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12 April 2013 Thought for the Week:

Canada's Banking System: “The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation featured a panel on Banking and one of the participants claimed that banks lend their customers' deposits and make their money on the interest "spread''.

My post “Cornucopia2” in response to this claim: “I am astonished that any serious commentator on banking and economics could in the twenty-first century assert that "banks make their money on the interest spread" by lending money deposited with them to customers.
They do no such thing. Banks are not borrowers and lenders of money. They are creators and destroyers of credit. When a bank makes a loan it creates the credit for the loan and thereby expands the money supply. When the loan is repaid the bank cancels the money received and reduces the money supply. The loan precedes the deposit. That is how money comes into being--and the money supply expands because the rate of borrowing exceeds the rate of repayment.”

- - Wallace Klinck, Canada. April 2013

One of the participants on the panel – John Stanford, an economist - got this part right:
“Part of the problem is the unique power that we’ve given banks. Banks, literally do have the power to create money. When they issue a new loan they create money…”


by James Reed
One of the authors of the Gilly government’s White Paper, Australia in the Asian Century (October 2012) is Dr Ken Henry, former Secretary of the Treasury. On November 20, 2012, he delivered the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Cunningham Lecture: “Australia in the Asian Century: Who Would Want to be Held Responsible for Australia’s Future?”

The paper contains all of the standard Asianist themes that China will soon be no.1, that it is “stupid” to think about militarily containing China and that Australia’s survival requires complete integration with Asia, what I would call “surrender” as I see it. No Asian country, even Hong Kong, engaged in this submission during the American century but for some reason Australia must behave differently.

What I want to focus on are not these challengeable assumptions but some threats to Henry’s Asian new world order, which he mentions in his paper, but the significance of which is not appreciated.
To begin, he says that Australia is doing well selling raw materials to Asia now but says that iron ore reserves will be exhausted within a human life time and black coal within a century. These are optimistic predictions and there are positions (i.e., Richard Heinberg) that peak coal has, or is soon to be reached, given China’s dependence upon it. Even taking Henry’s figure of 75 years, we must ask: What does Australia do then?
And if Australia’s resources have been fully exploited by imperialistic Asian capitalism, then so too will Africa and South America’s resources. So the Asian “century” will end a little prematurely, and I think, violently.

Henry and the Asianists look forward to Asia obtaining the same level of resource use as North Americans, but they never demonstrate how this is ecologically possible. Henry is aware of major ecological threats facing Asia; there are increasing demands on water due to changes of diet from rice to meat (it takes up to 70,000 litres of water to produce one kilogram of meat). Yet industrialisation is heavily polluting waters – the Ganges and Yellow Rivers are so heavily polluted that over half of their length is unusable for agriculture. Food security is also threatened by land degradation.
Global food demand is projected to increase by 70 percent by about 2050. Food, of course, can be exported from client States such as Australia, but even all the food in Australia’s “food bowl” could not meet Asia’s needs, let alone China. The same considerations apply to energy. Let us not even discuss climate change.

Henry admits that China’s industrialisation offers a prima facie threat to global sustainability and this is even more so when one considers India as another China model. If China’s energy intensity was equal to that of the United States today, China would be consuming four times what the United States was consuming. Add in the same for India and one has resource overshoot. What is Henry’s answer? He doesn’t have one.
The world should “enhance China’s prospects of achieving water, food and energy security without threatening regional peace and stability” but he doesn’t detail how this can be achieved. He speaks about business opportunities, as Asianists do, and presumably technological innovation and good will save the day. There is reason for optimism because the “challenges are well understood”.
This doesn’t solve the problem because the growth system that Asianism is based upon is intrinsically environmentally destructive and undermining.

In conclusion, the Asian century concept is a myth. It is not based upon ecological realities, but more upon short-term business opportunities for today’s capitalists. These people think basically from one financial year to the next. That is the foundation for the running of the world and human destiny.
If there is to be a tomb stone placed upon the human race, then written on it should be:

“Those who ruled loved money above all other things, lived by money and in the end, died by money.”  


by Betty Luks
The internet is humming with the news of Cyprus, the traitorous politicians and the banksters, and, as usual, it is the people who are being hurt. Patrick Henningsen UK Column comments in his latest report:

“Capital controls and frozen bank deposits mean that thousands of businesses are now being strangled of operating funds. It’s a very bad scene. One successful Pathos bar owner, named Nicolas, is being hit particularly hard, and told us that his story is the same as every local trader he knows. He explained:
'Our credit card merchant account was with Laiki Bank and we cannot access it anymore, so we cannot take cards. People aren’t spending money. All my suppliers are demanding cash for deliveries, and we just haven’t got enough. They’ve got our cheques in the bank but we don’t have the funds to cover them. Staff need to be paid in cash daily now. My emergency funds are frozen in another bank account and cannot be accessed for 45 days. On top of that, tourism is down, and there’s no foreign money coming in anymore. We’ll be lucky if we’re still here in 4 or 6 months time'.”

