kms. A few months ago another asteroid missed the earth by only 5,500kms. The latest space rock is 10metres in diameter and if it hit a city would probably level it. Doomsday rocks 1km or more in diameter and are thought to be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs about 65million years ago. Why has God made a world where mass extinctions of life have occurred? Does it constitute a biological problem of evil as a theological question if such organisms are extinguished?

Obviously here the free will defence does not arise. What I think a constituent Christian position would be is to accept that these organisms are not of moral value and were removed to make way for humans, who have souls and thus are of moral value. A Christian then cannot be a deep ecologist and give an independent moral value to nature. But that does not mean that nature is there to senselessly exploit as capitalism and socialism do. Although of higher value, we are still part of the web of life. In the infinity of the stars, in the vast cosmic vacuum, a spark of the divine can still be seen.  


by Peter West
Anyone with any new ideas about a reality TV show to entertain bored consumerists in the West? Down in Mexico, a place ruled by ongoing drug wars, one drug cartel, the Zeta gang, has created a new sport.
Where other drug cartels are content to behead and even cook enemies, this cartel has created: ‘who wants to be the next hitman?” There, victims fight gladiator matches with machetes and other crude weapons, so that the winner earns the chance to work as an assassin, the loser, of course, dies.

Drug wars have claimed the lives of over 35,000 people in the last five years in Mexico’s northern border regions. (The Australian, June 16, 2011, p.11) Illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States is dissolving the south of the United States causing it to fall into Mexico’s north. This will extend the playground of the drug cartels even further. Welcome to the world of mass immigration.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Stephen Keim SC, President, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, has said: “Under Australian law Oskar Schindler would be committing offences for protecting Jews”. (The Australian, June 15, 2011, p.6) According to Keim, the Australian government is “demonising” Indonesian fishermen facing people-smuggling charges. Since January about 300 of these “itinerant fishermen” have been transferred from prison facilities bursting at the seams to processing in Victorian, NSW and Queensland courts. They face, if found guilty, mandatory sentences of five years. Human rights lawyers argue that this “will do little to deter asylum-seekers, consume scarce judicial resources and cost taxpayers millions”.

Oh – you win! Let them all go with a sweet sugar plum. What can we say, the ultimate knockdown argument has been given – it will cost us. By that reasoning don’t imprison anyone at all. And it is just a rhetorical flourish to say that Oskar Schindler would, under Australian law, be committing an offence. Schindler was not engaging in people smuggling. He was not a foreign national bringing illegal aliens into a sovereign country. Any more politically correct arguments where this came from?  


The South Australian State Weekend will be held on 13th and 14th of August 2011. The Public Schools’ Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide has been booked for the two days. This will be a major event in celebration of the League of Rights’ 65th year. Make every effort to attend. The theme for the seminar is “Breaking New Ground”

Speakers, Saturday 13th August 2011: Commencing 12.45pm
• Dr. Frances Hutchinson, Chair of the Social Credit Secretariat, economist and author from the UK.
Her topics will be: “The Writing of Understanding the Financial System” and “Try It on a Map” - Dr. Hutchinson explains that if we understand the present we will have a better grasp of the future.

• Mr. Bill Carey, farmer of Streaky Bay SA, will speak to “Australia: Latecomer in Present World Drama”.
Bill Carey is a farmer from Streaky Bay on the west coast of South Australia; not for him and his fellow farmers are the experiences of ‘green and shaded lanes alongside gently flowing streams’ as Dorothea Mackellar describes ‘the old country’ in her poem “My Country”.
Oh no! The Australian farmer has to contend with ‘a wilful lavish mistress’ - a ‘wide, harsh brown country, a land of droughts and flooding rains’.
Together with the late Jim Cronin, Bill set up “Bankwatch” in the late 1980’s to help drought-stricken farmers about to be forced off their lands by the banks. (Read here…

Speakers, Sunday 14th August 2011 Commencing 11.00am
• Dr. Frances Hutchinson, “Finance and the Threefold Commonwealth” and “In Praise of Idleness”, insisting it’s time to move beyond anger, blame and protest. It’s time to work towards a vision of routes out of all this mess!

• Mr. Harry Dreckow and son Brenton will speak to: “We Went the Organic Way”
Harry pioneered organic-farming in his area of Mylor and has now handed over to his very capable farmer-son Brenton.

• There will also be “Time Out for Some Creative Thinking”
What do you think of the proposition that “Waste = Food” in this wasteful, extravagant western world?

Charges for the Two-Day Seminar are: One Day-$20.00 : Both Days-$25.00

Meals: Saturday Bawden Memorial 3-Course Dinner $32.00 : Sunday 2-Course Lunch $20.00

** Phone Doug and Jean Holmes on 08 8258 7005 and make your bookings NOW.  

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