Social Debt rather than Social Credit is inevitable under the present system:
I wonder how many folk have truly grasped what happens at the most basic level when a bank makes a loan to a customer? I wonder how many readers, when reading reports about a bank’s deposits, believe they are reading about the general public’s savings deposited in a bank’s accounting system?

The following explanation comes from C. Barclay-Smith’s “It’s Time They Knew” (1967 edition) where the widow of C. Barclay-Smith explained, The Technique of a Bank Loan:
All that a bank does in lending anybody, say $2,000, is to open an account in the borrower's name - if he hasn't already got an account - and write Limit $2,000 across the top of the ledger. The borrower is now free to operate on this account to the limit indicated.
The bank's "loan" has automatically created a deposit of $2,000 in the bank's books which can be drawn upon by the borrower, and this bank loan is entirely new money.
Thus bank loans create deposits, and not the deposits the loans.
It is obviously impossible, indeed, illegal, for a bank to lend money deposited with it, as a bank's deposits are its liabilities and it can't lend its liabilities.”

The Institute for Economic Democracy updated the 1967 edition of “It’s Time They Knew” and renamed the book “The Money Trick”. It is available from Heritage Bookshop Services and Veritas Books  $10.00 + postage.


It is very difficult for people to grasp the way money is ‘accounted’ for within the fraudulent banking system. In the 1990’s we asked West Australian the late Mr. Ray King, a former bank manager, to set out a simple example of how the system works - which he did. Ray was a Social Crediter of many years standing.

"As you know there are many very 'big wheels' in the banking industry, who, over the years have made it clear that banks create credit. However, it is very hard for most people to grasp this fact and see how our financial system works.
As I said, particularly in the 'olden days' when I was a relative junior in the banking system, I could clearly see how the 'money trick' works.

We had what was called the Cash Credit ledger. All handwritten of course, where, when an advance was made (loan) we debited that account in the name of the borrower with say $10,000 - this was a debit balance, i.e., the loan.
An entry was then made in the 'Credit Ledger' of $10,000 and the borrower then could go on a spending spree. In other words, we created the money for he or she to spend and in doing so 'boost the economy'.
In the bank's books our advances or loans, increased by $10.000 and our deposits increased by $10,000 (or gradually decreased as money was spent, or if that money was deposited either at that bank or others, or increased if credited to other accounts). Of course, these days it is done with electronic 'blips' - but still recorded.
There are many books written about this process, but as you say, unless you see the process operating first hand, it is hard to grasp.
I would say that most people who are doing very well by the present system, would not be too interested in the present system being changed, unless they start to feel the pinch during hard times.
It has been my experience that not many of the bank staff up to middle management can see this, and believe banks lend their deposits. No doubt the top executive would know this, but genuinely thinks this is the only way to run a money system.” (Emphasis added... ed)

Listen to Jeremy Lee’s audio tapes: “Building the World State Through Financial Debt” and “Debt for Equity Swaps 

We thought our readers would find this DVD of interest. Just before he was shot, the famous Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana, said: "It's child's play to create a Fascist Party; all you have to do is to call it an anti-Fascist Party."

Eric Butler referred to Huey Long in his lectures and papers. Eric noted:
“The famous American political figure, Huey Long, said not long before he was assassinated that America would eventually submit to Fascism ...”

The Great Speech by The Great Dictator - Charlie Chaplin
Another DVD worth watching: from The Great Dictator, 1940 “You the people have the power…”


In my address "Social Credit, Unemployment and Leisure", I attempted years ago to clarify the difference between Social Credit and the currently ensconced anti-Christian Puritanical world system, epitomized by communism, fascism, socialism, and finance capitalism--the entire world dispensation based as it is upon false values.

Who needs "overt" communism when the financial system can be used to obtain essentially the same totalitarian ends, in a subtle or covert manner, understood by very few citizens? By maintaining a monopoly of credit issue and issuing the latter only as debt with the false claim that they own this credit, the banking institutions force society into increasingly unrepayable debt.
They are stepping up their fraudulent foreclosure operations by their recent machinations aimed at seizure of individual bank account deposits.

In their ignorance, the masses of people sit like the unsuspecting frog in a pan of water and simply endure the rising heat as it is gradually turned up to the point of no return for the victim.

When Jesus, as He is alleged to have done, multiplied loaves and fishes and distributed them to his flock without condition, saying "Toil not. Your Heavenly Father knows you have need of these things, etc. etc.", we Social Crediters, at least, do not think that He was kidding.
This was a profound practical demonstration, and verbal declaration, of the reality of Abundance and potential Abundance and a direct distributive Incarnation of the doctrine of Salvation through Grace.

If this approach offends someone's sensibilities, then I think that former Alberta Premier William Aberhart's comment that “if the people have not suffered enough then it is their God-given right to suffer some more” is appropriate to the situation.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Various articles have appeared in the press stating that the anti-discrimination reforms have been dumped. Don’t believe it. Reading the fine print indicates that the Bill has gone back to the drawing board in the Attorney General’s office.

The Human Rights Commission has called on the government not to shelf the anti-discrimination Bill long-term, but to introduce a revised version in the winter session of parliament (The Australian, March 21, 2013, p.4).
Perhaps too much was asked at once.

The Attorney General has introduced an amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act, banning discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation and gender identity”, indicating how they will proceed.
Further, the Attorney General still believes in consolidation of all the anti-discrimination Acts, but “would not say whether the bill would continue to reverse the onus of proof and whether it would seek to extend the reach of federal anti-discrimination law into novel areas such as “political opinion”. Yet another reason to toss Labor out of office.  


by Brian Simpson
“The End of Medicine” is the title of a recent review by The Journal of Natural Health Solutions (http://subscribe.agora-health.co.uk). This is a global summary of everything wrong and all of the threats to orthodox medicine.

For a start the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, Georgia has reported the first case of vancomycin – resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (VRSA) infection. Vancomycin is orthodox medicine’s last Superdrug and now a “superbug” has become resistant to it. All this happened so quickly because doctors massively overprescribed antibiotics so bacteria were able to build up resistance.
Thus on March 16, 2012, Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organisation predicted the “end of modern medicine” as antibiotics became useless against new strains of bacteria. This would mean the end of modern surgery with even minor cuts becoming a potential threat to life. This, according to the UK’s chief medical officer constitutes a “catastrophic national emergency”. Big Pharma has also stopped researching for new antibiotics because they get more money out of drugs for heart disease.

Although we live longer today, this is due to better public health knowledge (sanitation and hygiene) than from the use of miracle drugs. The report argues that many of these drugs don’t work or have dangerous side effects with the U.S. Centres for Disease Control finding that in 2009 pharmaceutical drugs killed almost 28,000 Americans and other sources report figures of 471,291 “serious patient outcomes” from Big Pharma drugs. Prescription drug deaths in the U.S. are the fourth leading cause of death and kill more people than road accidents.

The British Medical Journal 2012 Clinical Evidence Handbook examined 2,500 common drugs and treatments and found that only 12 percent of these have any scientific evidence-based foundation. Worse still, a report by the Scientific-Ethical Committees for Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipalities in Denmark, found that about three quarters of drugs studies and trials published in medical journals were ghost written by public relations firms employed by Big Pharma! Now there’s objectivity for you! As well, if a trial fails, then other trials are conducted until there are favourable results, which are then published with the unfavourable evidence being destroyed.

And so it goes on. The long-term answer lies in the need to reform our greed-based economy which allows capitalists to get away with just about anything in the name of profit. In the short-term, people need to become more responsible and knowledgeable about their own health and use the internet to fully research health issues. Of course not everybody can do this (eg the aged and very sick), but most of us can.

This doesn’t mean hopping onto an alternative health response for the sake of it, but rather spending a substantial amount of time educating oneself about the issue from a wide range of perspectives. This is especially so for soft tissue injuries where drugs may not help with pain relief, but may not address ultimate causes that may require exercise and life style changes.

Perhaps modern medicine has ended. But that doesn’t mean that we are back to the medieval period. There is a sound body of public health, clinical nutrition and functional medical knowledge which can still maintain the quality and quantity of human life. All it requires is individual responsibility to become informed.  


by Peter Ewer
Australia’s population increases by 1,028 a day, and is now set to reach 23 million in a few weeks-time. An immigrant now arrives every two minutes and 20 seconds and you can be sure that the majority are not white. Overseas arrivals now account for over half of Australia’s population growth. Immigration has outstripped natural increase since 2005, with a baby being born almost every two minutes, with 300,000 babies being born each year.
The majority of these babies are non-white, but exact racial statistics are not released because the political class wouldn’t want to risk the 0.00001 percent chance that the punters might object to their demographic dispossession. At this rate Australia is likely to be the first non-white majority “Western” country, with it all being over by about 2025, and the U.S. by about 2030.
Maybe Sooner.

One commentator sums it up well:
“Do these “immigrants” create jobs every two minutes and 20 seconds like the propaganda machines tell us they do? . . . I am an Australian of European descent and my ancestral homeland of Europe is also being flooded with immigrants. According to the masters, European people are not allowed their own countries anymore. We must become “multicultural”, yet not one Western nation wilfully voted for it. Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, European countries for everyone”

Consider: an Iraqi taxi driver convinced the Refugee Review Tribunal that he should be given a refugees visa because he committed adultery in Iraq and the husband had chased him through the city streets firing a hand gun at him! (The Australian, March 19, 2013, p.1) The Tribunal accepted that he had no valid claim under the 1951 UN Refugees Convention, but granted him “complimentary protection” because he would have faced serious harm if he returned! This is nonsense on stilts!

First, how could it be proven? Second, if he chose to commit adultery, then he needs to live with the decision. Live in another Iraqi town. In fact The Australian has recently reported that three quarters of boat/ plane people who appeal their failed asylum claims to the Refugee Review Tribunal are granted permanent residency in Australia (The Australian, March 18, 2013, p.1).

Since 2008 the Tribunal has overturned 3,200 asylum claims given a negative refugee assessment by the Department of Immigration, along with 503 cases since July 2012. Immigration is a “surrender Australia” policy.  


by Mrs Vera West
First there was the threat that Queen Julia’s media laws could have been in breach of UN freedom of speech rules – and surprise, surprise, Australia’s human rights commission was examining it. But the Soviet-style media reforms died at about mid-day on March 21, 2013 as Queen Julia could not stitch up another deal with the Independents. At last they proved good for something. But then Big Kev the Rudd-a-dud-dud’s supporters got all excited and thought that it was time for the return of the king. Only thing was, they forgot to ask the king if he wanted to return!

Never mind, on a bad hair day it is always good fun to torment Tony the Rabbit by playing the sexist card. As I recall, Tony was sexist, misogynist and policy weak and Queen Julia was “feisty”! Now I looked up the word “feisty” and found that the word means “excitable” and “quarrelsome” and the word derives from Old English “fist” an aggressive dog as well as a word for breaking wind! So is Australia ruled by an excitable, quarrelsome, aggressive dog, who occasionally breaks wind? Surely not! But Julia, you did say it first!  


by John Steele
Yes, don’t forget about the UN small arms treaty. Our leaders in Australia are eager to get this up and running:
Bob Carr is over in New York at the UN working on a final version of this treaty which will create a global register of hand guns, rifles and ammunition. (The Australian, March 22, 2013, p.7)

There is great opposition to this by the American gun lobby – God bless each and every one of them – and the National Rifle Association sees the treaty as a direct threat to the rights to bear arms.
It is strange that the power elite are so gung-ho about unregulated free markets for every good except on – guns. On that one, the politics of social control gets the better of them.  


by Mrs Vera West
So what if abortion ends life? That is the question asked at Salon.com as reported at Endeavour Forum, April 2013.
Here the author grants that the unborn child is a human life from the moment of conception but still maintains that if a woman wants an abortion that life can be rightly terminated, as this is a “life worth sacrificing”.

Given the pro-abortionists main argument for abortion today is the woman’s “right to choose”, this right now becomes the right to choose murder. You see, not all life is equal. A foetus is a human life but of much less value than the woman:
“She’s the boss. Her life and what is right for her circumstances and her health should automatically trump the rights of the non-autonomous entity inside her. Always.”

What can one say to this? If the liberal assumption of all life being equal is abandoned, then maybe in the future feminists may have a problem. What if the present political order is replaced by an entirely different one – say, after the inevitable civilisational collapse and the new political class come to see the lives of feminists as, well, of less value than other lives? What then will be their argument for survival if their life came to be viewed as “a life worth sacrificing”?  


by Chris Knight
We League writers take bets on who would be the new pope. Well, not exactly – we betted on how politically correct the vote would be. Is it time for an African pope or will South America cash out? As it turned out, James Reed was one pope wrong in plugging for Africa. I won the money (a generous $10) for betting on a Latin pope. And from “the end of the earth”, as he puts it, comes Pope Francis, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires.

We are witnessing the Catholic Church doing its Obamaising; as its members are predominantly in the Third World. Is that a good reason for European white men to abandon Catholicism? Meanwhile the new pope has some interesting reading, as a two-volume, 300 page report about sexual misconduct inside the Vatican sits on his desk. Supposedly a “gay lobby” exists. What will the new pope do about this – resign?  


by Peter West
Don’t get mad with me ye who are politically correct, for I am only asking. After all, Obama is driven in an armoured car called “the Beast” which is a fortress on wheels. Only trouble is that the Beast recently broke down in Israel because someone filled it up with diesel, when it runs on petrol. But I digress.

The Satan question was asked, in a fashion at the GOPUSHA website (March 19, 2012: https://www.gopusha.com) “Whoa! Is that Satan or Barak Obama?”
The History Channel’s “The Bible” mini-series has a character playing Satan who looks like Obama’s twin. An amazing resemblance. The internet exploded with comments and the History Channel issued denials.

However I enjoyed the comments by readers to the GOPUSHA article. The first comment is “The devil looks far more trustworthy and sincere. He has to be since he will apply his trade in souls for all eternity. Obama will hopefully be gone in a few more years.” Let us hope.  


by James Reed
The political and money-greed class have been jumping up and down and even evoking the name of Pauline Hanson, at the mere thought of some regulation of 457 visas. This scam allows hundreds of thousands of guest workers to ultimately become permanent residents. Further it creates a reserve army of the unemployed of white Australians competing with cheaper foreign labour.
However there is also the perspective of the 457 migrant. Sure, most get to stay in Australia but as the ALP national vice-president has recently said, the 457 visa system constitutes “human trafficking” and a “form of slavery”. These workers are deprived of basic rights, have no union protection and are highly vulnerable to exploitation. (The Australian, March 18, 2013, p.1).

It has been said that regulation 457 visas is “about protecting the rights of ordinary… Australians and ensuring there are jobs and training opportunities for us and our children.” But the same argument applies to all immigration and all migrants. In a trivial sense migrants create jobs (filled by migrants), but migrants take more jobs than they create. How can it be otherwise with constantly expanding immigration and no end in sight until everyone in the universe stands piled eight miles high in Australia?

Next election make sure you write “Reduce Immigration” on your card. Personally I write “ Reverse Immigration back to 1947” on mine, but then again I’m an extreme right wing fringe dweller.  


by Peter West
First there was the “First Lady”, Michelle Obama, wearing weird clothing that made her look like Darth Vader from Star Wars. “Bow to your new rulers” the persona said. Then there is B. Hussein Obama, the man himself, who was photographed skeet shooting, a move most saw as a little silly.

The most anti-gun of presidents suddenly has an interest in recreational shooting and doesn’t really want to ban American guns! The photograph shows the use of a “ported” shotgun which has an extra hole in the barrel to reduce the recoil, meaning that he is weak. The photograph shows him being forced back by the recoil, meaning that Obama doesn’t know how to fire a gun by leaning into the shot.

Obama’s shooting is flawed like his logic. In a recent speech he made a comparison between the Newton school shooting of children and gun violence in Chicago, Philadelphia and Minneapolis. The comparison fails because gun violence in these cities is gang-based. Police estimate that in Chicago 80 per cent of homicides are gang related; since 2007 over 270 children have been killed which is essentially three killings per year (Humanevents.com, 7 February, 2013).

Across the US nation, according to the FBI, gangs are responsible for “an average of 48 per cent of violent crime in most jurisdictions, and much higher in others.” Fine details about gun violence does not worry Obama. Like John Howard before him, he has his agenda, given to him by the New World Order, to disarm America.  


The Editor. Dear Sir,
In the early 1800s a prominent banker said “permit me to control the money of a nation and I care not who makes the laws”; this indicates that the ‘money power’ is above government.
With this in mind, all Australians should be concerned about events in little Cyprus where access to people’s bank accounts is severely limited, if at all possible.
I do not expect anything like that will occur here before the next federal election, however, the prospect of an Abbott/Hockey led government is of great concern.
When the ‘money-box’ is opened after the election then the bad news will be announced and ‘austerity measures’ put in place.
I believe Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey will implement whatever the ‘international money power’ require and absolve themselves by blaming it on the previous Labor Government.
Now is the time to urge your readers to contact their financial institutions and enquire if a deposit in their name does indeed belong to them, likewise, it would be timely to demand an undertaking from their political representatives that deposits in private bank accounts are sacrosanct and will not be seized by bankers or government.
In the meantime, the value of your savings is being eroded by financial inflation which is also deliberate financial policy.
I am not one of your serial apologists for Labor but most certainly concerned how you will vote at the next election.
Will you vote for more of the same or look for better representation?

- - Louis Cook, Numurkah Victoria 28th March 2013  

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